Personal doomsday

Only 4 days left before the date of 21.12.12 , and the latest news about the end of the world continue to appear every day. Someone buys carefully preserves and candles, someone buys a place in the bunkers, and someone changes the place of residence, trying to climb the-above. One thing is clear: the situation is heating up and the people around go to the extreme limit, when the nerves just can not stand.

Apocalyptic psychosis syndrome.

In Russia it came to the point that with soothing statements to this effect acted as many officials. Some MPs called on the media not to write on this topic, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov "canceled" end of the world.

And the head of Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko said that rumors about the apocalypse adversely affect the health of Russians: "There are no objective grounds for such allegations is not … It's a direct impact on people's health. When you depress and say that less than a month is over, there are many people who believe in it »( In fact, in November, in a women's correctional facilities Primorye women had a mass hysteria about the end of the world.

Another incident occurred in the town of Omutninsk in the Kirov region. In mid-November, most of the draw of the newspaper "Omutninskoye conduct" under the heading "Rest" on the last page instead of the crossword puzzle was published the article "A Tibetan monk made a statement to NASA about the end of the world." Two days after the publication in many shops in the city ran out matches and candles, it was bought up huge amounts of salt, sugar, canned goods, kerosene and oil lamps!

Aside from seasonal floods in some regions of Kazakhstan in recent years, our country bypass the major natural disasters. Perhaps that is why we have not seen like much excitement on the subject of the apocalypse. However, since the end of November in Almaty rumors are not the end of the world, and the devastating earthquake in the southern capital. Accustomed to such rumors Almaty citizens in the wake of the apocalyptic syndrome are also preparing for the end of the world, buying essentials.

When at the end of November, I went to the bank to pay for public services, was surprised: the hall was almost empty. Always — winter and summer — at the end of the month was a crowded place. After a while, my surprise gave way to disappointment: the people have decided to postpone the payment of rent, taxes and penalties. We know that the local newspaper "Time": "In Kazakhstan's largest city apocalypse can occur at any time, without notice of ancient civilizations" — then why pay someone?

If the Mayan priests in their calendar does not give any information about disasters, our "priests" of science provide information not only on the nature of the apocalypse in Almaty, but his exact description. In the role of the predictor and the savior of the city was made the head of the Center for Biophysical Environment Victor Inyushin. "The impact force 8-10 metropolis will not stand, I'm sure Victor Inyushin. "When the epicenter of the strike is right in town, just fall on one side of the building — says the scientist. — We have, I think, the new homes will fall apart, and the old will fall. Because everywhere stretched gas pipes will start fires. Some people will die under the rubble, still part of the burn. Because of the huge number of cars in the city will rise a huge traffic jam. Rescue workers from other cities can not help you. They just do not get into the affected area — the roads are blocked. Wires and trees interfere with normal flying helicopters, and few have such equipment. So I am convinced that a competent organize a rescue operation in Almaty is simply impossible. The idea is that we need to come to the aid of specialists from other cities in Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. It will take 3-4 days at least to the work began. Thousands of people are under the rubble just does not exist a doge ¬ assistance "(Michael Kozachkov. Spas — no!" Vremya ", 22.11.2012).

A careful reading of the article it appears that Victor Inyushin, but describes the possible consequences of the devastating earthquake in the southern capital, does not expect it — not the date of the "end of the world." Thus, the famous scientist like disclaims any responsibility for the disaster forecast, which so vividly described. After all, says the professor of the consequences of 8-10 magnitude earthquake — thus it allows him the opportunity. In the context of Article cataclysm could happen in the near future, at any time.

Doctor of biological sciences Victor Inyushin long was forecast seismic activity in Almaty. In particular, in 2008, predicted: "In 2009, the shake will be on a solid" four ", and in 2010 — at the three-spot, well then 7 points. And this is just the beginning, because the beginning of the year with increasing seismic activity, which can last up to 20-30 years "(Anna Goncharova. PREDICT — to believe. Express K, 24.10.2008).

That is, projected Inyushin now it's time to talk about the 8-10 magnitude earthquake. In addition, the professor did not just forecaster, but the savior of Almaty — it has a "sinks earthquakes." "According to the scientist, if the government approved the establishment of the required number of converters, for the implementation of the project will need from year to year and a half. Victor Inyushin sure that seismic activity in Almaty will grow for two to three years. During this time, you need to have time to prepare "(Rustem Lobster. Airbender. Express K, 26.05.2011). The project cost about 200 million tenge.

By the way, the so-called converters Inyushin earthquakes are also useless and unscientific as it forecasts. They have experienced a confirmation of what Kazakh Emergencies Ministry said: "For the assessment of an experiment without fail the following rules apply: the experiment must be reproducible and should have a unique interpretation" (Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan scientists have criticized the invention. 31.05.2011, Tengrinews. kz).

For the professor does not matter that his predictions did not come true — it was not the same "well then: 7 points," as there was no increase in seismic activity in 2010. Inyushin paramount to increase the degree of apocalyptic psychosis population Almaty to wave at him to raise his value as a forecaster, seismologist and push through their plans for saving the city. And for this congenial selected time — a month before the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar!

Project New Vasyuki in Kapshagai

Inyushin would not be Inyushin if not offered to rescue projects Almaty from imaginary dangers and inflates itself. "We have 15 years of talking about what should be placed in Kapshagai major rescue squad — says professor of biophysics. — In addition, there is need to build a balloon station. Scores of airships can be used for evacuation, and removing debris. Of course, this is an expensive and a bit fantastic idea. But it comes to saving thousands of lives. In case the balloons arrive in Almaty for an hour and even withdraw from the onslaught of the elderly and children "(Savior — not!).

This idea is very expensive and is fantastic. After 30 years of the last century, the construction and operation of the airship fell into disrepair due to their high cost and bulkiness — what are some hangars for them. They are mostly used for advertising. Only recently are working to improve them, and practical applications. However Inyushin fantastic idea lies in the fact that there is no need airships — if they wanted to Almaty will not be strong earthquakes.

Bioenergetics of Almaty Galia Kerey which works on the basis of information from space on Climate Change, commented, forecasts and projects Inyushin: "In the last decade, is a radical change of climate which is changing not only the nature of natural disasters, but also the geography of their distribution. Kazakhstan is under the protection of higher powers, so in our country there are great natural and man-made disasters. For 20 years the Supreme Powers major faults in the Almaty region "protection." In recent years there has been a lot of small earthquakes: they "sew up" faults, and their situation has changed for the better. Small "ripple" shocks indicates neutralization of previous outbreaks. If it is composed of new seismic zoning map of Almaty, the old tectonic faults they find — they're gone. Converters ("sinks money") Inyushin — not a harmless project. Huge 20-30-ton installation, for example, irritate the earth's surface, re-creating the faults that are already "closed", not to mention their futility and 'buried' finances. In a series of articles we wrote about the impossibility of the devastating earthquake in Almaty due to the lack of faults, so there is no need and airships. "

Our seismologists, scientists must take responsibility for their failed predictions for their fantastic projects — at least to retire without the right to work in this area. If you have to calculate the risks that caused Inyushin information about the devastating earthquake, there will be an occasion for the other claims. In particular, there is the question of the possible economic responsibility for blowing the apocalyptic psychosis: how many unpaid utilities, taxes, fines, wages and other payments, unnecessary and costly training of the population to the "end of the world", absenteeism, etc. Not to mention the increase in the number of mental disorders, neurosis, depression, hasty move from Almaty, etc.

Incidentally, the deputy head of the Emergency Situations Department of Almaty Yuri Ilyin and Seismology Institute proposed to criminalize the dissemination of rumors about the devastating earthquake in the southern capital.



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