Pistols with the possibility of automatic fire VP 70

Pistols with the possibility of automatic fire VP 70
Continuing the theme of guns with the possibility of automatic fire will try to meet with another prototype tools, specifically gun VP 70, a native of Germany. Prerequisite for writing about this weapon, like a gun Leclair became a comment under the article about the gun, «dart», which had the opportunity to conduct automatic fire off in the three rounds. Pistol VP 70 is somewhat different from the models mentioned above, because in itself for itself gun can fire only a single lamp, but accession to the butt, has opened new abilities. But first things first.

Appearance guns quite fascinating. First, in the eyes throws disproportion arm and the rest of the gun, it seems that the handle is very narrow, and the gun is very heavy and large. In fact this is not so. Instrument is very comfortable when you hold and handle narrowing explained by the fact that even before the shutter release button has a portion of the frame where there is a button fuse. Button that can be taken for the magazine eject button is essentially a lock button Shutter button, the store also latched below the handle. Shutter button itself rather unusual form, but all this is very comfortable using guns hands protected by gloves. Placed in front of the trigger housing-bolt lock. Sights ordinary, unregulated consist of pillar and flies. Shutter housing has notches in its rarest sides, which provide a secure grip when chambering a cartridge in the chamber. The most exciting moment is that the gun has a plastic frame, and because at that time was to Glock, oh, how far. In general, this is not the first instrument with extensive use of plastics in construction. The design of the gun is obviously not enough of the slide stop that is immediately visible.

Gun was manufactured in 2-ways: plain-clothes without the ability of automatic fire and «cut down» housing-bolt capacity, as well as the army, which could lead automatic fire under the adjoint butt, as well as had a capacity of 18 rounds magazine. There is information that there was another version, without the ability of automatic fire, but with the usual capacity of the store. Weight unloaded gun was 820 grams. Length without gun butt 204 mm with butt — 545 mm. Barrel length 116 mm guns. Height pistol 142 mm, thickness 32 mm. Powered pistol cartridges 9×19.
Pistols with the possibility of automatic fire VP 70
Despite the fact that the instrument uses a relatively massive ammunition for his witty automatic blowback that is alarming in terms of reliability tools. In order to exclude the impact with the breech bolt, there is a small damper softening their interaction in the course of working shutter. The introduction of free shutter pistol ammunition under similar case is very rare, because a similar automation system significantly affects the durability of the gun. Yet, in order that it was possible at any time of the creation of large-scale deploy this instrument, it was decided to use a particular system. The trigger mechanism implements udarnikovy only double act, in other words the mainspring compression occurs during the shutter button is pressed a pistol. Pretty stiff release button affects the accuracy of fire, but, as noted by those who were fortunate to come across this tool, at distances up to 25 meters hit a man no problem. The trigger mechanism of the gun only double act has permitted to abandon the conventional system of protection from accidental discharge. In principle, one does not introduce into the design of any gun safety devices because stiff-release button is almost completely eliminates accidental discharge. Yet, push the fuse which covers the shutter release button has been installed.

As already mentioned above, in itself a gun for yourself does not have the ability of automatic fire, this option appears when you install the butt to arms, on which there is a switch fire mode with 2 positions: «single fire» and «automatic fire» cutoff for three cartridges. Because gun shop has a capacity of only 18 rounds, after 6 small bursts requires the substitution of the store and here just especially obvious lack of the slide stop. In the end, it was possible to make a more capacious store of automatic fire for, well, what about his knees arrow to beat, so not the first and not the last reference to the store, sticking halfway out of the handle.

By the positive features of guns can be attributed highest rate of fire of about 2200 rounds per minute, of course, that all three bullets at one point will not fall, but the impact of the recoil at this rate of fire does not manage to significantly affect. So when you hold the gun hard, at distances up to 25 meters all the bullets fall into enemy guaranteed.

Makes himself the butt of gun holsters function. Generally similar gun was created to frisky and indiscriminate weapons at least some of the population in which case the instrument. Normal in production, effective on small distances, this gun would do well as the temporary guns until the hands will not get a more effective benchmark more effective range. Notwithstanding, it was released only about 3,200 guns, then collapsed in the midst of creation was in 1989. This instrument is not widespread, as well as great fame, though even managed to fly on display in the movie «Aliens». I think this gun is very late with his appearance, because if he had created for 10-20 years before, he certainly would have received the most widespread. By the time of its creation sights on short-gun were several others, and even a lot of exciting solutions in the design tools could not bring it forward. Yet, on this gun were practiced some decisions in the next received wide distribution, for example plastic frame guns. So that the gun was made in vain and did not quite justify its development.
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