Of clean fuel can cause an increase in mortality in the EU by 2020

Increased production of biofuels, which is considered an environmentally clean and renewable source of energy, can 2020 be killing almost 1.4 thousand people in Europe each year and reduce crop yields, Reuters reported with reference to the published in Nature Climate Change report.

"The production of biofuels is a good thing, because it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. However, this source of energy can affect the air quality. Large-scale production of biofuels in Europe will have a significant impact on mortality, as well as on productivity" — leads Agency words of one of the authors of the report, professor of atmospheric chemistry at Lancaster University English Nick Hewitt (Nick Hewitt).

According to experts, the increase in area planted poplar, willow and eucalyptus — the main raw material for biofuel production — up to 72 million hectares will lead to a great amount of isoprene gas that use these trees to cool and protect from insects. Isoprene, mixing with other gases in the atmosphere, under the influence of sunlight, ozone forms a highly toxic, the report said.

Already in Europe each year are killed by ozone, which is one reason for lung disease, more than 22 thousand people. And the increase in the area of crops for biofuels will increase this figure is nearly 1.4 thousand.

The resulting biofuel ozone also damages crops. Since the revenue from trade in wheat and corn could be reduced by 2020 to half a billion dollars in Europe, the agency said.

Out of the situation, the report see tree planting biofuels away from populated centers, to reduce the impact of ozone on human health, the report said.

Burning biofuels as the most friendly way for energy because during the growth plants absorb carbon, and during the burning and rotting release. At the same time, fossil fuel only releases carbon into the atmosphere, which increases the temperature of the planet. According to the World Health Organization, the global warming since 1970, annually claims the lives of up to 140,000 people worldwide.

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