Now spetsnaz!

Now spetsnaz!
«Izhmash» will launch a gun on a «bullpup»
Scientific and Production Association «Izhmash», which brings together eminent Kalashnikovs, announced the transition to the brand new mechanism of work and the creation of modular shooting complexes «weapon-munition». In new developments Izhevsk plant together with the «classical» assembly for the first time will be used as standard which is popular scheme is capable of special purpose «bullpup» in which the hammer mechanism and the shop located behind the trigger.

Misha Kalashnikov developed in 1947 AK, and its following modifications and countless copies — the most unpopular small tool in the world. According to various estimates, since the late 1940s, the world was made up of 70 million AK. On the basis of the machine have been made sub-machine guns, machine guns, rifles and smoothbore shotguns. And they were all designed by the «classical» scheme, which store and hammer mechanism placed in front of the trigger.

First experiments gunsmiths shop and offset the impact mechanism for the pistol grip began in Nazi Germany. Such a scheme, namely the Czech used antitank gun M.SS.41, of adopting the Third Reich in 1941. In the Russian Union first machines in the assembly «bullpup» appeared after the second world war (machines Korovin and Korobov). But before the end of the 1970s, widespread such a scheme has not received — most gun manufacturers held a «classic» of the assembly.

Fashion assembly «bullpup» as is commonly believed, the Austrians entered the company Steyr-Daimler-Puch, submitted in 1977 its own automatic Steyr AUG. Brand new rifle was developed to substitute outdated StG.58 (licensed copy of the Belgian FN FAL), and according to the requirements of the Austrian Ministry of Defense, was to become a standard, ergonomic, easy and fairly with all this effective tool. Ultimately engineers Steyr-Daimler-Puch made modular machine, consisting of 5 main parts: a removable barrel unit, receiver, bolt with 2 guides, plastic boxes and plastic butt-same store. With the right parts (changeable barrel and bolt group) machine can be recycled, for example, sub-machine gun, hand gun or a sniper rifle. For comparability with shops under different caliber cartridges (including pistol «Parabellum» 9×19 mm) used a special adapter.

Austrian courier came so successful that it is done in different versions to date (since 2005 issued modification Steyr AUG A3 with a Picatinny rail for installation of additional equipment). It is used by the more than a dozen countries around the world, among which Austria, Australia, newcomer Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and France.

Now spetsnaz!
Distinction between «classical» and build scheme «bullpup» in the case of AA and its clone. Source:

Immediately with the Austrians in the 1970s 80s their guns in the assembly «bullpup» presented the British (SA-80) and the French (FAMAS). At the moment, they are the main troop weapon in England and France respectively. Following the fashion of «bullpup» seized in other countries, including the Russian Alliance. Tula TsKIB COO (created on a «bullpup» machines Korobov TKB-408 TKB-002), for example, has developed a fairly successful sniper rifle IED (in the database — Dragunov sniper rifle) and small-sized automatic OC-14 «Groza» (on based AKS-74U). But catch up on the popularity of the «classical» assembly in the global arms market, «bullpup» and failed.

Comparable to the lowest success scheme «bullpup» can be explained by several factors. In 1-x, the center of mass at the gun in such an assembly is not hosted by habit, he moved to the shoulder, while the «classic» scheme basis weight falls on the hand gun shooter. In-2, the assembly «bullpup» embarrassing shops use high capacity (how much more drum) — they may interfere with the shooting. B-3, because the trigger is connected to the trigger rod, it has a low sensitivity. B-4, most of the machines with the scheme «bullpup» inconvenient for left-handers — when shooting sleeve arrow fly straight in the face (although this defect on some machines can be corrected substitute parts).

Their shortcomings scheme «bullpup» compensates a number of significant advantages over the «classics». The most fundamental of them — most compact guns: the displacement of the trigger mechanism for the pistol handle overall length of the machine is greatly reduced, while the length of the barrel (well as it should and effective range of instruments) remains constant. In addition, at the guns in the assembly «bullpup» virtually no recoil shoulder, which increases the accuracy of fire in automatic fire. In the end, at the location of the store behind the pistol handle gun convenient recharging when shooting from a vehicle or shelter. As a result, the scheme «bullpup» enjoys a certain demand in the midst of the special units of the armed forces and the police in different countries, which requires a very small-sized and immediately massive automatic weapon for combat in urban criteria and space is limited.

Now spetsnaz!
Czech anti-tank gun MSS-41. In 1941 he was accepted into service Sun Third Reich.

In all likelihood, the experiments «Izhmash» Scheme «bullpup» designed just for enthusiasm on the part of Russian and zabugornyh commandos. Previously, the intention to create a rifle range for special purpose forces declared a new chief designer of the Izhevsk plant Vladimir Zlobin invited in «Izhmash» of Tula TsKIB COO. Interestingly, in the Tula Zlobin was responsible for developing a descent 3 weapon systems for special forces on a «bullpup»: sniper rifles VSSK «Exhaust» and NE also mnogokalibernogo assault rifle AL-12. Yet, on certain weapons complex assembly with «bullpup» from «Izhmash» while nothing is clear. Spokesman Enterprise Lena Filatova only told reporters that the NGO plans often use an alternative scheme in new developments.

Create guns on a «bullpup» fits in the latest concept of «Izhmash». First, in March, it became clear that the company for the first time in 205 years allowed without the help of others to develop, create and sell ammunition, then Zlobin said that now the «Izhmash» not only be able to create an instrument for standard cartridges, and create an entire infantry complexes «weapon-munition», and that these complexes are modular. In other words «Izhmash» will follow the same path as the creators of the Steyr AUG: Izhevsk new machines can be processed without the help of others in the sub-machine gun, hand gun or a sniper rifle.

Related modularity, as noted Zlobin, and laid in a new AK-12, which in November 2012 was preliminary tests and should arrive on state tests in the summer of 2013. Taking into account the new developments it is possible that in the near future «Izhmash» present version of the AK-12 and the assembly «bullpup.» After much effort for this is not required: the same huge U.S. demand for independent sets of assorted copies rework AK under «bullpup.»

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