Old Faith — a return to native roots

Old Faith - a return to native roots

Night of Ivan Kupala, the ritual burning of Carnival, a subconscious belief in omens and superstitions … There are still those atavism that has left deep in the minds of our ancestors and paganism, centuries ago Set on a hill in Kiev wooden statues of idols as Perun, Dazhdbbog , Horse, Stribog, Mokosh, Simargl and eager to worship them?

But apparently, after the Baptism of Russia and as long domination of Christianity, "the old faith" should be firmly buried under the sands of time. No! Paganism, or, rather, "Neopaganism" literally in the last few years it has become a significant phenomenon of our religious and social life. While not so long ago it with disgust did not notice, recognizing the most frivolous religious movement of the new format, and even tried to label a totalitarian sect.
Alas, it did not work. Today, people, predominantly young people and intellectuals are increasingly Believers, visiting recreated Gentile churches and sometimes even changing their own names. Moreover, if the former influence of paganism has long had a place among the nations of the North (in the form of voodoo), now actively promotes the old belief in the central regions of Russia. What is she so attractive to people?
Failure to understand the laws of nature and gross interference in its harmony today led to very sad consequences — pollution of rivers, lakes and seas destruction, desertification, extinction of hundreds of species of animals and plants, ozone holes, global warming. If human civilization will not change its outrageously consumer relationship to nature, we are waiting for the inevitable destruction. This is confirmed and the scientists who do are mostly atheists, and every kind of religious controversy they are deeply alien.
Modern paganism, proponents explain all the environmental, political and other problems with its bell tower — and did not have long to move away from paganism and Slavic people to take an alien religion, and Christianity forced upon the people by force, so to speak "under duress" and god Perun, whose statue vandalized recently dropped from the hill his admirers, cursed Forsaken, the result of which is the all subsequent troubles and woes. Now only a restoration of harmony between man and nature can raise our culture and economy, and generally save the world.
With the adoption of the Christian faith were banned and destroyed books of the ancient Slavs, annals, which in addition to the purely historical information contained lots of useful information about the structure of our world, ourselves, and the laws of our being. So, were irretrievably forgotten tips ancient healers, fortune-telling, the true meaning and significance of religious rituals and festivals, which revealed the key to a long and happy life. And is not this all a dream and still living?

"You are a servant of God, I — grandson Dazhdbozhy. You are humiliated, begging. Well me Svarog is a fire, I say loving ancestor. The gods speak as equals, and you are ready to smash his forehead. I am a descendant of the gods for a nice, Your God is a sin to kill. Slave to stay forever, and it is unlikely you will forgive. Well I dissolve in the forests and rivers, My God will avenge his grandchildren! God I'm not a slave, grandson Dazhdbozhy, do not humiliate me by asking. Fire burns in me Svarog, and the fire — my path! "

Increasingly appearing today works such as plain text say that the Christian faith is slowly but surely becoming obsolete. And the people who were in the Biblical scriptures more and more inconsistencies and open conflict, have somehow lost the desire to accept the dogma of Christianity is as dogma, putting many of them under a big question mark. And that is another reason why the young and modern aspire to new knowledge. A new, as we know, it is well forgotten old.
But as most have not learned to live without faith in anyone but himself, the paganism of today — perhaps the most promising assistant. The old faith — although she is old, but is so precious, its in the board. Want to learn from it for myself a lot of useful and interesting things that might help just a little to get rid of frustration that life.

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