Peach Lake (Pitch Lake) — asphalt lake!

Our amazing planet has a lake, where there is no fish. And bathe in it is simply impossible. According to this body of water is simple stroll on foot. And it is, indeed, true. Unique lake is named Peach Lake. It is located in Venezuela on a romantic island of Trinidad, and this is nothing but a tank in which there is a natural asphalt.

Such "bitumen lake" is practically endless. Its area is about 40 hectares. In some places, the depth of this amazing body of water can be as high as 80 meters. And the main feature of the Peach Lake — is its contents: liquid asphalt. Its reserves are in this place, scientists estimated in 6000000 tons. From the lake every year is produced about 50,000 tons of asphalt. It all goes to export. And if at the same pace and production will go on, then after four centuries of Peach Lake is nothing left.

The lake is constantly tourists come. Especially in these delights the opportunity to walk around the lake without any consequences. The more so that the surface of Peach Lake is incredibly strong and can easily withstand even an adult. Though outwardly lake is not something beautiful and attractive, but here nature has tried to decorate it. Here and there on the islands of land in the middle of the lake grow small trees.

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