Pay taxes and die quietly

"Inevitably, only death and taxes"
Benjamin Franklin

As a child, we laughed at the incredible tax on rain, snow, hail, and even the air is introduced by Prince Lemon of "Adventures Cipollino." However, adult life convinces us that the fantasy of modern legislators involved taxation, much richer than the storytellers …

Tax on rain

When there is no money, the authorities are beginning to look for new ways to replenish the coffers. And Lithuania, alas, is no exception. In September, as soon as the rainy season, the authorities in search of Klaipeda patches emaciated city treasury decided to impose a tax on … rain.

The locals thought it was a joke, but it was not. It turned out that the money in the budget to repair storm sewer is not there. Here is the City Council and offered to pay the water utility expenses by residents. Or dispose of rain water on their own — who as it can. According to officials, rain water getting into the general sewer system reboot treatment. Therefore, citizens must build for ourselves a system of rainwater harvesting. If not, they have to pay tax for that rain water flows into municipal sewers.

Know-how from the authorities residents of Klaipeda port received with sad irony and asked officials not to hesitate and to tax the waves, pigeons sitting on the balcony, the wind and snow. And why not?

Some residents of Klaipeda seriously going to move away from the resort town, inland. In the eastern and southern regions of Lithuania precipitation half, and the officials did not fancy so rich.

Salt tax …

At different times … was introduced into China, France, India, Russia. And each time it led to salt riots and uprisings.

Whether the authorities of Latvia poorly taught in school history, or decided to ignore its lessons, but these days they are seriously announced their intention to introduce a tax on salt, and sugar. A medieval — you say. But officials need to introduce such a tax was explained exclusively care for the health of the nation. They say, "white death" and "sweet death" is also harmful to the human body, like cigarettes and alcohol.

Tax on shadow …

… Was introduced in Venice in 1993. It must pay the owners of street restaurants, cafes and shops — in short, all those who have special tents or umbrellas. According to the law, they are paying for the fact that most of these shade umbrellas falls on public land. That's interesting, on cloudy and rainy days, restaurateurs are exempt from taxes?

However, the government of Venice do not see anything funny about this tax. So after six years, they have introduced another "miracle tax" — on the toilet. All passengers were required for each visit to a public toilet to pay 1,000 lire. For local residents were provided a lower rate of 500 pounds. The most interesting is that the government is even a special ticket to public toilets — a week, a month, a year or three.

However, there is not anything new Venetians invented. Such a tax invented Vespesian Roman emperor, who ruled in the 70s AD. He built for his soldiers collective urinals in the streets of Rome and began to take with them on the departure tax natural needs. When the son of Vespasian began reproaching her father for what he makes money on human urine, the emperor made his sacramental phrase: "Money does not smell!"

Water tax

How would you react if one day you are asked to pay tax on the water that you drink every day? You think this is funny? Actually not really, because going to introduce such a tax in Russia. And made this extraordinary offer, former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. In all seriousness, he proposed to tax office workers Emptied of water. Depending on the amount of water you drink, each employee had to pay a percentage of their salaries to the state treasury. Well, in Russia to introduce a tax on drinking water still change their minds. Office workers can breathe easy.

Tax on cow farts

But perhaps the most ridiculous tax — a tax on cow farts, which in 2008 was in Estonia. Everyone knows that this country is non-industrial and do not pollute the atmosphere. However, when the representatives of the international community began to actively fight against the greenhouse effect, Estonians decided to join them. To prove that they are full and active participants in the global atmospheric pollution, the Estonian parliament taxed owners of cows for what Cows during their life in the Earth's atmosphere emit methane. True, there is the question of why tax levied cows, not horses, pigs and other animals? Possible before they are simply not reached the turn.

Dog Licence

Employees of the financial management of Stockholm not envy. Every night they have to bark at the door of houses irresponsible citizens. And all in order to bring back the barking dog, which hides the owner to avoid paying tax.

Tax on dogs exist in many European countries. In Sweden, for example, its size depends on the growth of the dog, and in Norway — the length. Therefore, the Swedes usually give birth to squat taxes and Norwegians — dogs dlinnolapyh "compact" breeds.

Austrian masters balls a year ago ordered arrange for their pet insurance policies. Now everyone is born puppy cost to the owners of 725 euros. A future payment and the cost of treatment of the poor, who fall into the teeth of dog. Dog breeder who evade payment of insurance risk to be fined 3,5 thousand euro.

The Dalai Lama was cunning …

In the early twentieth century mountain stronghold of Vajrayana Buddhism was an underdeveloped agricultural country. Emptied the state treasury every year, but because of taxes in Tibet it was decided to impose virtually all aspects of the subjects of the Dalai Lama. From now on, people were paying fees for weddings and funerals, the birth of children and maintenance of animals, planting trees, public dances, for playing the drums and bells. Even the imprisonment and liberation from it included charges in the state. In the fall of 1926 for the maintenance of the army of the Dalai Lama in Tibet has introduced a tax on the ears. Those who have lost one ear in a fight, then first felt lucky, because they are paid to the Treasury only half the amount.

TAX silicone breast

American porn star Mary Carey participated in the election for governor of California, won by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and scored more than 10 thousand votes, which allowed her to enter the top ten list of 135 candidates. During the campaign, Mary Carey proposed a tax on silicone breast to cope with the budget deficit.


Belgian authorities have introduced an annual capital tax on windows, for which color, waiting for customers, prostitutes in the quarter "red light" (3100 dollars for each display case). Toiler sex said they will appeal the decision in court.

And pray quietly …

German court upheld the right of priests to excommunicate members for non-payment of church tithes.

In the personal tax map of German citizen letters RK stands for "Roman Catholic." So, the church relies its share. Want to pay much more. Someone even wrote to the court that he no longer believes in God.

"Personally, I'm on the paper out of the church and do not pay church tax. Do not like being forced. If I come with my family to the church for the service, I make a donation, "- says a Catholic Helmut Forberg.

Now these apostates will draw out. The priest explained to him that in the event of non-payment of the tax would not allow him to communion, and that he now can not be the godfather, confession and even now takes no part in the life of the Catholic Church. The priest also has the formal right to deny defaulters in the funeral and burial on church land.

It would seem that the church tax, there is also a long time ago and there are people who do not pay. Why is now such harsh measures? The famous German theologian came to court with a dangerous for the Catholic Church in Germany, the statement that even the delinquent can be a good Catholic. After getting into heaven does not depend on the tax payments. All waited for the verdict. But the court did not support the theologian.

By the way:

— In Egypt, each dancer officially registered to pay taxes. Annual revenues from belly dancing estimated 264 million dollars.

— In the Chinese town of Tianjin for cohabitation without marriage certificate in love have to pay $ 120 a year.

— And how do you "tax on the world" that exists in the Republic of Guinea? For each year without war conjured by Governments to 700 francs per person.

— In Austria, the skiers must at every downhill pay special gypsum tax, the proceeds of which are transmitted Austrian clinics. According to conservative estimates, in the Austrian Alps each year about 150 thousand skiers are injured, the treatment of which is spent 1 billion shillings.


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