Planet Ka PAX. Feature film

The film that everyone should have a dream, or else how to live in complete monotony. The only question is, who will drive a person to dream, fate in the form of another companion, or the circumstances that force to do what we could only dream of. Answer to this question is not who could not be reached, but if the game is Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges will make every viewer, to feel that a person's faith can do wonders, the authors have made their.

In Manhattan psychiatric institute brought a strange man in black glasses. He calls himself against it, and says that his homeland — distant planet Ka-PAX, where he immediately brought to Earth in a beam of light. Despite the best efforts of an experienced doctor Powell fails to solve the riddle of the mysterious patient who willingly and convincingly proves all its extraterrestrial origin and pre-fix the date of his return to the Ka-PAX. Soon, Mark Powell, and for failing to reveal the secret identity of his most amazing ward, begin to worry incredible, but obsession: perhaps Prot is not crazy, and his words are truth …

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