Occult world rulers

March 3, 2012 20:23

Mystical knowledge has its origins in antiquity. Esoteric tradition says there since the days of Atlantis occult centers, which are operated by people and events with black magic. This was the secret of education, silently, but rather actively interfered in the political and economic world processes.

At the beginning of XIV century French King Philip IV the Fair was defeated Templars, which existed from the XII century, and with enormous power and influence. King attracted enormous wealth accumulated by the Order. In addition, he found that the Templars dangerous to his power. Support he gave Pope Clement V, and punitive measures engaged Chancellor Guillaume de Nogare.

The most serious was the accusation in the classroom magic and witchcraft, heresy and Satanism. This is partly true, the Templars had access to the secret teachings of the ancient Arabs, other esoteric knowledge, among which was black magic. Under torture, they confessed to all their mortal Greeks. Order leaders ended their lives at stake.

Before his death, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay cursed his opponents — the King, the Pope and the Chancellor, as well as all of their race until the thirteenth tribe. In his prophecy, the three of them were killed during the year. These predictions have come true, a year after the death of Molay all three died. Not a very enviable fate steel and their descendants. None of the sons of Philip IV, who died one after another, there to male heirs. The crown went to the side branch of the Capetian dynasty — old Valois.

Misfortune overtook and the family. Claims grandson of Philip IV to his daughter, the King of England Edward III, to the French throne resulted in the Hundred Years War. In the end, and this dynasty was replaced on the throne of the Bourbons, who ended their days in the era of the French Revolution. During the reign of monarchs than once floated legend of the "curse of the Templars."

French philosopher Rene Guenon Four basic occult center with the greatest influence:

"The Egyptian" irregular masoneriya, the largest of which was the structure of the Order "Memphis and Mizraim," directed by Count Giuseppe Balsamo and take Beddarid.

"The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor", which became a stronghold of European occultism and spiritualism, which include Dr. Papus.

"The English Rosicrucian Society" with the order "Golden Dawn", under the direction of the maser. Their ranks included the poet Yeats, writer, Bulwer-Lytton, English politician Buchan and other famous figures.

Occult society "Miriam", headed by Giuliano Kremmerz the practice of "hermetic Tantrism."

According to Guenon, all these organizations are intermediaries between the outside world and the black magicians of high rank.

In addition, the philosopher spoke of the existence of the planet, "the Seven Towers of Satan," which corresponds to the seven black angels and evil spirits, aides Lucifer. Two of them are located in the Sudan and Nigeria in Africa, two — in the countries of Asia Minor and Syria, Mesopotamia, one in Turkestan and the last two in Russia, in the Urals and Western Siberia. According to the French diplomat, a former student of Dr. Badmaeva Buryat lama, one of the towers located in Russia, located on the Ob River, as the channel of the river by its shape enhances the activity of a certain kind of demons.

Other information about the location of the "dark center" of the world are contained in the teachings of Agni Yoga. One of these centers — in Tibet. It is linked to the activities of one of the sects of the so-called "black Buddhism", religion Bonpo. Other centers supposedly settled in America and Europe. Their Agni Yoga connects with Masonic lodges, the Jesuits and the societies of Satanists.

Esoteric claim that some of these secret structures that relate to past times, there are now. They argue that the remaining Templars, with the main headquarters in Paris and offices in different countries. They still led by the Grand Master. Well preserved and the Order of Sion, which emerged at the same time to the Templars, and had a great influence on the events of the Reformation, the Renaissance and the Enlightenment.

Network's most powerful occult centers spread around the world. This includes psychics, magicians, parapsychologists, politicians and economists, intelligence, mafias and banking elite. These organizations try to influence the majority of the world process, appointing his political appointees, claiming the cult of the new government, through its impact on people with modern and ancient magic and parapsychology. Their goal — total, psychic control of the human mind and the creation of controlled humanity. The new world order, according to members of the association, will create a "heaven on earth" and the next Golden Age.

It is possible that the various authoritarian and totalitarian political systems based on the principles of human zombies, the emergence of the Messiah (Hitler, Napoleon, Lenin, etc.), the result of an underlying activity of such "dark centers." But these centers are not related. Each manages a certain group with their interests and goals, which prevents coordinate terrestrial processes. But the power relationship between them is observed on the astral, mystical level. In the dark forces of the astral form one Black Brotherhood, which consists of entities called demons or devils Christians. These entities use the occult structure for their evil plans. And at the head of earthly and astral black forces on esoteric teachings, the "prince of darkness" — Satan, or Lucifer.

Will we be able to protect themselves from evil?

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