One of the myths Russophobic

GCAP-known poetess shestidesyatnitsy comprador-in pseudo-intellectual circles in Moscow and Leningrad, was quite popular aphorism: "Russia — the thousand-slave." "Deepen" as aforesaid thesis "naiprodvinuteyshie" from "superintendents of perestroika" (can not remember which of them first) — A. Yakovlev and Yuri Afanasiev, "Russia — millennial paradigm of unfreedom."

What Pskov Veche Republic? It existed from the middle. 13th and early. 16th century inclusive!

I'm not a big fan of the parliamentary system. Right after all old Polybius (2. BC. E.): "In different historical circumstances, be fair (and best, we might add), the various forms of government." However, if you stand on the advocates of eligibility of all things, the Pskov was the most democratic country of the Middle Ages.

And the Lord Novgorod the Great (1136 — 1478 gg.) On the "degree of popular sovereignty," he was not inferior to the modern Western "patrician republic": Florence, and Venice Genuezskoy. Nor Grad-over-ilmenite (and his "fifths", of course) was superior to all three geographically listed Italian state (at the time of their heyday) combined!

Or what! Serfdom in Great lasted a thousand years?

No! Council Code of 1649 this form of feudal dependence approved, and the government of Alexander II in 1861 was canceled. Total — 212 years. In the same series rigid form kreposnichestvo functioned even less. Only 83 years old! With the "feudal" order of Peter I (1712 — 1714 gg.) And 1797 (restriction Paul I corvee work 3? Me for days, a sharp decline in the landed capabilities to implement the deed of sale dependent peasants and neck. Other activities "king- Master ").

In Russia has never been (unlike France) "The right of the wedding night to the lord." There was in Muscovy and the Russian Empire, of all forms of landlord court (and even more so — the death penalty) over his (as in Poland) serfs. In England, Germany, France, Italy serfdom operated many hundreds of years. German and Czech village was also serfdom still again. In the XVI — XVII centuries.

Diskhronnost well above the vicissitudes of feudalism isscherpyvayusche due to external geopolitical differences in the history of Russia and the West. Europe.

One thing is certain! The Great — the most freedom-loving (no wonder Allen Dulles in 1946 called us the most rebellious people) from all major severoevropeoidnyh (British, "Yankee", Russian and German) ethnic groups. White Americans (in this context) can not brag about the fact that in the young history of the United States was not serfdom. And the British, and German ancestors "Yankees" (and it is up to 80% of their ethno-forming component) feodalizirovalis in time to complete (or even beyond that!) Program.

And not a mythical servility, namely Scythian and Sarmatian (a Scythian-Sarmatians — one of the 4, along with the Slav-Wends, Balts and Finns, the main elements of the genesis of our nation) a tendency to riot and do a disservice to the Russian people in the twentieth century . Dashing its geopolitical efforts in World War I, denying not only the laurels of the winner, but even cutting the territorially. Then allowing the same to steal it (the Russian people) the fruits of success in the global-death struggle against fascism. With even greater (than after the "imperialist slaughter") reduction environment of Russian statehood.

So the myth of servility Russian is not just invalid, but the offensive! As if the Germans declare lazy and white Americans — low-growing nation. Yes, there are among the Teutons grimmovskie "lazy Heinz" and among the "Yankees" — Jack London's "kids", and among Russian — Tolstoy "Platosha Karataeva" (although we are more typical Fedor Dolokhov and Tikhon Shcherbaty!). The real etnotipy the average of the three nations — opposite the specified characters.

And if k.-l. "Thinkers" (or plain "paper-maraka") journalistically "pedaliruet" inaccurate and, simultaneously, offensive information about a particular people, any patriot may attract legal liability (voluntarily or not!) Liar. And avtorsha aphorism "Russia — the thousand-slave" and formulyatory thesis "Russia — the millennial paradigm unfreedom" subject to trial.

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