Police stopped the protest in Mogilev

July 24 was to be held in Mogilev rally "For free development of the Internet." A group of residents gathered to protest against the presidential decree № 60 "On the application of the Internet", which came into effect July 1.

On the square in front of the former building of the House of Culture and Leisure in the street Chelyuskintsev 64a came about 30 young people. A 17-hours they tried to start protest: Unfurled a banner "Freedom to the Internet", dressed in T-shirts crossed the figures of the sixties

At this point, they were approached by two police officers, one in civilian clothes, the other with a captain's insignia. The police demanded to stop the action, as the participants did not have her permission. 19-year-old Valentina Lobachova, which city council refused to hold a meeting in a different location — in the Soviet area of Mogilev — police officers accused of organizing an unsanctioned event and taken to the police station Leninsky district. In addition to the ticket a member of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, he was not in possession of the documents.


The dispersal of shares in a hurry policeman

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