Oleg Surhan goes free

Activist "Young Belarus" from Vitebsk Oleg Surhan to be released from prison on July 27 in deep.

February 19 2010 October trial judge in Vitebsk Eugene Burunov delivered its verdict in the case of Vitebsk activist "Young Belarus" Oleg Surhan, convicted for an attack on a police officer.

The activist was sentenced to 6 months in prison and 2.5 million rubles in favor of the alleged victim policeman Sergei Dudkevich. January 28 2010 Surhan was in the detention center.

September 3 2009and Oleg and his younger brother Taras Surhan police detained at a bus stop near the medical university, where he posted a white-red-white flag. In the October police department Oleg up a report that he resisted the police, and one of them, Lieutenant Sergei Dudkevich, was bitten on the finger. According to Oleg Surhan, originally drafted by the protocol about hanging a white-red-white flag had disappeared. In the second it was recorded that he was in a public place while intoxicated and used foul language and insulting police officers.

Oleg Surhan claims that the police department, he was beaten and tortured. Taras Surhan brother called "first aid" when he saw his condition. Doctors documented bruises the head and arms.

According to article 364 of the Criminal Code Oleg Surganov threatened from 3 to 6 years of detention. In the past he has been twice convicted, and this incident was regarded as a recurrence of a criminal offense. Therefore, the prosecutor asked to plant Oleg Surhan for 3 years in a strict regime colony, — the press-service of "Young Belarus".



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