Places of power in Belarus (interview researcher S. Ermakov)

About the mysterious places of power that can nourish human life energy, is legendary in different parts of the globe. The consequences of such an impact and safety of communication with the subtle energies we are talking to the Russian expert, writer, researcher, geo-active zones Stanislav Ermakov.

Stanislav Ermakov:
'Altered states of consciousness arise even in the bus, when you go home from work and looking blankly out the window!
Staring, thinking — and here you are, you are in a trance

Stanislav Ermakov in the mid-1980s, as a specialist in the field of museums and preservation of monuments, closely engaged in studying geo-active zones. He has organized many expeditions to the "strange" places, places of power (from 1987). In 1992-1993 he was a member of the draft regulations on accounting for geopathic zones for the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation. Published several books, also on the subject. Has scientific work, lectures and seminars, including in Belarus. Ermakov now is vice president of the Russian Association "Ecology of the unknown," the editor messenger "Anomaly":

— The term "place of power"Came into wide circulation after us — first in samizdat, and then in the form of printing — there were notorious works of Carlos Castaneda. His coach used this phrase. Earlier in the European tradition is not such an expression existed.

— Today the whole, so to speak, anomalistike have a big problem, perhaps inherited from science. Knowledge began to split up into so many small areas that perhaps there is someone who lacks the "encyclopedic" track everything. As a result, someone discovers something unusual. But then it turns out that there is nothing extraordinary, but there has long understood, but in a completely different field of knowledge. It's like a UFO. In fact, any thing that anyone can see and can not immediately be identified, and there is a UFO. Until the moment of identification. And the more, the more "unique" cases publicized, promoted and so is questionable. The phenomenon exists. And that's what it really is? In each case may be different answers. And most of all — nothing abnormal, the miraculous is not detected. Alas … There is a strange, but not always abnormal.

— The above can be fully attributed to the places of power. Accumulated a certain number of stamps: conceptual, linguistic, and cultural. But is it worth to them something more than folklore? My current position on this issue is very tough and unromantic, in the sense that it is time once again as closely as possible to separate the wheat from the chaff. Now we need to rethink many, as many as the worst is … otherwise it will be not a science, and the intellectual (pseudo-intellectual), sorry, masturbation. Or verbiage. I do not know what power is. In a physical sense? In the mystic? But we're not talking about mysticism …

K:— Is there a map of places of power in Russia?

— Maps and there can not be. Within each cultural tradition, and every section of society will have its place something. There are untwisted anomalous zones. There is a special place, that is, that it is highlighted in the culture. There loci, where quite a regular occurrence of some interesting observations of phenomena. All of these areas of the earth surface is quite stable, and meet a number of sustainable features. Some of these symptoms is controversial, but when combined somewhere more than 2-3, have a chance to find a place that takes the name conventionally geoactive zone. In this case, the concept is somewhat broader than the geologists and geophysicists use because it includes a cultural, psychological, and sometimes psychophysical element.

Number of puzzles increases in direct proportion to the amount of information obtained

— In our view, geo-active zones (GAS) — the most common name of limited areas of the planet's surface, within which, in spite of similar climatic conditions, the character of the various physical processes differ from flowing out of these sites, and is expressed in a number of well-marked and statistically significant signs —continues Stanislav Ermakov. — The geology of the so called system of active faults (especially trans), or lineaments and associated zones of high permeability and stress of the crust. From my point of view, the gas directly linked to the so-called power frame of the planet. Its existence — until a hypothesis, but it is scientific, just a consensus has not yet been worked out.

K:Why in some geo-active zones erected temples and people feel fine, but in others — sick, hireyut die and places then call the damned, "black"?

— You are asked to only search for answers to the description that I fit into three rather big book. Number of puzzles increases in direct proportion to the amount of information received. Many of those who are often on the nature of duty or inclination of the heart, probably familiar wanton, apparently, fear, discomfort or anxiety that occurs at times on some meadow at the edge of the forest ravines, near a deserted lake or swamp and even the bare steppe. And if neuyutnost neighborhood with marsh can somehow explain, then the rest is more complicated. At the same time another unremarkable at first glance, the place evokes a feeling of elation, of lightness, euphoria.

— Today, few people are surprised by the news that even in the not so distant past, choice of location for the device or temple construction of the temple, of certain magical rites, bookmarks settlements, cities and even individual houses was carried out very carefully and are sometimes a very difficult act. When this does not always only the presence or, on the contrary, the lack of water sources, land suitable for processing or use as pasture, determined the choice. There were other, less obvious, but very significant attributes as a place well known to our ancestors, and firmly forgotten us in our headlong pursuit to subdue nature. It is guided by the experts and their keepers custom deciding where people settle, and where to pray, where to plant rye, and where to plant turnips. Then they cast aside, for trust sensations unscientific. A check or difficult, or impossible, but more need to think about what would be the criteria for the experiment …

— In some cases, the opinion of the quality of place at all is the result of ideological games. Change of power: he was good — was bad. The same thing here. Changing religion / ideology: the place / object were revered — were persecuted. And underneath it all fed the corresponding base. In life everything happens as often quite different.

— Something that is in places — quite an impersonal force, a combination of factors, not a special box or something third. You can spend quite a visual analogy to the traditional culture. In the beginning there was nothing, only chaos. Then the gods / spirits / ancestors / heroes began to organize the chaos. To establish a center to set a world axis, defined the boundaries of his and others … These mythical relics largely cause our sense of place and the idea of the place. If everything is ordered in accordance with our ideas and even unconscious demands, we will be good there. If not — will be illness, all sorts of other problems. Force can be organized in relation to us with plus and minus sign. This is for someone like, and — here's the paradox! — To a certain extent verifiable objective research. Take statistics: accidents on the roads, disease, destruction of buildings … put it on the geology, geo-botanical card … I can assure you, you will find many interesting things. True, it is necessary to take into account noise — bad production, the wind rose.

Altered states of consciousness arise even in the bus

K:If a person wishes to recharge your batteries in similar places, are there any precautions? And if people are not very stable psyche enter into altered consciousness? ..

— Altered states of consciousness arise even in the bus, when you go home from work and looking blankly out the window! Staring, thinking — and here you are, you're in a trance. So that it is not in the fortress mentality, and starting assumptions. We must start with thinking. If you walk / travel to some "interesting" place, not only for the fact that with him something to fuck, and to and something to give. Give, give … That is a question with regard to the process, and it is in irreconcilable conflict with the ideas of consumer civilization. Hence, perhaps, a lot of problems, simplify the subject of our conversation, profanity, if you want …

K:How did you feel in these places? What unusual feelings experienced? What surprised you?

— Sometimes it is surprising, and sometimes nothing. Is it not surprising to see the relic tundra mosses near Moscow? Or, say, compact growing Siberian plants? Where did they come here on this or on that meadow? Would not surprise any flying glowing balls? Also happens — and it happens. Or some detectable by instruments anomalies, which (according to the professionals, mind you) seems to be nowhere to take?
— Alas, the most surprising reluctance to notice the phenomenon. This becomes a problem. Definitely something to fit into the framework of the standard dogma. Yes Holy smoke, we may be wrong, but that stupid to close their eyes to the phenomenon! After all, he does not care for our opinion, it exists, leaving traces … The more you close your eyes, the more speculation. The less the truth.

By the way

Stanislav Ermakov'When I was in the Army (in the first half of 1980), according to his service had to deal with interesting documents and deeds. There he met an interesting person, we were friends for many years. Here he took me and some other friends and took in the summer of 1986 "to establish contact" with aliens and other things … drove near Moscow, but at that time it was still, in general, the wilderness. And there is something for all my skepticism and impenetrable at all critical of the company we have made a number of interesting observations. When processed film from something came into ecstasy and fell into a stupor. Ran over to the experts. At that time I was studying criminology, and one of my friends in the business of astrophotography. Never explained. But convinced that something exists. And, as expected, "hooked".

Interview by Alice Ksenevich

The newspaper "Observer", the heading "Beyond», № 37 (472).


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