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In one of the Moscow office for some time bad things started to happen. That's secretary, for no apparent reason will crash into a swoon, the client, with whom everything was going smoothly, suddenly refuses to order, then lost the keys to the safe. The chief became angry, like a shrew, and employees dark and scattered. In the end, decided to find out what's going on. Caused a team of ecologists, and they suddenly dug up in the yard corpse tramp, who was killed and buried here drinking buddies. Since then, things will get better …

Such stories whenever confirm that common to many people the fear of various kinds of tombs and graves is under a good reason. Never mind the cemetery and why people tend to avoid them? Alexander Brusilovsky, cultural, dealing afterlife theme, tried to respond to the browser "MN".
— I do not know how the others, but I'm just thinking about cemeteries creeps.

— Your fear — perfectly normal, transformed to us together with the other instincts of primitive times. All ancient peoples, regardless of where they live and worship of cemeteries were composed dreadful and terrible stories. There are dark nights do the ritual priests and witches, vampires and the lepers lived, scary lights were burning. Most of the crops in the early stages of its development in general do without burial sites. The cannibals ate the dead, northern and Asians left corpses in the forest, where the dead become food for the birds and animals. In the south-east Asia the dead were burned at the stake, and the ashes are spread by the wind. Pomors as the first navigators, sewn into the fabric of the dead, tied the cargo and thrown into the abyss. And if some tribes and dared to bring the bodies of dead land, then try to protect them from the many-stone mounds or pyramids. Even the greatest leaders were buried in deep caves and grottoes, the entrance to which are carefully filled up huge boulders.

— In my view, such fears are based solely on the superstitions and legends. Is not it so?

— You yourself probably have repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that even in the most foolish superstition or legend is always a clue that makes if you do not believe in them, then at least admit that they have not just happen.

Rumors and legends shrouded tombs of the pharaohs. One of the most popular hypotheses related to the Egyptian pyramids, is to ensure that their shape, the material from which they are made, orientation to the cardinal and sacred inscriptions on them, creating a unique interaction with the cosmos, bringing the Pharaohs found peace after a the time came to life. We can assume said stupidity, but why do most of us open tomb empty?

— What about the legends concerning the grave curse?

— Let me instead of answering, just tell a story. In January 1941, a team of archaeologists from Moscow had found in Central Asia, the tomb of Tamerlane. On the grave of the great commander survived a clay tablet with some inscriptions. Throughout the winter and spring until the beginning of June, scientists have struggled with the interpretation of the text. At last the work was finished. The mysterious letter says: "He who touches the sacred grave, dig the hatchet." Linguists immediately reported everything to Stalin. A June 20, 1941 addressed to the head of the archaeological expedition came laconic telegram: "Tomb of the open." The twenty-first of June, in the presence of the NKVD's tomb was opened. The next day, as we know, Hitler invaded our borders. Can you call what happened a mere coincidence? I do not know.

— But as far as I know, the Christian religion is not considered dangerous for the living cemetery location. Quite the contrary.

— What is now generally there are people who volunteer to work in the cemetery, beating the animal fear, just the merit of Christianity. Christianity has changed the attitude towards death in general and in particular to the graves. After the death of Christians received the right to reside in cemeteries within the boundaries of the Church are overshadowed in crosses graves. Here could not get suicidal, rapists, magicians and people of other faiths. Cemetery land was considered sacred for many centuries it has been a boon to the surrounding countryside and the people. By the graves of relatives and friends came to ask for advice in difficult situations and gain strength. And according to modern research on the healing power of holy relics — it is nothing like the righteous dead, preserved the ability to respond to impulses from the suffering of the soul. Buried a few hundred years ago, the relics found in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and today emit a mysterious aura, a beneficial effect on others. Recent experiments have also found that it is, for example, can protect living organisms from radiation. Seeds laid near the holy relics easily transferred strong doses of radiation exposure and gave friendly shoots.

— But why, then, the modern cemetery so negatively affect the person's mental state?

— According to various estimates, over the past 90 years, Russia from war, famine and repression had lost 90 million people. Many were buried in mass graves, many have not even been interred. Proceedings of parapsychologists and theologians point to the fact that the man who died a violent death, was a notorious and not buried under the relevant rituals, leaves a powerful bunch of negative energy. That is why the Bible says, "The blood of the innocent victims cries out for vengeance." The current Moscow (and also provincial) cemeteries are a wild mix of crosses, stars of Solomon, military obelisks, Masonic tombstones. Believers and sinners who were killed and the murderers, suicides, traitors … All in a heap! Recently acquired an unprecedented scale horrifying in its blasphemy practice. The bandits to hide the traces of their crimes, the murdered man buried in an open grave, and the next day it is buried respectable citizen. The huge city of the dead within the city have become a huge source of live black aura. It is no accident recently sharply cases of vandalism in cemeteries. Psychologically unstable young people, especially sensitive to degradation fields, throws to break tombstones, cut crosses and mangle the fence.

— But not all the same cemetery desecrated in Moscow. For example, Vagankovsky excellent reputation.

— For me, it remains a mystery why wealthy people for decent, among other things, decided to entrust money Vagankovsky land of their loved ones. The very name of the cemetery comes from the word "Vagant" — a tramp, a robber. People of this sort is buried there in just a few centuries ago. However, the fact in itself does not matter, because the tramp does not have to be a sinner. It is quite another matter that Vagankovskoe cemetery desecrated a long time ago. It violated all the rules and possible Christian tradition. First, it Sukhovo-known writer Kobylin (author of "Weddings Krechinsky") killed his mistress, Frenchwoman Dyumant. As a result, the holy blood was shed in the cemetery ground. Second, at the cemetery Vagankovsky found their last resting unrepentant suicide. For the religious world a thing unheard of. Particularly striking story of the grave of Sergei Yesenin — also, by the way, suicide. So, exactly a year after the funeral of the poet on Vagankovskoe cemetery came last mistress Galina Esenina Benislavskaya. The last time confessing his love for Sergei, Galina directly on the tombstone to put a bullet in the head, and put it next to the poet. Third, buried Vagankovsky real monsters, murderers had destroyed thousands of lives. For example, a sailor Zhelezniakov, dispersed the Constituent Assembly. He scored his atrocities in the Ukraine and in person, with his own hands shot 500. About the many criminal authorities, who died in gang warfare and imputations, I did not even mention. In short, I personally do for any price would not agree to go into the land of Vagankovsky cemetery.

— What can you say about the main tomb of the country — the Mausoleum of Lenin?

— I totally agree with the fact that the body of Vladimir Ilyich urgent need to remove from the Red Square and buried as far as possible from all the settlements. Otherwise, Russia will never become more or less prosperous country. I'm not going to prove anything — just give a little historical background. In the 40-ies of the XIX century in Ulyanovsk (Simbirsk then) there was someone Ottovich Gregory Miller. Within a few months he organized in satanic cult. One of his most talented students soon became Maria Blank, future Ulyanov, who became the mother of the future leader. In 27 years in white priestess of Hermes idols, and she swore sworn for life to hate God. The outlook Maria successfully transferred to children. Fanatics believe that the spirit of Ulyanovoj and still extends over the body of his son, nasylaya curses and disasters on Russia.


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