Over Argentina flying fiery meteor or UFO (plus two videos)


Local people in Argentina have been scared to death traversing a meteorite or a UFO. Thousands of people in the night from Sunday to Monday witnessed fly by car.

The unusual phenomenon was seen in six Argentine provinces of Córdoba, Santa Fe, La Riha, Tucumán, Chaco and Santiago de Estero.

Heavenly body which flew with a flash in the sky, was filmed by one of the concerts in the open air

The head of the Observatory Santa Fe Jorge Coghlan said that the celestial body that is so afraid of the local people in diameter may be only 20 centimeters.

He argues that the emergence of the car was destroyed at an altitude of 45 — 100 miles and it's all accompanied by a bright flash of light and thunder. And that is why, according to Coghlan, he was seen in several provinces of Argentina.

Video surveillance cameras are very similar to those in Chelyabinsk, when there flying meteorite. This is a very bright flash

As they say eyewitnesses of what happened, the fireball could be seen with 3.15 on 3.30 am local time. According to them, at this point in the street was light.

Originally was a bright flash of light, then the light turns green, then white again. After flashing fireball appeared and after a few seconds there was the sound of the explosion.

In the local social networks, this phenomenon has become the most discussed topic.

According to media reports

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