Oddities in the Russian village

In a Russian village, which was a long time ago, there have been strange things. In the morning the villagers found a terrible picture. All the cattle and poultry were found dead in the yards and sheds.

The animals were cut off limbs and eviscerated bowel. Just found and some of the villagers in the least bad way. Residents terribly frightened, and collecting all the necessary things, taking the child in his arms, and went away from the village. During their trip, they were in a fog. Despite the fact that they were all local and knew the forest, all drowned in the marshes.

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About what happened with the time lost, and the story became legend. Remember this terrible accident only the old people from the neighboring villages. Old tried as much as possible not to tell this story, that would not scare the people and himself not to remember.

At the site of the old village of the damned, built a military base, which immediately began to happen, something very strange and mysterious. Radio spots are strange voices capture the inhabitants of the old village, pleading for help, which were taken from nowhere. Find out what's happening and where to vote failed.

Radio operators, over time, go crazy and they were sent for treatment, and then completely dismissed from service. Sentries were told that if heard strange cries of the forest, who begged for help. Patrols were sent into the forest to search. Screams were clearly audible. The patrol searched for days and nights. They moved in one direction on the voice, then the other. Always something in the bushes rustled. By making the shots, every animal would be scared and run away, and someone in the bushes all the fumbling and fumbling.

The soldiers searched the entire forest and down, searched every bush, but the calls of help and did not stop. One day a detachment of soldiers returned from the forest. They were very frightened, silent and pale. That same night, they put in a barracks massacre. While they have not stopped, they had slaughtered nearly five soldiers to death. Began proceedings. All the team members were prosecuted, but they were found mentally incompetent. A little later, she was disbanded and the military part.

Rumor has it that there is still someone lives, but the animals in the forest there.

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