Old Russian language. Forgotten Depths images of ancient drop caps

Letter — a brief explanation and description




— As (a).God lives on earth sotvoryasha. But there are other underlying images:primordial, source, single, single, man. The images, like, different, but they are the same. The image could change if a different image, telling, had a different structural significance. And that the two interact, they had to be coordinated. And so were the images which read, and in between the matching images. Now we just vowels and consonants. But when they say the vowels in modern man is no question — and what they read? If letters are consonants, according to what? Agreement are different, so the consonants more. And each of them also has its image. But how in the runes, each subsequent effect on the previous one, therefore rune words are read in one direction, and the image of its structure is read in reverse. So here, like the images are different, but the essence is the same. Primordial and source — it also means the movement, the direction it is to this image. Point from which went rays, the rays that contain in-depth images. Primordial, a source, one has, however, a homogeneous structure, the only form of "what was in the first place." Sonumeric valueAz —1.

— Gods (b), which is subsequently replaced by Buki. In this initial no numerical value, ie to the Gods can be many. The image of the letters:many, superior form thatprevailsover something. There is a concept, and it prevails over it.

BA(Remember the exclamation "Bah — all the familiar faces!) -" Superior (b) Initial (a), ie from above. " Therefore, the expression "ba" sounds in amazing shape. Man wonders how it? That's something, but there was still beyond what existed at the start and on top of it something else.
BA-BA(Coordinate with the same form). Here A affects B, ie human (a) something (b) were surprised, but the divine (b) was to influence the human (a), and then the image has changed, somewhat surprised. A, that is, a divine creation, which showed a surprisingly new addition to multiple single. SoWoman: That produced in excess of what we have is a new form of the same divine life. And in the opposite direction:Ababa— divine source of human breeding. They say that a womanbecome effeminate, become a "sissy" when bear successor kind, ie boy. If a baby girl, it was called pullets. But these forms exist in other languages.
BA-B— Divine (plural) going through the divine, anda single source(A) between two matching systems. "A" in this case is the point of transitiongate. Asiriytsy the city, where the gates of God, called Babel, Babylon.
The short form of writing: B. — "dominant, more." Example: constellation B.Medveditsy. But once there is more, it means that there is also nothing less. Similar forms inherent in our ancestral memory, and they will be able to understand anyone, no matter where he lived. Because all this is coming from a single parent language. Since many can not resist the specification, the numerical value of letters in the "B" is not.

— Lead (s). Manysome(Prevalence), collected in one; certainty; orientation;link between the two systems(Between the past and the future, between light and dark, between emission and absorption, etc.), ie, this isinterrelation. And it is always full of something. This is not just a point of contact isfullness. For example, consider the following structure: past, present and future. This full volumelinkingStructure of both extreme, thereToday, ie some one hundredIschee, ArtAboutyaschee, and it's right on it:at present. Vedas connect the two structures. We — transfer point — the gates. Another structure: the original darkness — multicolor (mnogosvetie) — pure light. Heremulticoloracts asbindingstructure in the two systems.
Therefore, the "Vedas" — is not onlywisdom, knowledge. This is a whole range of TOTAL: colors, smells, tastes, sensations.The numeric value 2— Refers to the number of connected systems. Currently only a moment, as it would not.

— Verb (r).The movement, the discharge direction. When a person is a verb, he directs his thoughts to someone or something, that is, Data transfer is performed as follows: emitter (mouth) — the flow of sound information (speech, glagolenie) — Receiver (ears). At the same time, the verb meant trinity: the transfer of the sound form, shape and hidden (secret) form, ie thought. Sonumeric value of 3. If a person simply says he Balakan, but speaketh.
GA— (Generalized) way traffic. But if you read on the images, the GA is a "stream coming from its primordial (the source), that began somewhere, and it's going to flow, if he does not put a limit." And the image of the source over the approved Tai. Taylet — Month end of Summer (year).
Ty + GA— Is the "end of the road, the end of the flow-trodden and established."
GA + Th— "Beaten path, ie sotvarenny path ", where Tb — hard way, with the creation."
Veda — what is given to our ancestors, gods, te outside the scope of our understanding.
In GA +— flow from the left in the primordial Vedas, te that is beyond the scope of understanding of the person, or what came out of the sphere of understanding, where — "wisdom, beyond the bounds of understanding." But when you tell a dog — bring slippers, she brings. Te dog is on a different level of perception, it is closer to nature. And man, when I was close to nature, could talk to animals. Remember the Russian fairy tales. By the way, the interpretation of the image of letters you need to consider where it is in the word.
AG— That which is below our source, the outgoing beyond our perception.MAG— Thoughts which go beyond the limits of perception, but go into the depths of the ancient and the original stream. It uses nedostupnyae, deep knowledge of the past form.
Or fleeceSC. When she is at the beginning, it means the union of a vbiranie. When at the end — one of many.KARA— Something that has absorbed shine light (RA).CANCER— A place where the dead were placed. Even light (spectrum) of the sun, which comes to Venus — the one light that comes to Earth — the other, and the light that comes to Jupiter — the third. And the letter itself —range of perception varies according to its location.

— Good (e).Acquisition, accumulation, breeding, creating, being on something, moreover, that there is, at most (excellent form) that — or. Simultaneously, the "Good" meanscompleteness and harmonycreated;developing forms. "Good" also means "exalted, rise, prosperity." Compare: A is the integrity of the (three sides and one on something) and full development (harmony) man:body — soul — spirit — conscience, ie and here and there four-element structure. Sonumeric value — 4
YES!— When we have somethingdominates the original(Divine), it is always affirmative (approved) form. And in this case we say YES! (Ie "good" + "Az"), prevailed over the original, since it (prevalence) has appeared. Change your eating places.
BP— Good alreadynot prevail over the original. The original (source) is under domination. BP, as the opposition, is to the divine, the human race. His opposite structure. This is a Russian word in the Hebrew is gadez, the Greeks — Hades, in Latin — the inferno, but there are chelas — something that is not related to God of the underworld. AB and BA, AB and BA, GA and AG, and BP. This is what linguists call syllables. Lamb — who has no education, is below our source.

— There is (e).Being a form of existence (being) in the presence of reality, being in phenomenal condition, what is the scope and perception, visible and perceptible. At the same time, it also means that there isin the development of
There is— That's all for itlife on earth, and not to the structure of the universe. Little Torah. In the torus HAVA (life), but write HEVA, EVA (eve) — that appeared inEarth(Planetary) conditions, ie itconjuredlife. Ancient symbol of life, known to the people of the East, "the star in the circle", consisting of five elements: AD — AM — E — V — E symbol means — human life.
An earlier time such as an ancient symbol consists of five elements: water, metal, fire, earth, tree. And another character "Kolovrat in circle": four-element structure of man (body — soul — spirit — conscience) living in the universe (Kolovrat and circle). Ie and here we see the same five elements of life — Genesis. Sonumeric value — 5.

— AM (de).Diversity, multifaceted, multi-dimensional and multi-structured, discussion and argument, in relation to a particular point of discussion (point may be all).
The use of different drop caps, like the same sounding words, gives different images:
Ate— In AM (ate, ate, trapeznichat, yastvovali) — ie acceptance of diverse forms of energy.
Hardly— In IE — the existential (prednachale) form, that previously started (say, barely begun, barely reached), ie this is not a perfect form at life.
Ate(Ieli) — through YAT — "connecting the heavens with the earth," ie, trees.
Diversity, diversity of impossible to pass a numeric form. Therefore AM —many. sense-they are different.
HEDGEHOG— By AM —diversity of life. If so, and if not? It is understood that there will be many forms of life manifestations in the existence or not.
But it was written before the hedgehogHEDGEHOG(Via IE) — a form of life of our being.

— Life (x). This image is not just life, butthe various forms of life, the relationship set; conversion(Preliminary education, the original creation) andpriobrazovanie(Change something);nucleation and growth, achieving a certain limit, beyond which there is a new way for a new limit(Evolution, mutation). Life — is multifaceted, diverse, and diversity can not be a numeric form. But, mind you,There are various forms that is structured, can, however, join the system. 
IDA— Waiting;Waited— Waiting for the Man of;Thirst— A vital source of diversity needed beyond what the person has, for example — a thirst for water, knowledge, blood, etc. Earlier the concept of desire to register in two forms. When the image of the word spirit prevailed, he wrote this:ZHAZHZHDA. At a more mundane form double "F" was absent:thirst.

— Dzelo (ds). Means not onlyrather, over much, andthat which is beyond our understanding, beyond our consciousness and imagination, that we still do not knows and what we have not known. In other words,all located outside of perception. It is, however, linked, stems (there), but for the understanding thereof to rise above himself today, ie develop. It is, as such, is not covered in our understanding, it is itself also needs to develop a faster pace to exceed the level of knowledge of our tomorrow. "There" — our form of being numerically designated 5. And that is beyond five, "moreover," that at the moment though to yedinichku exceeds the current level —numeric value — 6
Slothe Vedic understandingnot absolutely, this isignorance, ignorance. Prescribed by different initials, the word has a different meaning-:
SLOunknown peoplesomething it (the structure of the object.)
SLWunknown people shine(Radiation), something beyond, that goes beyond understanding (light — a visual radiance, radiation, but shine can not be visual — invisible).
SLO(Dzielo) — through YAT — what sotvaryaetsya (case), for others not yet clear.

— Land (s). Universal structure, multidimensional form:what is included in a system as an integral part, that with which the life of contact, contact, planet
Imagine three concentric circles. The central circle — the sphere of our Being (E = 5). The next circle — that is outside of Genesis (S = 6). The outer circle — he crossed, as the universal system (Z = 7). This is the numerical designation letters "Earth". The concept of "Earth" is a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted form of existence, and hence the form of life. Therefore, before knowingly styled this system as "Mother Earth Cheese"Where" cheese ", ie wet (not necessarily wet), and the raw, original (from the beginning), different," mother "- raft (s) tion," earth "- dense (solid) celestial body (the system ), all in itself generates.

— Who art (s).Connection, union, unity, harmony, balance. All paths come together at one point, and they are harmonious. Sonumeric value — 8. HE image: balancing (harmonizing) life being. This is — a form of union.
Mir, where Pb — retsisotvaryashe, ie decision, M — thought (wisdom), ie overall image of the word:the wisdom of the decision. Wisdom and decisions that are harmonious, lead tobalance. It is in this sense the wordMirunderstood as a state of no war, no conflict equilibrium. Balance is always considered to be true, so, in addition to the form of the Union, the image was also the initial manifestation of the true (specific) nature. But the same letter was also in another way:small portion of the lumen, the flash, the awakening. Now it is the Q (and short).
Barking— People (l), however, provides the initial (a) flash (s), — a brief message: Pay attention!.
Lai— Several dogs reported.Eskimo dog— The one that delivers the message (ka — one of many). Incidentally, the word dog is not Russian. Slavs this animal was called PS, and the female — PSina. The prince and princess, the princess — that is their daughter.

— Izhei (s).True life being harmonizes with the universe. The vertical line — the connection of heaven and earth, the point — the highest. Therefore, the image showsrelationship with God, to the upward call (original) point, and this image of the letters used to defineuniversal scale(In the universal large and small in the universal). The universe is a harmonious order that numerical display 8, and connecting heaven and earth in drawing letters "izhei» I, we getnumeric value — 10
Mirsolubility thought structure, ie it is the universe itself.MIP + I(MIRY) — Universe (connected worlds), as image "EASURES" — connection. Go to other MIRAM — go to another universe.
Iin Latin — a small universe, te people. Therefore, so far in English, which is based on the Latin,I— I. If we take starokanonicheskie books written in them Isus, then rewrote Isus, modern spelling Iisus. Te he attributed a divine origin, but for the same book he says that heSon of man,.

— Init (s). With two points or a line on the top, which points to the limitations of space:Our true harmony, approved and Creation, ie is given in a certain order. Word of our (not mine, not hers), ie overall, plural. Thus Init transmitted imagemany single-sphere (community) of the definition: general characteristics, forms, rules and principles.Word(Wisdom in taking a single solution) in this case is characterizedcommunityforms of life of our ancestors, who for living by the whole community. And it's so, so far confirm preserved formative:. Settled in historical science, the term "the primitive communal system" is not a primitive, savage herd existence in dirty clothing, andprimordial beingstructure of the world, ie communities. Letter "init" does not have a numerical designation as characterizes communities (plural) form.
For the literate writing drop caps "izheynoy" groups of words there is the following rule: If after these drop caps immediately vowel and consonant is missing, the letter was written "izhei» — I, as only universe that embodies "izhei" not need intermediaries to negotiate with any of the world. For example,bytie, ariy. As an exception, when the community formative prescribed through "init". But outbreaksJcan only take place in the universe, so always writeiy.

— Herve (rxa).Unknown, but a manifestation. This letter is always prescribed in the so-calledamazingforms (now — the exclamation) and used for the expression denote something extraordinary, wonderful, but at the same time andunknown, What is not determined by some characteristic feature, but this way it was impossible to describe. It used to be two forms — amazing! and a question?. Is either a manifestation of the Na'vi, fame, or law, that is it revealed other Mirov, which was considered a divine sign, a miracle. And because the divine can not be expressed in a particular form, and the numerical value of letter "Herve" had. But sometimes it was impossible to describe the amazing verb, then took the form of letter Derbe. Recom good again.Gharnyboy — this is not good, itunusualLad. Ghannam — an unusual girl.
There is a saying: do not know do not speak. Therefore, over time, many people came taboo ban on the use of divine sounds. As a result, initial written but not spoken. Hellada — Hellas. Ghollandiya who says Holland, who says Holland. Therefore, to avoid confusion, write the Netherlands. Sometimes pronounced as a soft X — Help. But all this has been brought, not ours.

— Kako (k).Combining three-dimensional (k) in the person (s) unifying it with another light structure (a), ie defined as "it, he"(Schematic is as follows: to unite heaven and earth (communication), expressed initial letter "izhei» I, suitable for a certain level of two Mira (Praise and dark Nav.) The result of this is an image of unity and letters — K). Thus obtained: here is a man (in a universe of its kind — the microcosm), and nearby there is another universal structure (the macrocosm), the union of which is expressed in a numerical value of the sum of two 10, ie, it20
When there is a connection, a merger of two or more systems, you create a volume in which the merged system interact and harmonize. Manifest space and time.

— Ye people (L). Graphic image of the letters is composed of three components: the sphere of man, which limits the amount of space, the relationship between the heavenly and earthly (human), and the world, which is inhabited by living creatures. Taken together, the letter A (lyudie).
If "kako" — isvolumetric, "That's going on herecontact volumes, because Everyone, as we have said, a limited part of the (volume) of space. Ie some independent parts are combined into a thing, a complete single similarity that we see in the case of creating imaginative graphics initials. Connection, the manifestation of the three worlds, the volume gives the sum total —30
It is prescribed by INIT, iecommunity, so the letter is called:lyudie. This concept our ancestors designated community living not only clear life (earth-bound), but also knowledgeable than life on earth, and even in other areas. Ie they had developed three levels of perception Mira: Mental (mind), sensual and explicit (instinctive). Hence the image of the word "lyudie": first, it is -(Community) people. Those who tried to destroy, calledsubman, because all the ancient foundations, the commandments were thatall life is sacred and requires escort. And doing it could and can only people withconscience, ie children of God. Creaturely creationdeprived of their channels of communication with the upward call Mirami, have a physical likeness of people, but so, in fact, are not asLove does not knowin the true, universal sense. Love which embraces reality, and Nav, and the right — that is, again we see three areas. When these areas are connected to the triple harmony, like state transferred into being, namedMENpitsMila. Secondly, the images of letters A (peacefulness, etc.) is essentially:measured pace of existence, ieordered motion. Therefore, this drop cap portrayed as — A, ie all that is done, goes up therefocus, determination. There were also images that are not matching, they were the voice, t h e was and was fib. Wood and foliage.
Wood — connects the earthly and heavenly. And got — rose above the forest, so the window can only climb, but it is necessary to enter the door at the gate. Fox — cunning, lies and deception. T e interpenetration of three volumes of contact, union, something kind of single completed. Lime Tree — provides not only life, but also the heat, the material — bark, white honey, EMcommunity. Againlinden— Something common to be issued for the truth.

— Myslete (m). Man (Man of) live in the outside world that is displayed chisloobrazom 30, but at the same time, and in his inner world (thought), ie there is a new level. And sonumeric value — 40(30 +10). In the initial schedule, however, joined the two "orientation":A + A = M. As a result of this relationship, the image of letters MYSLETE:thought, to think, to think, to address(For support). But the idea is not just something in itself, something autonomous andspecific sequence of movements, information processing sequence in some cases (think:I am thinking, therefore I am.) Therefore the initial imageryMTotal includes manifestation, as person is able to think (think) about everything, that is, has a new kind of thinking. MIP is invisible because the word begins with this initial, as her image:thought, movement, form a consistent, that appears and gives rise to other forms of display. In other words, one breeds another, one follows the next, and thus passing from one world or whereby someone ismanifest a consistent, transferof the original form. Intermediary between the four worlds (spheres) have always had a mother — the source of transformation, the transfer form (m), through which the gods (a) approve (i) and created (s). The concept of "mother" in its original sense — not just a woman who gave birth to a baby, she — Rod Giving Life (giving birth). Previously often uses the verbal form "material (s)", as b = e cr.
There are conceptsmotherhoodandmatter, thereconversion sequence of any form(Seed-tree-fruit, a man-soul-spirit). This is all the material transformation, the transformation of one into the other, as well as thought.
After all, before you do any conversion sequence anything, the transition from one quality to another quality to conceive (think) that the process (thinking) did not lead to unpredictable results, which at first did not think and did not know (long term Oh that these thoughts to the good you will not finish!). But there is always a point of beginning the movement itself (the process), while, as has been said, the form will change.Think — it means to transform, to change, improve
This way a sequence of complete mental, bringing it to the point of creation, which is a system of embodiment. And when we will realize it, but not at the lower level, as it was before (IVI, ie M), and in certain (I I, ie, H), we obtain a letter "nash".

— Our (n).Materialize the idea— Embodied, existing by itself .. Ie We, however, have added a further embodiment (sphere) to the previous. Sonumeric value — 50(40 +10). If we incorporate it already held, available in a specific embodiment of the image position.Ours: that there is in us, with us, and within us, not outside of our perception. 
Based on this, the wordNOTthere isnot fully formed structure, located within our own world, not going beyond its borders. This concept is a form ofnon-perception, the separation, which exists by itself (not our present). The idea is there, but we can not feel it. It is beyond being, but within us. Therefore, if the child says no, he does not hear what is within you, it does not perceive. Do not go — it takes — go. T e is not a form of perception which exists by itself.
We have said that the number five is associated in some cases with the five elements of life (existence). In our case, there are 50 letters chisloobraz (5, 0); being (5) and the other sphere (circle) being (0). Therefore often used expression:man of our circle, means that the subjectanother system being, attitude. Compare: And — a clear harmony. N — located beyond our perception, referring to another state, that is, implicit.NO— Our existence is not approved (not).German— Being of our realm of life, our understanding of consciousness and perception of the image (it is not my or dumb). English sound LEU in one case, NO — NO, another KNOW — know and be able. NOT KNOW — I DO NOT.
Nothingness— Not our being, which is beyond the sphere of our being, there is no (non-existent), someone else's existence outside of our sphere (circle). Therefore, such a thing asthe reality of impossible conditions, means that we can not imagine;it may be, but for us it does not existAnd this, as it were, outside of time and space. Ie nothingness is upon us in another time, in another space. Impossible condition is that we, in his world, can not imagine.
But if in this place, at this moment in time it is not possible, somewhere, it is — an ordinary event for this type of existence. Hot Ice, burning snow, mist. In the sphere of our Explicit perception is like the impossible condition. But somewhere it is possible.
Nav, where "asb" — AZ + + Veda has created. But that is created? And that isat the momentbeyond our perception (the world and the world of Ancestral Spirits). Ie Nav isnot our Reality, No (N) of the human (A) wisdom (B) Creation (b).
NeVOD— An alien form of life (not), which is in one of the elements (water) for the creation, the case (b). Net, as we know, is not a natural part of the aquatic environment. He —There is no waterand thrown into an alien environment for him to catch fish.
Found, ie Az went and saw this indeterminate state (H), where H:belonging to another state, does not belong to a specific structure
Found — almost gone, wanted to pay, but Nemogli catch.Touched a different world of perception, and carried it with him, barely returned, wanted to give, but they could not from another world to catch up, to accept.

— It (the debt.).Someone, something, something that is in a particular state, separate from the earth, but we have already manifested.We separate the heavenly from the earthly, separate the sacred from the earthly and multidimensional separate from our world. But, at the same time, we define: this sphere (O) — something that is not of this world (N), Creation and implications (b) — ON (it is). Thus, theITform is not our inner world, but has some connection with us. 
OM— undefined wisdom until such time as it is not fully known.
— Approved (from) the concept of human (h) and determined expression of the upward call (YAT), ie spiritual mentor.
FATHER— Asserts (on) life (e) the purpose of (i), ie a guide to life.
Daddy— The one who approved more than those who are even higher.
Dad— A definite upward call Gods.
There are other areas of life (50), but there is also a form defined by us in relation to itself, ie, our inner world, which is like the universe (10). These two worlds do not touch and divided the space, which is also the universe (10). Sonumeric value — 70, ie this is an alien universe, to the knowledge of which we touch, it exists, but is separated from us.
Oratov— Plow, hold a section Mezhuyev, harmonious distinction. Orochennaya — changes.
Scream— A clear distinction between the concepts, not giving any opportunity to refute. As a firm result.
We can see that the word has changed just one letter, but the cultivation of harmonious earth (natural form) turned into an information division (verbal form). Letters on the image:Share something. Men — come together, scream — distinction. Intervention of one of the world to another world is always a conflict situation. And as the two scales, these worlds are trying to come to equilibrium. But if these bowls prop, the original system of equilibrium we no longer need. Then we will have peace.

— The rest (n). Intervention of one of the world to another world is always a conflict situation. And as the two scales, these worlds are trying to come to equilibrium. But if these bowls prop, the original system of equilibrium we no longer need. Then we will have peace.Numeric value — 80.These props (n) for two interconnected worlds (eye) are in a state of stable equilibrium (s), that is, when all motion stops, the pressure.
Software— Harmonious (n) compatible with a given area (a).
Departed— The one who is at rest, not moving.Dust— What went on and became primordial, is separated from it.
When a person knows (knows), and acts according to that knowledge, did not leave him a single step, it is —Behavior, ie following of leading it. Another situation: you're bound to be somebody, like, a part of himself —Bail, Behalf. There is power (strength), and someone it is not enough, and we must pass it on to another sphere —Help
Infirmity— Not our being (not our) power, a foreign power (for us — weakness).
Rooster invites all to rest. This is not a Russian word. In Russia was always Kochetov.
Cock of the word sing. Singing — from the rest (n) being gone (e), harmony (and) being (e) wave.
PI— The state of harmonious peace, balance.

— Recurrence (p).Speak, utter, it. But here, in contrast to glagoleniya, there is stiff (power), the precise form of presentation of verbal information. Speech-split,differentiatecommon antagonistic concepts (true — not true; grain — tares falsehood — lodges)breedthem on opposite sides.Numerical value — 100. And the number we see how the division of the original definition (1) between the two spheres (00).Chants— Certain memorized text. "Today is a holiday in our school, rejoices pioneer, today to visit us went Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria."
— There is a dividing, clearly identifies the form that distinguishes the concept for uniformity, structure, form.
Talk— Differentiation (p) the wisdom of the two spheres (PSBs) glagoleniem (d).
— Not our words, but similar in primordial to heaven (YAT), and it was already somewhere (i) manifested. Belarusian, Ukrainian, Polish, etc — is the ancient language dialects.
— Literallysaith God (Az). And what is the result of this utterance? Break-open force — energy (p) coming from any source, the beginning (a). This flow of energy-forces (light, radiance, radiation, something that is composed of rays). And these rays-rays (photons, quanta) —forms of energy, energy, iePin the figurative sense —power (energy). Read "dvukoryadyu": source strength, the original energy of God's power.

— The word (s). When it is said that in the process, creates a sound (vibration), a structure that contains the sub-carrier form (information) and carrier (carrier). This structure of transmission: as we know, is calledWORD, whereWith— The second form;A— Guide from one sphere to another, united wisdom —PSB. We have not a system, and the dual structure of the two areas —200, ie a vibration coming through in various areas of philosophy. Therefore, the word we callmaterialize thought(The idea embodied in vibration), which gave the co-existence. Therefore, "A word can not erase." You gather vibration and it will not be a song.

— Solid (r). The trinity of the world Reveal and two spheres (worlds Slavi and Navi).Numeric value letters — 300.The concept of "firm" means:approval, determination, a certain structure, a certain limited space Reveal and Navi. 
Graphics letters T: I — Basis (relationship of earthly and heavenly), covered under heaven (-), and demarcated edges (| |), in scope, certain areas in which all of this has any particular instruction. Therefore, if we consider a phenomenon, an event displayed in the word, where there is a "strong", it determinesmeasure of approval. 
TA— Approval of the Gods (ancient ancestors).HERE— Approved a certain range of space.TO— Approved by someone, something (unspecified form). Either that, or this.YOU— Created, connected and defined (what is close and clear).
You— A form of treatment for something that is not fully studied, understood.You— Not our creation and the combined wisdom.Alas— When we are close to this form, we have not fully disclosed.
TE(Via AM) — structured finding definitions.Those— Who lived, were in beingness.Tee— Some form of interaction, relationship.Thee— Defines the form of the statement, with respect to its interaction with the environment ("thee" — abbreviated "you" as "Xia" — "self";rotate— Rotate itself;vraschattya— Turn you).
DARKNESS— A certain form, the creation of the wise Gods (some room). Slavs correlated concept of "darkness" with the number of10.000, because MIP Darkness on the Vedas is10.000mirie.

— Yk (y). Form defininginteractionwho or something (which simplifies form) as any interaction (an attempt to understand and accept a different point of view) inevitably leads to simplification. Imagine: there is some structure, and "uk" indicates function interaction: where is this or that, involved in this structuring.Numerical value — 400.

Urod— Someone who is under the protection order ("monster" — the first-born, beautiful in Belarusian).
Ukaz— At the beginning (source) something or (letters are read by the images: uk + Az). About 8 century letter "uk" was not clean (phonetic) pronunciation of "u" and diftongovoe — "increase"(For wisdom), if was under stress. Correspondingly, "y", if it was unstressed. In English itW. "Uk", as we already know, determine the form of interaction that is displayed in its name: a defining (a) kako sotvaryasha — as (Rk). This feature is present in the initial letters of its Inscription — Y (is the main form, is adjacent showing (determining) the location close to anything).
Chamber— Collection, assembled, whole.Uvechie— Be with something a whole; to be separated from it (not an integer).Notify— Bring to a certain knowledge, wisdom.Appease— To bring to a state of grace.Discover— Finding the next with knowledge.Us— The word sotvoryasha (ie the form, located near the mouth — the mouth, by which we rechem word).
Based on the above examples, we see that the "uk" — isform closer to somebody or something, ie structured concept. Therefore, if the "firm" — a certain order, a certain (legalized), the structure, and another area of perception, which is located next to it, make up a new structure — the approach to something somewhere. This wordTUT— Approval of the (m) approximation (a) to this particular form (T) sotvoryashe (b). When defining a specific point location —TutochkiDuck— Finding the next, the approximation (a) to this particular form (T), but one of the many (ka). Necessary to clarify that give a general interpretation of the concept of having a single name, but different images (breed birds false information, medical pot). They say — flying ducks, but then fly-mallards and drakes. It is now all the ducks are, in almost every sense of the word.

— Oak (w). If the image of the "uk", "being close to it", then "ouk":some form to their foundations, structure, content (a), located next to something (uk). Numeric value is not.
Consider the difference of semantic interpretation of the drop caps on the example of the image of the word "Russia".
RUSSIA— Recom (p) (y) the word (s) create (s). This interpretation does not convey the true image, as it lacks the substance and content. Latenyane wrote Ruthenia (Rosen), hence the Ruthenians. But there were Pomeranian Ros Ros God, Chervonaya Rus Silver Russia, White Russia, Small Ros. And she was always Muscovy Muscovy. Moskal — official and Muscovites — moskovityane. When Romanov wrote Rusia — close to form harmonious with similar concepts. When written Ruricovich race — divine form.
— Recom (p) of a certain form (ouk) word (s) create (s). Or conversely, the existing (b) the word (s) of some form (ouk) recommended (p). Ie here there is the definition of the presence of the whole structure with its foundations, concepts. Or, to put it more simply, it's about the people (community), speak the same language, in a word (speech). By the way, do not forget that in various places of our ancestors pronounced the diphthong "OU" in different ways: rus, Ros, rous, but writing was a single -, ie through "ouk".
What propisanie words — this is the meaning of the image: aOUKnetsya(What an image will send) andRespond(What you get:), Said in the old days. Later steel akat and ukat.
Now many simplistic interpretations of the wordRusscomes from the fact that in the area lived haired (blond) people. But the word is written in "uk" —brown(Russ head), and the form of the sovereign through "ouk" -. Thus, "OUK", ie definition signified, standing in front of what touches — Oh, we have previously calleddefined area. Established structure (sphere) is defined (clear), in contrast to the approximate — U, we can find out uvedat or touching, get some knowledge — come to know.

— Firth (f tv.). Letter "fert" refers to the disclosure of the deeper meaning of meaning of the word, making it possible, as the poet said, "get to the heart." Image:importance of nature(Something that has a certain value, to stand Firth (hands on hips)).Numerical value — 500. 
When the initial determination was connected with the definition of the structure, it is the definition of interaction:
Phew— Structural formdetermining the specifics. "Ugh, the Russian spirit in the air".
Phi— Do not representing a structure, beingness. "Fie, what fifochka."
Fact— Disclosure and understood in fact (f) an event, the event registered (the act).
Fig— An empty road. Still talking SHISH you cross of the fingers, the road to nowhere.
Figure— Defining the outlines in some form, but not the form itself.Fig-leaf— Useless bezsmyslenno.Figurant— Structure, which is something (the claim), but is not this the very structure
In LatinFitF— Polubytie (letter AM). A letter FITA — Ph.

— Hier (x).The intersection determines the values(X), interconnects heaven and earth structure (YAT) for utterance (p) in the time length (b).Numerical value — 600. 
Good— The gathering of celestial and terrestrial forces in a harmonic way.
Praise— Thereshaft(Collected in only one width) and this is the intersection of all (x), from the ground up to the sky-reaching (a).
Hlieb(Via YAT) — connects, collects earthly and heavenly power (energy).
Disparagement— Reflected (distorted, false, human) information.
Ha— Connects the earthly and heavenly, and the Gods, who lived on the ground (positive energy — creation).Tha— Limited power (energy).
For those. who have not yet understood the initial image. There used to beUdyandBEAUTY, capable of childbearing.
"Oh, you valiant prowess, oh do girlish beauty." This is different, this relationship has no initial letter.

— From (the). The schedule initials "ot" we see the union of the two structures, "Om" —Wand "hard" —Tdefinite. Now imagine that there is some initial structure, and all that will take away from this structure, is the meaning of (the image of) "OT."Numeric value — 800. 
(Veto) — some wise stability. When we get on the original structure of this stable, I always write(Answer). When the structure was outside the veto, then we get, from this primordial. Therefore, the image of "OT" meantstructure coming from a certain limit
— From a given point of space to move in a different form. Image:expirationfrom this particular definition.
(Back) — of the concrete structure to send somewhere. Image:limiting form of completion, of which again is the direction. 
— Did somethingrightand is sent away somewhere.
But there is a form of 2-drop capsFROMsignified approvedand then who or what.

— Qi (p). System definition (c), interconnecting the earthly and heavenly (YAT), a limited range.Numerical value — 9009 — the highest (marginal) prime and two spheres (00) interactions. Image:purpose, commitment(For a particular purpose), ie This objective can be achieved in one area, and this achievement will be the starting point in the quest for another field goal, etc.
Tsyts— The desire to limit, to something, which is next.
Tsytski— Is striving for the definition of concrete.
Chicken— The one who came out of film (eggs).

— Chervl (h). Bar (black) slave (c) people (L) is to be built (v). Image:delineation of certain orders. Because 9 — limit, but not in two areas of the goal (see above), andin particular (a) sphere, that can be considered asestablishment abroad, border, to a certain pointNumeric value — 90. 
Scarlet, devil, hell, that is, that is below the perception.
We do not perceive it as Our perception is limited to one area, which itself is the highest limit.
Chervlit— Determine.Chervl(Worm) — structured definite form.
Chur— A landmark guard (h) inhabited areas (SD) sotvoryasha (b), ie, kummir Chura — Guard overseas. But when you say:mind you, me, mind you, me!, without inserting the "er", it is an appeal to force and oberegovoy ancestors of for protection.
Shun(Something) — closed protective power of Rod, not a synonym for "fear", as it is now thought.Chervone(Gold) — beyond the standard range of the yellow metal, that is, Red.
Slippers— Protective, custom shoes.Chock— Harvesting (to saw) to manufacture kummira Chura.
Black— Below, unknown, not reflective.
Chort— Signified living below the perception, there is tons of claiming. Karamzin corrected that spelling.
Bird-cherry tree— The boundary for the flies.Through(Through) — to create the conditions for crossing a line, a barrier.Emergency— Going over the brink.
Train(Years) — a change of certain life milestones.Turn— Signified alternates.
— Thinking time Created by heavenly and earthly forces.
— A wise man (from "brow").
Child— Beauty (h) of God (a) good (e) signified (a), ie created good Gods and manifested in a new form. Slavs natural harmony was calledbeauty, and creation (glare) man —Lepota
Docha— Human (a) state (h) getting ready to play God (a) good (e).

— Sha (w).Goes beyond a certain point, some images of perception, a certain latitude (area) structure.Suppose I say that our space, I measured them. I took a step, another step, and so on …. But that would determine latitude (breadth), I had to repeatedly try on her steps.Step— Moving space.Shawl— Space (sha), people (L) of the creation (s).
Prank— Out of people for a certain framework of behavior. "The gallerySha!'
Wobbly— The state does not fit into a certain space.
Pitman(Bear) — fell from some framework of behavior.
Shaman— The person operating the space.
Bump— Restructuring in (encapsulated tree). A good definition for the modern "bumps."
Masha— The mother of a certain space that goes beyond the conventional.Porridge— Collect a certain space.
Our— What we do not know, but it knows the gods (ancestors).
Ball— A certain limited space.

— Shta (u).Space limited in some foreign countries, the limit; protective clothing. 
Thicket— Specific measures (ca) limit (schA).
Schit— Protective clothing, made for the protection of dense material.
Sorrel— Safety (medical) of forest plants.
Kashchei— Association (ka) protective (u) forms of life (e), the compound (s) with something unknown, that is, who unites us to the unknown life form being.
Koschuny— Finding the stored knowledge about (Moon).
Kaschuny— Closed (unavailable) knowledge.
Koschyuny— False information that is used to protect their interests.
Kaschyuny— Modification (false) knowledge.
UNA— Knowledge of our source (life forms).Gloom— The lack of specific knowledge.
JNA— Departed from our source — a lie.Young— Still does not know.

— EP (on CD.).Hardness in the concept of a statement of the action that takes place at a certain control (for the appropriate action — sotvoryasha). 
POSTPolnoeAboutShelledWithobstvennyhTeles sotvoryasha.
SN(Sleep) — the structure (s) of action (b) in the dark (n) sotvoryasha (b). Brief About sounds under stress, in an unstressed falls, but written —Sny(Agree).Lb(Forehead) —Lby(Foreheads). But kids sometimes instinctively say — "struck lobom".
RT(Mouth) — rekuschee (p) action (b) approved (t) sotvoryasha (b).
Also on the action in progress and influence the coming poslestoyaschie initials. In the old days were the words that performed some effective function and start with "er."
Krik(Shout) — a short, quick execution of the action.

— Ers (s).Set, multiple actions, multiple structure, created things away from a particular place, a connection. 
Because graphic image of letters is the interaction of "er" and "izhei", then in the present and initial semanticcreative and interactive forms
In modern Russian language there is a conceptothers, interpreting (Ozhegov) as "not this, not this, the following is not such a" etc. We see that in the way of such an interpretation of the word is completely lost, because ignored formative this concept, the root of "friend." In the old conceptothers(Another name there) called those who were well aware that relatives and friends.
Other— Chuzhye not relatives of other genera. WordYnye, interpreted as a set (s) unknown (n) of the set (s) shown by (e). In other words, a lot of it is not known who created appears, unknown, alien.

— Eph (e cr.).Cotvorennoe created, existing, natural (life, God-given: at Rhodes), in addition, natural structure after some drop caps meant not only the performance but also the continuation of some of the specific value. 
Gol(Nude) — created naked (a stitch). But people basically do not want to wear clothes, and continues to exist, as it were, in a purely natural form, callednecessity is erratic
Goals(Naked) — meant not only the concept of "naked", but complete inactivity, parasitism (golydba).
Von— Go anywhere.Stink— Unpleasant feeling (as a continuation).Won— Talking about unpleasant people (won have come and gone).
En(Now: it) — a man (man) exists.They(They) — came a man who we know.
(ONET) — came to women, we know.
Enti— Those of which we have heard.
Om— Created and existing sacred vibration. The name of the river.

— YAT (s).Divine relationship, the interaction of heaven and earth structures. 
— certain (c) the interaction of heaven and earth structures (ive) to distinguish (p) of the original (a);Veda RA(Abbrev.) — Light Wisdom.(North) — this belief.

— Yun (a). Graphics letters: sphere (circle) and something outside contact (linked) to it.Coprikosnovenie; tangential relationship, touch, which had to do something to the whole, or being outside of a certain range of things (knowledge, attitudes, traditions). 
Yun(Juno) — similar to, but not part of a certain circle (circle of adults).
Vyunsh(Youngster) — which is in the process of learning wisdom.
Vyun(Eel) — one who is twisted, but is not part of the whole.
Yurod— Dropped out of the circle, having a relationship, but living their structure (not living by the laws of a sort).Urod— One who is an integral part of the family and endowed with its power. Remember the adage, "every family has its black sheep," ie, in every family is always the first-born child (the firstborn). Further, because of the phonetic harmony words occurred elementary substitution of concepts: beauty (freak) turned to his opposite number, and the outcast (Fool) began saints.
Yug— Being away from our lands, traditions and ways.
Yugra(Yugoria) — came from the south under our light (protection).Ugra— Belonging to our structure.
Whirligig— That spun out of our environment, we had a top.
Wriggle— To behave, likening strangers, not ours.
Brisk— Beyond the specific rules (of engagement).
Jurassic(Female Yurina) — Lights, surrounding a whole (these names were called children born 9 months after the death of their alleged fathers).

— Apb (and cr., I).Odnorodnaya structure.The relationship of the heavenly (i) and the earth (a), but the relationship is very thin (contact), Where each exists by itself, although it is the concept of one kind.
(Yards) — a specific structure in which the width created (negotiated) in shape. Saying:Merit each with their own yardstick, ie each defines what his relationship with his birth, tradition, and culture. The structure of this relationship depends on the person again.
(Core) — one structure combines (ia) good (d) Light (pa). Earlier this word designating the concept: hugs, inside, fold, sinus.
— Something to break the whole earth (the relationship). Previously, "ulcer" was called a wound, cuts, wounds, suffering, misery, misfortune, and the person who caused injury to another soul.
— What contact, that you can feel (the organ of touch).
— Which is used for food.
Yama, the coachman. Tribute— Apply by tributaries of people with whom we come in contact, as it were.

— Edo period (s).A touch to the whole, but only get a part. 
(Yegda) — when the structure is touched to the whole.
(Yedinosyuschiye) — that they touch, the relationship between those who live onearthly and heavenly level
Consubstantiality— Unity inEarthlevel (human interaction).

— W (a).Ciyanie, creation, existence and continuation of the movement, regardless of whether we have known before the end of this structure or not. 
Ktw? Chtw?— The development of events, which will continue after we receive answers to questions.
Kwca— Which (a) the limited visual, but continues (w) say (s) ancestors (a). Coastal Spit. We do not see it completely, but it exists and under water.
Braid— What onaya (specific, concrete). Maiden scythe.
Ksa(Spit) — a tool for cutting grass (Lithuanian). Kosar, Caesar, Cooper. Previously, 85% of the words went accent on the first syllable.

— Yong (e nose.).He, and the structure that determines the ascending (upward in height) image. 
(Ezyk) — the people, the tribe (generic term).
(Ezyche) — representative of our nation, tribe.
— Outcast of our family (no ezyche).
— Representative of the existing alien people.
— Created by an unknown person (no heathen).
In all of these terms is given binding to earth (existent) life. And does not explain whether the people associated with divine wisdom or not. Simply states that they live (exist) on the ground.
Whoso honoureth God's people will be. Added link heaven and earth.

— Ode (ey, w).Divine, is inherited (by word of mouth) correctness, rightness, intimacy, consent.Right hand — right.
Phonetic sounds letters "od": e-brief bow. Before — the soundey(W). Therefore, the word phonetically pronounce the mouth aseusta(Justus).
— Pronouncing certain rules, certain events. All this, however, is a divine family stability, ie rules that has evolved over many generations. Hence thejustice
(Yuzyk) — narrow, poor.
— Foolish, unwise.
(Yutren) — internal.
The image shows the letters: all that we perceive around us — it will be "Ode."

— Eta (e cr.). Graphics: connection, interconnection and drop caps IZHEI EN, ie adding links earth and heaven to the structure that defines the image. If- A common definition of the people, then- Honored tradition and the gods, related to us by certain criteria (our people). We have learned. About other people, we can not know, but its all we know.
Therefore the image of the "ETA":cognition (the Decree form). 
(EdRo) — fast, fast. Effing — fast acting.
(Edie) — walk in the tracks (the conductor). But- Go for some unknown who or what.
(Edza) — illness, disease (ulcers).
(Kids) — to take, seize, solder (to catch).

— OTA (on CD.).Rejection of something unknown, but existing (unknown, interrogative form). 
(SILC) — where from?
(Odiezhe) — where, where, in what way (say specifically: where to go?)?

— Xi (COP).Spirit, come (v), is developing on the ground, going through all the step (B), and goes on (~). 
This letter prescribes wherever passed certain spiritual, the definition of power of the spirit. He defined this structure, image. Spirit is the refuge of all (life, light, purity, etc.). Everything connected with the spirit, spirituality, and shaped letter "chi." This is a figurative meaning preserved to our time.
There is a Greek term:xenophobia— Fear of spirits. Our ancestors were not afraid of ghosts that can be seen from examples.
(OKS) — think of your spirit (not to soil it.)
(Xenia) — The spirit that dwelleth in existence as we know it. Xenia — pastor in Poland.
(Lay down (to) this) — suspension spirit leg.
(Oleg (k) sa) — a (n) rests — the spirit of God. A similar (a) Spirit. 
— Grandson of the leg bearing spiritual structure (xi), and the son of the druid.

— Psi (ps). Graphics: I (link) + V (two adjoining structures) = (threefold form: the spirit-soul-conscience).Numerical value — 700, where 7 — and 00 mental concept — two spheres of existence. Image:soul, and all that relates to the mental plan, order forms.Psychology — the science of the soul. Ps the word kennel (dog).
(Pseudo) — does not belong to the soul.

— Feith (f soft.).Unity of spirit, merging, and nature. 
This form occurs when there was a union, contact, penetration of one to another.
Numeric value — 9, that there is "harmony, unity."
In Latin Feith — Ph. And note, alkaline balance —Ph. Phantom efimerny written by Fitou.
Fajno— Beautiful on a soul level.

— Izhitsa (u, v, w).Movement, the fruit, balanced distribution. 
(Hypostasis) — essence, nature, nature.
Vstina(Ustinov) — a harmonious, natural beauty. Man's name — Vstin. "Ustin Maksimych, where did you get drunk so? '.
Earth's true —truth, universal truth —istina.

— Izha (s).Otrazhaet characteristic movement of time (a measure of the time). 
(Myr) — the smallest interval of time, which was used by our ancestors. Phonetically it sounds briefly, concisely: "myr" becauseIzhapronounced "i-short" (d). And at the same time it divides, measures,gives an idea of volume, vzaimosochetaniya. In addition, this letter was used to show the structural antipodes (white-black, time-space). Note, even in drawing letters reflects the principle mirror: d + e Therefore, our world (being) — a structure measured, large (e) — "macrocosm". The other, however, small (d) — "a microcosm." This structure. noted, however, and time, and the combination.
Dear— Sensual appeal to a loved one (spouse).
— Short-term (unconscious) appeal to another woman. This form is for a specific person only for a specified period of time. "Honey, let me pass," "dear, tell the ticket," "dear, where you're going!". Earlier evil personizirovali, te same word could carry both a positive and negative sense.

Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life

Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life

Assembly of God Knows Welcome Verbs that there is life (existence)

Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life
Abundant Life on Earth, and in harmony with the universe and with the community, creating a tree of the Universe (Life on Earth only occurs when all in harmony: the communal and individual)

Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life<
How People Think: We Rest He saith

Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life

Solid word comforting and soothing passing based natural way to the Light of Our Fathers.

Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life
Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life
Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life
Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life
Ace a wise Foundations are happening in Time Generic

>Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life
Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life
Ace lives as Whole Word descended and approve Everywhere

Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life
Velma gods (many times) People solid: go and return to his roots (roots and foundations)

Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life
Knows the Earth Wisdom comforting entire width leads to an increase in the Spirit

Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life
Initially our verb for the development of the Soul

Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life
Welcome True Founded over gives us a limit of holiness sotvaryaemoy with Mother Nature

Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life
Genesis Community rests on the paths connecting all of Nature (Nature)

Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life


All of the imagery comes from the runes of the runic display the words in which there is neither root nor the end, but only the image of each rune, joined together with other runes.

But, at the same time, do not forget about the simple rules that should be followed:
a) Not all words have to try to interpret figuratively, as many of the concepts now lost shaped conceptual meaning distorted spelling introduced alien images;
b) provides many imaginative interpretation of sequence variants of a "build" of the image, do not particularly tied to specific words, concepts. All interaction takes place on the images, and the resulting new image — no specifics, and, quite often, the general interpretation (form) are examining the concept;
c) the word is read from left to right, but creative control goes from right to left (dvukoryad);
d) the interpretation of the image of letters you need to consider where it is in the word.

— Approximation (y) to multiplication (e) sotvoryasha (b), ie, multiplication create.- Some form of (TQM), multiplication (x) Created by (b).TRUD— Approved (t) differentiation (p) by multiplying sotvoryaemoe (ud). And dvukoryadyu: tvoryaschy (b) good (e) Earth (SD) solid (m).

(Literally, "daughter removed," like a hook) — some form of breeding sotvoryaemogo (ud) state (h) One of the many (ka).
MUDRETS— Thoughts multiply (mud) through recurrent sotvoryasha (ph).
— Literally breeding relationship (form of reproduction; sotvorenie good, good level), where (e) good storage, multiplication, (ive) relationship.
(Figure) — the one who does, working with soul.- Put in the clear light of a kind of welfare (radeet for his family).- To continue his race.
— Good interconnects, calling (the relationship).Oak— The relationship with the Gods (oak — wood Perun).Folly— Existing (worthless) talk about the relationship.Stupor— For something he touched empty.Fool— The relationship (do) through utterance (p) with the original (a), diffuse (multiple) light, ie that there is a completely differentmodified form. This concept is used (to ~ 1930) referred to the men and women (the word "fool" was not).Pandora— Not sound like anything but divine.Bad— Sick (an altered state of the body). "Something is wrong to me."
— The relationship through utterance.Other— The one who spoke with his friend.Be friends— Life is a DRU, ie who live in perfect harmony ("thick as thieves").Friend— DRU through Glagolenie, ie who just say (the chain of priority generalizations: I (az) — friends — Other — Other — other).FRIENDS— Who protect the land.Girlfriend— Go with someone a common way (on— Form "together").
— Knowledge, which are interconnected to the top and bottom.- Other news.- Do not keep; nowhere taken (Do not over form).- The eye of knowledge.- Charge of the way.- Is one who knows the way.- The first message (Zend-Avesta: Earth, as amended, this news).

One of the runes, bearing the image of completeness, is a runeAL-. Image: Holds a lot, and all that is. Ie she passed the volume and density of the information about the image absorbed in himself. Material embodiment of this fullness, density, we can call ordinary stone. He is very busy, he is a cit-AL. Stone —

AL (remember —diamond).ALI— But, however.
The last month of summer at the Old Believers still calledTaylet. RuneTAY— Top, end, limit, end. Connecting the two runic image and get a new image-AL + Tie(Altai), ie stone limit and, at the same time, the highest peak, and all ends.
Englishall(Ol) and the Germanale— Translated as all.All rait— All right.Alt— The old, ie absorbed the wisdom of years. Scandinavian ParliamentAlthing(Allting) — all assembled and approved Ynglings; circle of elders.U-RA-AL(Later two consecutive identical letters merge into one sound: the Urals) — the Light, the Light which lies at the foot of the stone (one of the names of the Ural Mountains: Stone).
Hedge of which have in the past? — From the poles. Pole in SlavicKIY, thin, ie are knitted. And, mind you, at billiardistov too thin poles that play callcue. And the great hedge turnsKiy-Tay, and then it merged into one "and", and get a modern wordChina, ie meant a great hedge, great wall. Not the territory, as it is now called, namely the great wall. Therefore, and in MoscowChina Townso far, even subwayChina Town. Not because the Chinese live there, but because in ancient times, this area was surrounded by high walls. But first, it was a wooden fence, and then the stone.

— Pearls.GOOD— Good property.BENEFITS— Good, good.Guard— Watch, watch.BO— Because, because.Bost— To submit.BRANITI— Protect, defend.BRASHNO— Food.

(Rate) — a dark glow, the light that illuminates the alien army of us, that is something unknown to us. Therefore, said the Russian army, but — foreign army. There was also another concept:host— Militia, and not a collection of voev, ie it was an additional unit, not part of the squad (extraneous, foreign, but not alien). Constable — at ordinary commander, cornet — holding banner (flag) with the face of God, Ensign — Keep Prapor (banner), a cop — family stability, law, shock — gathered together, Skopje — go together; army — Osprey voev; reservation — protection divine, and the field of battle — the meeting place troops and ratification; ratuyte — to come together and discuss. AORit is a force that is force the day itorder— The power of light. As well ashorde— The power of good, some measure of sealed. Therefore, a large army was calledHorde, ie order.Orachev— Cultivate the power of thought. IeORa forceAthis measure, andH— Man, the man thought. Ie not mindless cultivation and haphazardly, but Orachev he thought at first, and then cultivated.
We have talked about the rune "Tai".Ty-Land(Taylan / Ruskolan) — End of the World, the limit of habitable territory.Doe(Ireland) — the territory of the province, habitable and inhabited.Hand— A good surface.Taiga— Limit, the end of the path (on no way, no way). Now it is the boundless forest, unexplored, neezzheny. But an array of trees calledforest, and taiga forest, a place where there are no stroke, no horse, no pedestrian.Mystery— At the top, what's there — a mystery until the reach the top (on— The direction of the surface;over— Above the surface).Taiwan— End (territory) Vans.
LetterOD— Coming from the sky and fills the body, mind and spirit, the wealth (especially spiritual), transmitted by inheritance (word of mouth). And graphically (see above), it resembles a bag, tied with someone. Assembled by whom and for whom? Fathers and grandfathers to grandsons and granddaughters. That is, when there was shaped building using lettersODmeaning: the transfer or grandchildren grandson, encapsulating the whole wisdom of the ancestors, it turns out the nameAP-IN, who was the god of wisdom from the Scandinavians (Oh — this family circle: his grandfather, father, son). Slavs patronizedoping(Lgi) — bright 16-dimensional beings (in Christianity — Aggol — angel). Grandson will call legO-leg, and granddaughter —O lga. Sometimes added confirmationthis(This one) that the person is indeed a grandsonLgaOlga, this. And if you changed a generation descendants grandson leg? Ctavyat drop capAz:ALGsey— Similar Legua (ie, not grandson), as Az — a form of similarity, not denial, as the Greeks and Latins (asura— Like Sura,Avesta— Like news). But, if he grandson leg, even the son of the priest of the forest (Druid)Olgsandr— Grandson of the leg, the son (san) druid.

— Grandson of the leg bearing spiritual structure (xi), and the son of the druid. And the spirit — it is not material, we do not know is that many people denoted by X (x). Therefore, there is a form of writingalexandreoralexander
SASHA— Cool light, ie, clear, bright, but cold, with no returns. Invested in it, and no return. The child was born sickly, blednenkim — it was named Alex. He, however, was born in the cold light, and it is necessary to invest and put your heart into.Sanya— Adopted son (the son of I).Shura— Born outside of his native land (Ur, and in the early runeW— Shield. We guard our frontiers. A foreign-born guard is Schur.
RuneSC, means the union form (which incorporates all a) if it is the beginning of a word. In the TurkicKa-ra— Black.KA-RA— That is absorbed, absorbed (ka) Lights (pa). But if something will absorb all of the light, the darkness comes, black.
Kara Kum— Absorbing the light of the sun (kara), something homogeneous, related (godfather), ie sand, but not necessarily black.NORA— No (but light) (pa). But the wordRA-NO— Light (RA) is a little, a small part (but).LAD-NO: Fret a bit, but it is not a quarrel.
There is such a termination or abbreviationSTVO— The word approved wise fathers. Dvukoryadyu: Fatherly wisdom determinesvalue. It determines and approves. Wisdom of the Fathers adopted the word, and the word is a certain quality. The word is materialized as an idea, a thought. Therefore meant STVOcertain quality. Ie that would have been more clear, we take the man and add to it a certain quality, we get a structure.

Here, the emperor and the state, that is, the state is, we already certain quality, a certain system. About a man say that he insolent. Impudence. Here the image of the "b" — already have STVO — a certain quality. Hero. But this quality is defined heroism. Adding quality to the system generates our structure. Impudence, heroism, state, sycophant — sycophancy. Slave, but that this sort of pattern of behavior — bondage. Ambassador — Embassy. Boyar — nobility, like why IQ has dropped because the husband — the boyars. Marriage, married, but this is a form of structural, marriage. Sends a new quality to the structure. They like their wisdom gave definition to this quality. Therefore, in this form, it is in our country and to show. If we change it to the fathers of the gods living on earth (Az), and the gods set, we obtained multiple forms of, well, his father and the gods. Hero-properties, slave-properties, Nahal properties, the state. Ie see, we have changed the image of the father in the Az. Well, if someone is an amateur, get delitanstva.

But the ISM, as iftruth to this earthly world. But the ISM created the form that we have come to prescribe. Note that if the original primary fire, but it's the truth for the world, which uses it, we've got a ingliizm. The wisdom of the Buddha to the world where he was, turned Buddhism. Communism is a social system. Communal form of life, is also true for the world. As well as the power of capital has created a system of capitalism. And even if in one place, you idiot, and he is trying his idea to someone to shove, his truth, which he understood, but did not understand the others, called idiocy. Anarchism, ie anarchy. Anarchism is already a form of derivative, ie anarchy. Not present here, as the monarch monarchy, the monarchy as an absolute rule, and anarchy anarchy in general, as opposed to.
They say: "to veto" this can be translated as a ban. But whenVeto, this is not only a ban is established rule or custom. And when you want to learn something from the set rules, you determine that? — Question and getotVet. And according to these rules, someone agrees with this and wants to live by these rules will beZaVet. But this is not all.PriVet, ie told what he knows. And when someone wants to add on top of that, that is certain foundations to add something. This will beNaVet. And if you pull something out of there and hide from others? — This will beIzVet. There isNaVet, and thereIzVet. Lime want, yes. News. Ie there nadergano there nadergano and lime.Broadcast, ie speak in a bright mind and clear memory. Man is broadcast, it is recorded when it is not, it is read out. Why did he say? —Bequeath. Veto it as a set rule, it is not zyblemo. And when there is knowledge of the Vet is a word that will be? — Think about it, letter, word, or rune-word. This will beSvet. Cognition and light, and the follow up, a person followed the covenants will be like? —SoVet.
As a loving man called his favorite?Lada my — Ladushka(Abalone — consoles).Cohanim — Kohala, ie to love with all my heart and soul.Woman— Gate.Become effeminate— Gave birth to a child (to open the gates to a new world.) Then it turned into other languages: Bab-El — the gates of God (Babylon — Babylon).

But it too distracting image naming. To find the name of the thing, saying:Behold the root. But because the man has not yet learned to control himself completely, so some names of our ancestors hid. They are, for example, did not call Tiger Tiger (though this is not the true name of the representative of the cat family).AM— The guardian.BA— The divine source of the Gods.AMBA— The guardian of the gods, which runs along the border of the Amur. ButAMOUR— The guardian of habitable territory.
The true name has not only display the letter, it does not and no syllable, no root, and some of the images and sound can not be conveyed. Ie this manifold, inoobraznoe map.

There is a fleece "The River." Combine it with the rune "The Shining", the rune "many paths" with rune "Noise" with rune "Height". The result was a waterfall. Water falls. And so it fell, the water should flow from somewhere and somewhere. Have its source to dotech to the place where it falls from a height, creating a rainbow, roars and foams, then flows further. It is not connected to the letter, not the runes!Merged into a single image of the new image, transmitting multicolor, multicolour picture — a waterfall.
We came to the realization thatword has a deeper meaning, depth image, which only in the word and is identified.He is not something he — is identical. Therefore never be tantamount to translate from Russian into other languages Pushkin's lines: "Autumn Romance — eyes charm!", And the more ancient Slavic texts, as in translation, in particular, Western European languages is transmitted only the width, the superficiality of the semantic rather than its depth. Aincomplete, superficial information, as we already know, is a lie.

Figuratively ARITHMETIC
We write the series of numbers in which each successive number is the sum of the previous two:
1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55etc. This summation creates a harmonic series, known also under the name of a number of Fibonacci spiral orThe Golden Section. If we divide the two numbers to each other, in the early stages will see all of the common diatonic musical relationship, rediscovered by Pythagoras, such as 3/2, 5/3, 8/5, 13/8 and 21/13, etc. But this is the way of harmonics and the geometry of the universe.
In accordance with the obtained numerical dependence combine images drop caps following order:AzandLeadgive usVerb:A (1) + B (2) = T (3), B (2) + f (3) = E (5) F (3) + E (5) = H (8), E (5) + and (8) = i (13), and (8) + i (13) = K (21).

When I (a) Explore the wisdom of the ancestors (in), I start to verb (g), ie communicate it to others. Wisdom (a) and verb (r) combined give Genesis (e) our. Genesis combines with the verb, creating balance, harmony (and). Being harmonious balancing generates information that eliminates the causes of conflict (ri). And all this happens only in cases where a person acts like God, living on the land (ka).

The well-known expressionmir darknessin Slavic treatment means:mir 10,000(Shadow = 10,000). Image: wisdom (m) universal (i), ie no earthly (not ours), delimited (p) Created by (b) firmly (t) exist (s), thinking (mt), which embodies (s) are not in our understanding. And now I come to the numerical range of drop caps: M = 40, I = 10, P = 100, b = 0 (40 +10 = 100 150 = 1 +5 =6). T = 300, b = 0, M = 40, N = 0 (300 +40 = 340 = 3 +4 =7).6 = S— Unknown, unknown.7 = Z— Land, land, space. Thusmir darknessunknown spaceEarth — the planet wherenot being given the Vedas, alien (dark).
Consider the example of how to change the essence of the image using action figures to
h'ariyskoy rules of arithmetic.

1 +2 = 3, • A • + • in • = • r •— Az + Wisdom = embodiment of thought (verb-word is a materialized thought).
1 +3 = 4, • A • + • D • = • A •— Az + = accumulation embodied idea, development, divine determination.
1 +4 = 5, • A • + • A • = • E •— Az + development = being.
1 +5 = 6, • A • + • E • = • S •— Az = + being excessively (multidimensional being).
1 +6 = 7, • A • + • S • = • Z •— Az + excessively = ground (dust, ashes).
1 +7 = 8, • A • + • Z • = • I •— Az + earth = balance, harmony.
1 +8 = 9, • A • + • I • = ••— Az + = balance nature.
1 +9 = 10, • A • + •• = • I •— Az + nature = universe (small)
2 +2 = 4, • in • + • in • = • A •— The wisdom of wisdom + = good.
3 +3 = 6, • C • + • D • = • S •— Verb + verb = extremely long glagolenie (chatter).
1×1 = 1, • A • x • A • = • Aand— Multiplying the race, a parent, a creator.
1×2 = 2, • A • x • in • = • Ain— The person multiplies their knowledge; charge of people.
We saw examples where the impact on the world around the person, and now changed conditions.
• D • • • D • = I4I • I4I = 16— "Circle" (completeness, sufficiency).16 = • SI •(Six to ten, six in excess of ten).
• A • x • D • = I4I3• I4I = 32 (• LP •)— The people responsible.
• A • x •• = I4I3• I9I = 72 (• RH •)— The wisdom of the ancestors.
• B • C • x • = I2I3• I200I = 1600 (••)Multiplication word of wisdomapplies to all areas.
• In • • • C • = I2I • I200I = 400 (• I •)multiplied by the word of wisdomtransmits only one of the cognitive structures of human (consciousness, unconscious, preconscious, etc.).
Examples were provided with addition (+), multiplication (•), multiplication — a three-dimensional product (s) and now apply rules subtraction (-).
• D • — • G • = • A •— Good without the verb is simply a man (from the development, stockpiling, divine determining remove (subtract) the information and get savage.)
Modern science is increasingly debated the question of extraterrestrial origin of life and, in particular, the man on the planet. Let's remove (subtract) from the nature of man:
•• — • A • = • and •— Getequilibrium state, that showsheterogeneity for the man of the natural ecosystem. He is destabilizing it (external) to the attainment of equilibrium and harmony. Remove from the nature of the good:
•• — • • = • D • E, ie is only a form of life (good land, being — the forms of nature) "bare desert", so to speak (think the mark of letters D: something rising above a flat surface).
The Vedas say that the earth Midgard before had three satellites (the three moons): Lelia, Fattah, Month. Small moon Lelyabyla destroyed more than 100 thousand years ago. Let's remove (subtract) from the nature of the ground (minor planet) and see what we get.
•• — • Z • = • • In— There were only knowledge (information) that previously in the nature of Midgard attended one of the natural forms of the earth — moon Lola. Now let's ask ourselves, what will be, for example, a structure, if it subtracted from one of its parts?
KZ • • — • • = • D • KG— What land in disguise? — Communication at the level of information exchange.
KZ • • — • In • = • • KE— What land without wisdom? — An empty existence.
• KZ • — • r • = • • CD— What a land without a verb? — Accumulation.
KZ • • — • A • = • • KS— What a land without a people? — Superstable of nature, man destroys them.
Go to the division of spheres of influence in the world.
• KZ •• D • = ••— Dividing the land verb, we get a part of nature.
Comparison shaped to determine compliance () (Not equality and conformity) between them, "a man balanced" and "earth wisdom" which correspond to the structures?
(• A • + • and •)(• Z • + • in •)(• C • + • S •)(• A • + • E •), because chisloobrazov amount in all cases —9, iecompliance shaped harmonious.
Note that some religions have always been afraid and fear of so-called "Number of the Beast" (although in earlier editions it was written "the number of lives"), consisting of three sixes —666. Transfer the number666in the initial letter, according to the ancient language:600— HIER, where the image of lettersX — The world equilibrium, the highest positive meaning, 60— IAC, the image —spirit, 6— DZELO, the image —unknown. We did the following:. Preview image:unknown spiritual level — the highest positive meaning Miroponimaniya. For the very existence of something unknown, undiscovered stimulates eternal human need to learn and develop. But now everything unknown and incomprehensible to man, who had forgotten hislesson, scary. It is —evil, affecting the current understanding originates from phobias alien religions.Evilthe Vedic understandingnot absolutely, this isignorance, ignorance
6 +6 +6 = 18 = 1 +8 = 9 — the number of harmony: the unity of the Spirit and power, personified in the initial letter FITA. The numerical value of the letters as well9.
Now transfer the number666in the figures on the current ABC, add the number of letters in each word:
six hundred (8) sixty (10) six (5). ABC Open and locate8 th, 10 th and 5 thletters. As they say, all the matches, please consider random …

SHAPED whirling

There are many ways of learning images. One of them — the table. Filling the squares of different sizes (3×3, 5×5, 7×7) characters carry hidden information in them, makes it possible to look at the image perpetrated by volume and multifaceted. Let's start with the most simple: fill the square7×7sorokadevyatyu signs Drop caps, and then, using imaginative developments, we learn to read the associated text.

Rule of thumb: do not get attached to the interpretation of specific words, concepts. All interaction takes place on the images.
For ease of understanding, we will introduce additional semantic verbal bundles are not directly related to the very image.

This form of writing keeps certain texts, the so-calledABCs, are read, if we begin to combine the images of adjacent drop caps, movingany direction


— Az very wise foundations tvorya birth in time.
— Az (God lived on Earth) live as whole word descended and established itself everywhere;
— The gods very (many times) people asserted: go and return to his roots (roots, foundations);
— Says the land comforting wisdom full width leads to an increase of the spirit;
— Verb for our initial development of the soul;
— Good real downward over the limit gives us holiness sotvoryaemoy with mother nature;
— Being communal rest (based) on the creation that reflects the essence of God that leads to certain results.
— God knows al Verbs good that there is life (existence);
— Abundant life on earth and in harmony with the universe and with the community, creating a tree of the universe (life on Earth only occurs when all in harmony: community and individual);
— How people think: we rest he saith;
— The word solid comforting and soothing way to passing the basis of natural light ottsov ours.

— Is when a single image created new common images that come into contact with new ones, generate even more new and etc (levels and orders). An interesting analogy can be traced in the structure of DNA, especially in the "junk parts", as modern scientists. T e, literally circling — is self-moving, rotating (whirling) Mirozdanie. This form is a circle or a square filled with a certain set of iconic characters. Circling are numeric, alphabetic numerals.
Draw a square5×5and fill it with numbers from1to25. The principle of fill is that the upper-left box (start — whirling) is marked with number 1. Figures2,3,4,5,6,7,8checkboxes, which changes direction and turns loop (vortex zone, if you want you can see the solar symbol, combining the figures). The remaining digits are placed in the same order (the same letter T, as in chess), but without a change of direction. End of the movement — the center of the square (25). Based on this principle, where the numbers areserial numbersletters in the initial letter, fill the square letter wheels. Instead, only half the drop caps (sounds that come out of the one divine origin). The remaining letters are the second square.



— Az community comforted our existence.
— Creation signified lives according to above.
— Very foundations of the divine wisdom portrayed.
— Rest of the true word as a verb.
— Charge of earthly saith good to people.
— Az build, very quiet tasted (well bothered — well rested). Dvukoryadyu: tasted much rest builds al.
— Approximation thereof to the divine as to the earth (to grow in goodness, despise earthly).
— Community life defined verb we rechem (communal life is arranged for the transfer of information from generation to generation). Saying of the verb determines the life of the community (as we say we live).
— Approved by us in existence and there is a true human.
— There is a divine (universal) wisdom flow (word) good. Good word of wisdom form of true multi-dimensional existence.
— Divine glagolenie is life.
— Is responsible for the development of al existence.
— Az shalt collects and stability is good. Welcome connects foundations thereof ace (az).
— Being in contact with the life lasts ("flow").
— Community insists wisdom.
— Our Divine, which giveslife is perfect.
— Well Verbs Gods people.
— Rather explaining his speech (commandments, instructions).
— Rest earthVeda.

Now read all the diagonal, whirling in a spiral from the center, up and down —al shalt stable collects, and it is good. Coming into contact with life, for as long as the flow of Genesis. Community insists our divine wisdom that gives life perfect. Good Gods Verbs people besides his speech explaining the commandments and instructions, quiet earth knows.
Similarly, we perform relative to the other diagonal spin-ignorant as stable life sotvorennoy creates us (I am the), while the late divine life, our only with the prevalence of communal forms, and all the good that is connected to the universe, is embodied in us. Earth verb tells about the life follow that there is true wisdom words people (Slavs), embodied in the good.


As you can see, we are back to vibration (energy) and the spiral flow, but the interpretation of the diagonal wheels. Of analogy with the spirals of DNA we mentioned just above.

Proceed to the second square of drop caps. Central field — this is pure rune fate, freedom of choice, free image, mutual learning, vzaimosoznaniya, new octave, go last.

Try it now for yourself, focusing only on the square, read whirling. Let me give just a figurative interpretation.


— even the smallest particle in the universe for the Gods is significant as the image of the divine likeness space.
— any touch to what is being created to be easy, gentle.
— any crossing worlds fate, lives merge in breadth (structure) is filled with the divine flow.
— shining spirit is the relationship of the heavenly and the earthly in nature.
— Any original form sotvorennaya soul is defined ascending (Nav-Reality-Fame-right).


— significant for each spirit repeatedly touching the original.
— defined in various ways shine sotvorennogo (character (method) passing the unknown paths defined glow created in this way.)
— relationship creates the worlds of heaven for the soul purpose.
— (And this is manifested as) a form of knowledge of nature and it is more interconnected in the ways of earthly and heavenly desire to ascend (to develop).
— protected against contact outside help nature by various forces.


— the crossroads is a structure created being;
— essence of the original form demarcated certain order and protected abroad.


— important for the development of the relationship of all things of heaven and earth in different planes of existence;
— the nature of what we take from nature sotvoryaem;
— relationship creates a natural flow of the divine;
— which make it possible to touch anything;
— and it protects us.
— touch when crossing multiple purposes;
— which enable the connection of shining souls;
— strengthen the spirit;
— and lead to an understanding of the original.

other diagonal:
— original light filled the whole being and protection;
— all created to fill and touched;
— soul unifying terrestrial and celestial beings;
— onaya to nature;
— different dimensions of plans (structures of the soul).
— spirit intersects with the creation of all sorts;
— and other manifestations of the higher creatures structures;
— which touched everything to a certain extent;
— significance of life.
These relate to the circlingstructure of the spirit, its significance, which is determined by what is created is in contact with razichnymi spatio-temporal structures.
We turn tocomputational whirling.


— Start some good Verbs true fills the earth (every good undertaking always fills the ground);
— divine goodness in the nature of the divine entered as a verb (word) in the wisdom of the divine;
— manage nature as being highly (above ours) on the lands of the universe;
— how to know the higher life, then good as higher beings Veda (knowing the higher life, know good and the higher beings that comes from wisdom);
— Verbs of higher sverhbozhestvennom as human being.

— initially good true in nature as a verb (energy vibration);
— both good nature of higher wisdom being higher truth for us;
— verb true and some being good and defines the person;
— All divine something Verbs besides divine entities and refers to a deity (all terms of that plan, and refers to it);
— Earth knows that the divine being is transcendent also run at all.

— charge of very good harmonic;
— al verb and this is a form of existence on Earth.

— Aces of the divine nature koi live as higher beings everywhere, koi good tvoryat very wise, divine Verbs as verbs in the lands, and all the wise store, on the ground. Welcome divine ignorant and good build. And nature exist as aces combining the truth verb.
— Verb as the existence of a divine being Verbs on earth, because the truth is a very good divine wisdom, and it is passed as aces aces heaven on earth heaven for sverhistinna this wisdom of life. How to connect with all the wisdom, the nature, the nature of the divine word real, something true about the good good, human, iznachalnoe.Skachat book "Obrazar"

The book describes 49 drop caps, their original image, examples of reading words on depth images, then the author takes the reader to the old days when there was still a Da'Arias, or as they call it, — Hyperborea …

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