Peru. The village of Pisac in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Peru. The village of Pisac in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Incredible megalithic complex with numerous terraces, megaliths and mystery of creation of this miracle. This article presents the photos and videos, as well as traveler's diary.

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It is located not far from Cusco, just over 30 km, if we move to the north-east. It is located in the Vilcabamba mountain range and has been an important place for the Incas, because from the heights of the city you can see all the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

I note that the Incas had built architectural feature of the city on the basis of figurative sketches of animals, thus Pisac was built in the form of partridges, just translated the name of the city from the Quechua language. Honestly, standing on top of a hill and despite being brought before the eyes of the ruins, I do not see any bill of partridges. :) Maybe because, over time, the walls of the fortress were destroyed and therefore the current view of Pisac is different from the original …

Like any self-respecting "tourist Mecca" in Pisac is a legend ;) It tells the story of how a beautiful princess named Inkil by the will of the oracle was to marry a man who would be able overnight to build a bridge to the local river . Despite the difficulty of the job, a great noble Asto Rimac accepted the challenge and asked the hand of the princess. And when the dawn Asto Rimac finished with the work, Princess Inkil up the hill, she was not allowed to turn around, but she turned around and turned to stone. With the construction of the stone city.

The beauty of its walls, built with the help of huge megaliths, polished with extraordinary symmetry and unusual engraved leave a deep sense of respect for the creators of this centuries-old city …

In addition to walls, terraces lead to the delight of Pisac or platform on which the Incas farmed by looking at them you can easily see how the ancient people have solved the problem of agriculture in the hills.

This extraordinary city can get to know the most magnificent culture of South America, whose work still lead to shock and awe the millions of tourists who have visited once by those noble lands …


Pisac. Peru. Sacred part

Pisac, Peru, the sacred spring

Pisac, Peru, the sacred spring

Pisac. Peru. Around Intiuatana

Pisac. Peru. Type both sides

The outer wall of the complex of Pisac


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