Old Russian language.

I love fairy tales. As a child, a lot of reading in the library and always had a lot of books with fairy tales. But to get to the tale, we should talk a little about the origins of our Slavic alphabet, our language, and even our heritage.
Initially we had no written language, because we communicate by telepathy. This is the language used by animals and plants. But then some people started to fall behind in the evolutionary development, and they had to use language to communicate. "Thought expressed — is a lie" — an axiom. And then began appearing writing. The original script was shaped: the transmitted image. Then came the more primitive writing.

Lumpy. Signs of this writing is not written down, but passed through knots, tied on strings. To the basic narrative thread tying knots that make word-concept (hence — "nodules on memory", "associate of thought," "connect the word with the word", "confusing to say", "the knot of problems", "tangled plot", "tie" and "decoupling" — the beginning and end of the story.)

One concept is separated from the other common thread (hence — "writing with a new line"). Important point also knit a red thread (hence — "runs through the whole story"). Thread clew (hence — "muddled thinking"). Keep those balls in special boxes bark (hence — "tell a story with three boxes").

Preserved and saying, "What she knew, she said, are strung on a thread." Do you remember in the fairy tales, Prince Ivan, before going on a trip, get a ball from Baba Yaga? This is not a ball, but the old guide. Unwinding it, he read knotted records and find out how to get to your destination.
Of nodular letter mentioned in the "source of life" (Message second): "Echoes of battle penetrated into the world, that was lived-Midgard-earth. In fact porubezhe had the land and lived on it the light of pure race. Memory has kept a lot of times, tying knots in the thread of past battles. "

About holy nodular letter is mentioned in the Karelian-Finnish epic "Kalevala": "cause me songs rain.
I blew the wind songs.
Brought waves of the sea …
I am one ball had looped them
And one I tied a bunch of …
And under the rafters in the barn
In a copper casket hid them. "

Recorded Elias Lönnrot, a collector of "Kalevala", is even more interesting strings to them from the famous rune-singers-Pertunena Archippus Ivanov (1769 — 1841). Rune-singers sang them as introductions before the execution of the Runes:
"This is unknotted.
Here loosen ball.
I zapoyu song of the best,
Of the finest execute … "

Russ came to the creature, to conceal the truth about their origins, their hostility to the race and capture the planet, declared "nauzy" (nodular letter) witchcraft, and the wearing of "charm" (node-wards from the word "bayat" — to say) — sinful act.

Was writing the bulk, which, even on the plane depicted in volume. Pictured on the plane signs nodular letter called volume Tragami or ligature. Ability to surround vision achieved defocus view. Stereoscopic effect is enhanced by overlapping the text rendered thoughtforms.
Such holographic color moving "pictures" explain the meaning of the written material. Volume letter was very difficult for writing and reading, so it is used only specially trained priests Da'Ariyskie-Keepers.

Then a letter passed to the plane. Further, it was even more primitive syllabic. And now we have imposed phonetic writing. Reading phonetically, we, as it were, slipping on the surface, not being able to go into the depths. A smattering of all said to be incomplete, distorted, ie lie.
TO UNDERSTAND SOMETHING depth, you need to master than a combination of letters, not BUKVONAPISANIE, and compound, the compound in effect: why it says so, and it is different and what is the point is to invest. So this will be the most correct: you need to know basis, in order to understand the rest.

It is not coincidence that in 1917 the initial training is mandatory gave a basic knowledge of Old Church Slavonic. Starts with education (vocation of the image), ie the ability to connect and understand the meaning of words, and drop caps. And without this skill (the key) to obtain access to the ancient texts, and the rest was considered bezsmyslenno training.
In education, the main thing is set and improving the quality characteristics compared with those with whom we come here, and not a pattern memorization of words, phrases, concepts, and images …. etc.

According to the wisdom of our ancestors, "image" — a set of diverse knowledge together in any specific description of an object or phenomenon. Each image carries a deep essence. This enables us to understand the nature and purpose of the existence of this image.

That child is in the initial stage of training are able to penetrate deep into the heart of any image, including ways of thinking, avoiding secondary. Ability to understand the primary meaning of the image, bright and detailed image of the present, to think in images, ie able — it means to be a magician.

Mage one that can. Russian language was and still remains a language of images of deep meaning, as opposed to European, giving the superficial (breadth) understanding of the information.

In ancient times the Slavic-Aryan people, there are four basic letters Major Genera White Race. The oldest of the surviving documents were written runes or runes.

Ancient Runes is not letters or characters in our modern sense, but a kind of secret images that convey a huge amount of ancient knowledge. Warning signs and numbers and letters, and individual objects or phenomena, or frequent, or very important.

Both linguists, who claim that they can read the runic text deceived. They select only the "tops", unaware of the "roots." Each rune Karuna (union runes) has over 144 semantic! Deciphering these texts was conducted by professionals who had a gift to connect and understand the way the image of Runes — darrungami.
Grapheme Karuna and Holy Russia Drop Caps to prescribe under the so-called "high places" feature. But the images they carry in themselves, are often not the same. To identify the desired image that is embedded in the text, in addition to the "simple reading" made three so-called "deep reading" (staged decryption).

The result of each stage is the "key" to move to the next stage. All four readings were combined in a single text (easy reading — everyday wisdom, deep reading — the highest order of wisdom). Conversely, the depth of information superimposed on a public text (easy to read), using it as a carrier matrix.
The result was a kind of "information matryoshka" for public use. The common people repeated it in songs, hymns, glorification of the gods from century to century.

So simply and reliably safeguard information in time. And the priests kept the "keys" to decrypt ancient wisdom. This was the common form of knowledge in saving the past.

Saved our heritage in the form of books, and Vedic texts give the main proof of not only their expertise, but the proof of the primacy of the Slavic-Aryan culture on Midgard-Earth, because from the time of its settlement White Peoples recorded, stored, transmitted from one generation to the commandments of the Gods , Wisdom ancestors, the Vedic knowledge.

How it differs with what is still taught in schools, and constantly imposed in books and on television, saying that the Greek monks allegedly gave "illiterate" rusam Slavic alphabet and taught us how to read and write!
The difficulty of establishing the origins of Russian literature are related to lack of knowledge of native history, the lack of written primary sources and biased views.

ALL This is not only merciless time and natural disasters, but also to a great degree of widespread destruction of written sources during the "Christianization" Slavs.

Old Russian books and manuscripts: wooden boards, birch bark, Santa (texts for precious metals) were burned and melted Prince Vladimir and missionaries strangers, christened Russia, depriving the Russian people of historical memory. Especially valuable ancient chronicles on expensive parchment scraped monks and filled the church texts.
Destruction of Russian national culture continued other princes and kings, who claimed their power. The church has made a full submission and control over society and of each individual, which led to a drop in the level of literacy, and, consequently, the culture!

For those who still decided to study other languages, either study for a hobby or for business, after the Russian language is best to do the English language, what great help here this website mba. Why English? It's very simple, English is the international language, and studying it, you will be amazed linguistics and similarity of some English words, with the words of Russian.



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