Off the coast of Iceland discovered during that can change the climate

An international team of researchers has confirmed that the deep ocean circulation system off Iceland that could significantly influence the ocean response to climate change previously unanticipated ways.

North Iceland for contributing to the thermohaline circulation, which is essential for regulating Earth's climate. This pipeline carries warm surface water to high latitudes where the water warms the air, then cools, sinks and returns toward the equator as a deep flow.
For many years it was thought that it is a major component of the East Greenland Current. However, this view in 2004, has been challenged by two Icelandic oceanographers who opened flow going south to 25-60 km to the west of Iceland at a depth of 500-700 m
In turn, experts are concerned that the'' pipeline'' slows down due to the increase in global temperatures. The fact that the quantity of fresh water that falls into the ocean from melting ice and other events associated with warming. Once in the North Atlantic, it is likely to freeze, rather than fall into the deep and continued circulation. As a result, experts say, should happen to reduce the number of water carrying heat from the tropics, and in the northern hemisphere will reign cooler climate.
This scenario is not a hypothesis. The discovery of the North-Iceland flow can substantially correct it. If it really comes to the Atlantic Ocean much of the fresh cold water, will have to rethink the idea of the conversion rate of warm water in the cold in the Atlantic meridional circulation, and how the system will change in response to warming, reports

Meanwhile, Europe is preparing for the coldest in the last thousand years of winter. European meteorologists predict unprecedented cold, and the reason is called the cooling of the Gulf Stream. It is known that more or less mild climate in Europe is associated primarily with the Gulf Stream, which carries heat from the tropics (Gulf of Mexico). Why water is not cool? First, the Gulf Stream — a very powerful current, the water is flowing at a rate of 1 km per hour. This does not mean that the warm water for a year flows. For the flow is fast enough. Second. Water cools, but the power of thermal energy in the flow is so large that the addition of heat, which comes to Europe and to Murmansk enough.

Moreover, when the researchers analyzed the European climate change in the last 10-12 thousand years, they found are times when literally decades of temperature over large areas decreased by 3-7 degrees, and advancing the Little Ice Age ..

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