Pilot-Cosmonaut Leonov: Authorities destroyed the training of pilots and now wish to hire guest workers heavenly

Pilot-Cosmonaut Leonov: Authorities destroyed the training of pilots and now want to hire guest workers heavenlyDoubts about the capacity of the Russian Federation foreigners remain a global aerospace favorites, recently re-aggravated the start salon in Farnborough, it seems, are not without foundation. Russian pilots have complained that the government systematically destroying the branch, to create 10's years. There are even doubts will soon come to the point in space will send guest workers. But the country still needs astronauts — gallakticheskie troubles have proved that automation is not able to change the person.

The system of training pilots, engineers and professionals by the Military Space Defense was virtually destroyed. Such a world view expressed in an interview, "the Metropolitan Komsomolets" twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General Aviation pilot-Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov. According to well-known member of the first group of astronauts, the Ministry of Defense made a mistake, virtually eliminating several renowned flight school.

— The Commission of the Public Chamber: Russian Aircraft "killed without a single shot"

"It was not a very harsh decision. Upstairs, apparently, know better — put the puzzle to simplify the scheme, to reduce the cost of maintaining the 2-academies" — commented Leonov union Academy. Zhukovsky Air Force Academy. Gagarin. According to him, the translation of Zhukovsky Academy in Monino entailed the elimination of the material and technical base of educational institutions: for laboratories and numerous simulators in suburban buildings Academy Gagarin had no place. And it was not for the teachers — living space is not allocated to doctors, and they were required for several hours a day to go to work on the trains. "How to carry the teaching laboratory and research base Zhukovsky Academy, which was created 90 years? It's unreal," — says Leon.

According to him, the decision to evict the Academy of Moscow could stand Ministry of Money: People tried to resist the move, wrote letters to the Minister of Defence to halt the destruction of the Academy of Zhukovsky. And during that period someone dug an Kudrin, where he writes that the room that held the Academy of Zhukovsky, pass the money to the Ministry of founding the treasury of service. "

Further pilots realized another blow. In July 2011, when the merger academies at the very least coming to an end, the Defense Ministry issued an order to transfer the preparation of students at the Air Force Academy. Zhukovsky and Gagarin VAIU — Military Aviation Engineering Institute in Voronezh. With all this Academy Zhukovsky as an independent institution should be abolished. After which it was clear all the spices — aircraft engineer in training, pilots in Russia given up, says "MK". Teach someone to criteria such unreal, well, some teach — most of the faculty members refused to move to Voronezh. Come on, according to Leonova of only 17 and a half thousand people.

"If we do things well and will go on, some will soon be flying," — concludes cosmonaut.

In the astronauts had to write the psychologists and the homeless

The decision of the Defense Ministry, says Leonov, tried to resist, but the Defense Ministry responded that the decision to merge was justified and the elimination of "reduction of personnel for the training of the respective officers, and periods of study."

"Just a moment, but since when the country abolished the lack of flight and engineering personnel? And what was necessary to reduce the training time left?" — Outraged Leonov. He cites the example of the United States, where, according to the pilot, there is a good system of training pilots, there is a large reserve in store, ready after training rather short transfer to the modern fighter. Well, there is high prestige profession. According disk imaging Leonova, when NASA announced an open set of astronauts statements filed about 6 thousand people.

Roskosmos at the end of last year, too, announced a call for volunteers to fly to the moon. Signed, says Leonov, only 304 people. "The pilots were there — one, two and miscalculated … But come humanists, psychologists have even been homeless" — told astronaut.

With all of this in his disk imaging, the State Duma seriously discusses the hiring zabugornyh pilots. After all, once a year requires a lot of pilots on the aircraft Airbus A320, Airbus A330 and the Superjet. So we cosmonauts before we reach migrant workers, said, "MK".

We do not own astronauts home

According to the views of Leonova, people feel like power refers to the astronauts — none of yore attention and respect on the part of the country. On this day in the astronaut training center (CTC) in constant readiness is 31 astronaut, six of them — the crew commander, Heroes of Russia. All the kids, years of military service, but most do not even have their own homes.

"Once the CPC was reincarnated from a military unit in the federal state economical institution, we started a real mess …. The Ministry of Defence we are not required to provide us with apartments in no hurry to retire from the Air Force … if you want to stay in gallakticheskoy industry. If you would like to expect Apartments (and many years of service to the remains of 5-8 years), separate from the training center for astronauts and will be seconded to Siberia or to the Far East, where, maybe later and get their long-awaited rules. imagine the situation? " — Commented, "MK" on the criteria of anonymity pilot of the astronaut corps.

"If, and to the" Phobos-Grunt "was an astronaut, he would have found a way out"

After the failure of the mission "Phobos-Grunt" is meant to explore Mars until only with other countries. But for the moon Roskosmos wants to take on the full, as stated in the draft "Strategy for the Development gallakticheskoy of 2030." During this period it is planned to perform a demo manned fly-satellite with the next landing astronauts on the surface and return them to Earth, and "exploitation of the moon's orbital base in the visited mode."

In general, the head of Roscosmos, Vladimir Popovkin noted that "the repeated success of the Yankees," we will not — just send people to the moon does not make sense. "First, there is planned to start a series of ships for various purposes, placed on the moon scientific equipment for the study of deep sky, and then, if necessary service that we will be transported to the moon, to send people there," — read Popovkin first year.

Leonov, in turn, hopes that the management of the country in the future will not reduce manned gallakticheskie applets. And, accordingly, will not be for the sake of the economy and the need to destroy the strange system of training pilots. Astronauts country needs, I'm sure Leonov.

"Let's start with the earthly problems that currently be successfully solved thanks to the people who are keeping watch on the orbit. Here, for example, lost in the sea herring iwashi. We put task: to find, for you also see everything from above. Neither the satellite does not give for you this disk imaging, as well as that there is oil in the area or not, "- says astronaut. Also, he said, scientists are able to conduct on-orbit experiments, researchers at the hard earth.

Well, most impor
tantly, said Leonov, the computer is not ready to change people: "We are sometimes sad joke: if and to the" Phobos-Grunt "was an astronaut, he would have found a way out of the emergency … Tasks for manned astronautics much. Need not go to extremes, all you need to develop moderately: and unmanned vehicles, and manned program from how it was in the years of Russian. "

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