Orthodox culture — in schools, the Bologna system — in high schools

Professor of Philosophy: … Barbara, Celarent, Darii, Ferio, Baralipton and so on.

Mr. Jourdain: No, that's too fancy words. No, the logic does not suit me. Better something attractive.

Moliere. Bourgeois nobles

If the Bolshevik slogan of the famous delete comma, you get something like that, which regularly require tired diversity of life of pupils and students: "Study, study and study!" It is more beautiful if it sounds at the appropriate time. Leto: Students on leave and teachers — in the mode of "standby". Only statesmen in these times of general raznyavolenastsi care about education. Recently, the head of the country's surprise decision to join almost all of the Bologna process. Whoever advocates of European values could hope for such an inversion? And rejoice now?

The Bologna process is as neutral as a phenomenon. His goal, as you know — the integration, with no clear economic or political meanings. Even his critics are not against the basic principles — the only question is how dastasovvaetstsa system to local conditions. For example, in Spain, the students confront the new academic system, because it is combined with the privatization of institutions, in Russia conscious teachers at all alarmed — they are well aware of their employees and are waiting for the indirect abolition of free education. Most of the countries affected by the processes and the satisfaction is silent.

In the Belarusian soil skeleton of the European system also has acquired a local "meat." It will be interesting to observe how careful studiozusy will earn "credits" on the subject of "state ideology" and what new tools for editing deviyantav enter into use and that will last with the odious "distribution." After all, we can get just renovated in the police.

It should therefore be pay attention for another, really epochal education news. On the first of September, students will be able to study the Belarusian Orthodox Church, not only in the Sunday schools. Electives "Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture" will appear in the usual ten-year government. Why orthodoxy? When there was a survey of parents? Can be avoid activities? — These questions are natural, I suppose, until hang in a noble irresponsibility.

Risky step: even more concerned about the religious and Russia * input agriculture was accompanied by serious controversy and excitement, and in Belarus still remember the bad story with the abolition of the subject of "World Art". It seems that allegedly occurred very strange "cultural exchange" and it may seem to many neravnavartym. While the unknown is the number of training hours and the degree of voluntariness Orthodox upbringing, "elective" is an understandable concern. There are plenty to mitrenzhytstsa: now only a quarter of "orthodox" believe in the Second Coming, but it recognizes a third reincarnation; ** on sustainable trust in horoscopes and say no. The fall of their offspring for a surprise: they finally learn the religion to which formally owns the majority of Belarusian believers. Said fungi — that basket.

"Athens or Jerusalem?" — Took pick one Christian paradaksalist Tertullian referring secular and ecclesiastical. Our management vhitraetstsa wriggle out of any ultimatums, often at the cost of tasteless eclecticism. Combined in the same state ideology of "conservatism" with "liberalism." Here we have, and will include a primary school — with the addition of conservatism above — liberalneyshaya.

* According to the data center of Gallup.
Beznyuk DK ** The religious situation in Belarus (Experience of complex details) / / Sociology. 2003. Number 2.

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