Pink versicolor

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Pink lichen (Gibert's disease) — is common skin disease, a characteristic feature of which are scaly pink patches. It occurs at any age, but most often in young people.

The cause of pink lichen known — assumed the viral nature of the disease. Pink versicolor often develops in the cold, often in spring or autumn. In people with weakened immune systems disease may occur repeatedly.

What's going on?

The disease begins with the appearance on the skin of the trunk of a single large circular patches of pink color with a diameter of 2 cm or more (the so-called parent plaque), the central part of which gradually becomes yellow and starts to peel.

Usually after 7-10 days after the first spots appear on the skin of multiple oval pink spots diameter 05-1 see most abundant rash on the sides of the torso, back, shoulders. For lesions characteristic peeling spots in the center and the periphery — free from flakes of red border, causing stains become similar to the medallions. Some stains do not merge with each other.

Typically, patients are concerned only a little itchy. Duration of illness 4-6 weeks, followed by a rash spontaneously disappear.

If not properly treated — frequent washing, use of irritating skin means (ointments containing sulfur, tar, etc.), as well as increased sweating, and in individuals with allergic reactions rash may stay much longer.

Diagnosis andtreatment

The diagnosis is a dermatologist at survey, other research is needed.

Typically, disease resolves on its own without treatment. Patients should not take a bath (you can wash, but use of this mild detergent). Independently apply ointments and pastes should not be, this can lead to an even greater spread of the rash. In the period of the disease is not recommended to stay in the sun. Prohibited from wearing synthetic clothes.

In severe itching prescribed antiallergic and anti-inflammatory creams and ointments, or in batter (e.g. tsindol).

In rare cases, patients with lowered immunity or wrong treatment, possible complications of the disease with increasing temperature. Thus a physician can be further treated with antibiotics.

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