Perhaps, in Russia gave the go-ahead to replace Lukashenko


Young people: "Big politics — it was and is, that whatever they say. We all see what is really going on. Here in the press, they have to press the corresponding application. But at the highest level do not want to quarrel, to show it all . "

Man: "In Belarus and Moscow were always strained relations historically. Overall, we are completely different people. And I think the only thing that we have a lot of this union will not work. We need to live the mind, their work, and then everything will be fine. And not hope for Russia is, I think so. "

Woman: "Everyone from my point of view, as they say, sends the information to which it may be interesting and interested people. And we have our own opinion …"

Mister-Russian: "We think that there is no war, that all will be well and politicians treat each other well, despite the fact that someone in the media says something … It's okay, we in Belarus, we all like it we from Tula. " (The film "The Godfather" on NTV they were not looking.)

Man: "Probably in Russia gave the go-ahead to replace Lukashenko, that's all. Earlier visual signal was not, and now given. Channel by itself will not solve anything, let alone this movie, and settled in the upper echelons. Whom they are scheduled — is unknown, but that they were tired of Lukashenko — it's so … We have such good people, I do not think that they should lead the people, who "grew up on Bykov's poems," you know? "

Man: "I feel like such well-known politicians such as Presidents of Belarus and Russia, their private affairs, relationships are finding out personal ambitions. Anything else is not here."

Man: "Russia wants to ensure that Lukashenko is not elected president, this is their main idea … Let someone unwind, decent candidate in Belarus and will show it even for the same Russian. But do not tell me the name — who among us can people for a couple of months to dial in popularity? What to do? Therefore, the information war will be. "

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