Planet X? It seems on the edge of the solar system discovered a new planet

May 24, 2012 0:36

Planet X

The planet is 4 times the size of Earth, may be on the edge of the solar system, beyond Pluto, according to a new study. Too far away, so it can be seen in ground-based telescopes, unseen planet capable of gravitational pull objects that pass beyond Neptune, helping to explain the unusual orbit of the bodies.

The discovery was made Rodney Gomes (Rodney Gomes), a famous astronomer of the National Observatory of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro.

Few years, scientists watched as a group of small icy bodies located in the scattered disk beyond Neptune's orbit deviates from the paths of motion around the Sun, expected in the calculations that take into account the gravity of all the known objects in the solar system.

However, when Gomez had the same calculation with the addition of a massive gravitational pull of the planet on the edge of the solar system, the orbits of anomalous objects coincided with observations.

At the same time, there are scientists who believe that the euphoria of the opening of the new planet prevents investigators nominate other really plausible explanation of trajectories of the bodies.

But in the end, all agree that the only way to confirm or refute these assumptions — to observe, observe and observe again.

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