The Polish Government announced its intention had spent 33.6 billion euros to build its missile defense system. A corresponding statement, as reported by Defense News, Minister of Foreign Affairs made Radoslaw Sikorski after a certain number of days after the U.S. refused to implement the European missile defense deployment step finish. This step, namely, involves placing interceptor missiles SM-3 Block IIB in Poland.
«Our state missile shield together with the elements of the South American shield, which will be located in our area in 2018 will be part of [missile] system of NATO,» — said Sikorski, adding that Poland will develop a «deterrent force», which is useful for buying missiles helicopters, armored personnel carriers, submarines, and drones. With all this, NATO, the minister of foreign affairs of Poland, remains the main guarantor of security in the country.
The program of creation of its missile defense system, as the formation of «deterrence» is designed for 10 years. When all this is still not clear whether the mentioned 33.6 billion euros spent on the creation of a missile defense system, or the government let these funds as the purchase of new weapons and military equipment. Previously, the need of creation of own missile shield said Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski.
In October 2012, the Polish authorities have announced that they want to invest from 10 to 14.1 billion zlotys (3,1-4,4 billion dollars) in the development of the U.S. European missile defense components. With all of this control state security bureau General Stanislaw Koziej said that specifically thanks to Invest Poland will be able to defend against missile blackmail by Russia.
According to the plan in effect before the U.S. government in Europe planned to build a powerful radar missile warning (he had to fit in the area of ​​Turkey), make points based frigates with SM-3 interceptor missiles in the Mediterranean, also arranged for 24 of the interceptor missile in Poland and Romania. In Poland, the missile would have to appear in 2018.
By the time the true in Poland were located only South American anti-aircraft missile complexes Patriot. Forming EuroPRO U.S. stated that it is designed to protect against missile attacks from Iran. In Poland, the anti-missile system called this method of protection from anger on the part of Russia. Last opposed the creation of the European missile defense, saying that the deployment of missiles in Europe seriously undermines the ability of Russian nuclear shield.

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