Oscar Pistorius — Blade Runner.

Limitless reserves of human energy, the main thing — do not give up!

South African runner Oscar Pistorius, for the first time in the history of participating in the Olympics, finished second in the prosthesis in place both feet, going into the semi-finals of the competition in the 400 meters in London.

Watch Oscar Pistorius — Blade Runner

At 25 years old four-time Paralympic champion sprinter became the first cyborg, admitted before the performance at the Olympics. Pistorius output at the start of the London Olympic stadium greeted with a standing ovation.

The athlete ran the distance in 45.44 seconds, losing just four tenths of a second winner — Lugelinu Santos of the Dominican Republic. Stadium literally bellowed, greeting output runner-cyborg in the semi-finals — the result of such a powerful audience of him is clearly not ozhidali.Sprinter not hide his excitement after the Olympic competition.

"I do not know to cry or rejoice. It was such a mixture of emotions. Many thanks to all who supported me. Many thanks to my family, I saw my grandmother in the crowd, it was an amazing experience. Spectators amazing. So many times I was running in the UK, it is for me now like a second home "- quoted Pistorius BBC.

Economics student at the University of Pretoria Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius was born on November 22, 1986 in the capital of South Africa. Due to birth defects tibia in his 11 months amputated both his legs.

The boy's parents put a lot of effort to get their son has not lost faith in life, made for him a special prosthesis, which he learned to walk, run and even climb over fences. Thanks to a specially made in 2005 in the United States a new carbon fiber prostheses cost about three thousand dollars, he has found new motivation and began to achieve outstanding results.

25-year-old athlete, who was nicknamed "Blade Runner," in 2008 won a case in the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which gave him the right to take part in the Olympic Games and World Championships along with healthy athletes, despite the prohibition of the International Association of Athletics Federations, which believed that the prostheses give Pistorius an advantage over conventional runners.

Scientists estimate that by dentures from his result in the 400m should subtract 10 seconds for it to be comparable with the results of the athletes without disabilities. The debate over whether Pistorius help carboxylic prostheses have been caused by the special properties of this material and do not cease until now. Pistorius at the London Olympics will also take part in the 4×400 meters relay.


Never give up!
Moreover, this amazing man also dances!

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