Principles and mechanisms of juvenile justice — is a time bomb

Principles and mechanisms of juvenile justice - is a time bomb

Principles and mechanisms of juvenile justice — is a time bomb, even in such an advanced state legally, what is Germany. And you can expect from her problems, not only the family but also the social, political, religious

In the old debate on the implementation of juvenile justice in Russia unexpectedly intervened German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Threw the bowl arguments of those against the Justice acts decisively. Who considers it a serious threat to the country, to our culture and calls — quote — "reject juvenile technology as a phenomenon alien, pernicious and deadly for our state."

I will not yet say where citation better acquaint readers with other documents released at the end of May the Moscow Patriarchate. Under modest stamped "draft" and a low-key name "The position of the Russian Orthodox Church on juvenile justice" lies urging the public to reflect on what is happening. Document prepared a special commission under the chairmanship of Patriarch Kirill, and this fact alone makes it clear: the random words in the text do not.

And there are now, for example: "the creation of juvenile courts and children's justice infrastructure can lead to unnecessary government interference in the internal affairs of the family," which in turn "could lead to tragic mistakes, excesses, abuses, the victims of which will be in the first place themselves Children ", and" mentioned scenarios is particularly dangerous because it leaves room for corruption and bureaucratic arbitrariness. "

Carefully written, but that is really left. Juvenile justice — it is a legal space in which children's rights are valued above the rights of parents, the rights of the family, above cultural and religious traditions. Leaving the child without the sweet for a misdemeanor — so violated his rights, endanger his health. Brought to the doctor to remove the tonsils or adenoids — encroached on physical integrity. And if you make a child (even with his family) to observe Advent — worse. It is no accident reminds us of the Russian Orthodox Church that "there are based on the facts of life of citizens of some countries fear that the juvenile justice methods can be used to limit religious freedom."

It is no accident. In Germany, a recent case, intricately combining in itself the history of medical and religious: there is a child too, surgery was performed, but the body is even more delicate than the throat, — in short, be cut. Two days later the four patients from a Muslim family started bleeding, worried mother brought her son to the hospital, all ended well — and would have passed without a trace, if not for the juvenile justice system and its ministers from the prosecutor's office in Cologne, where everything is happening.

A baby? circumcision? a health hazard? — And the litigation began, first in the local court, and then to the Regional Court of Cologne. The final decision was impressed even Germany, to the juvenile justice system is already accustomed to, neither the parents' decision, or religious traditions, it turned out not be the basis for such a gross violation of the physical integrity of the child. Intentional bodily injury, criminal charges.

Blame for this and the doctor — it was not necessary to do the operation — and parents. They are all still at large, but who knows, maybe Cologne prosecutors did decide to, after such abuse of minors citizen people should be in prison.

Maybe even take away parental rights and the mother with the father.

However, there has already risen hype all over Germany — because, apparently, that in this country the conquest of juvenile justice is not all touches. Especially religious leaders were outraged, and united with the Muslims — does not happen often — issued and Jewish religious organizations, designed to undo the scandalous decision. Even the Human Rights Centre of Simon Wiesenthal, who works in the far from Cologne Los Angeles, did not stand aside: Angela Merkel appealed to the Bundestag and demanding legislation to guarantee the rights of Jews and Muslims to be circumcised, and said that such incidents could be a "blot on Modern Germany. "

After this, and heard the words of the Federal Chancellor, announced its official representative Steffen Seibert: "For circumcision is carried out in a responsible manner, there should be punishment. Everyone in the government is clear that we want to see in Germany normal religious life of the Jews and the Muslims. "

Crafty statement, of course: a remark about "in a responsible manner" betrays a desire to slip between Scylla and Charybdis, the rules of juvenile justice to honor and appease public opinion. Yet in fact this recognition: yes, the principles and mechanisms of juvenile justice — it's a time bomb, even in such an advanced state legally, what is Germany. And you can expect from her problems, not only the family but also the social, political and religious. "The phenomenon of alien, pernicious and deadly": remember the phrase in the first paragraph?

The lesson, in general, not only for Germany but also for us.

Quote is taken, by the way, speaking of indignant citizens Merkel, and from an open letter written to you by our fellow countrymen and with you about our country. Signature on the message sent to the Russian president, the prime minister and the two chambers of parliament in early July, put Vladimir Bortko Yunna Moritz, Natalia Narochnitskaya, Yuri Norstein and many other figures of Russian culture.

In their address to the harsh and such phrases are: "denunciations of parents — one of the most prominent, but not the only stumbling block, not giving our fellow citizens to take the juvenile system," "if, contrary to the opinion of the people, the new legislation will be introduced yet, this will massive reluctance to have children of our citizens, "" is actually something that appears under the guise of protecting children, is a rude, arrogant and unprecedented intrusion on the consequences to the family — this inner sanctum of any grade of society. "

Perhaps, and gush our creative citizens, but do not worry in vain. This is another story from Germany, some time ago has become public knowledge 15-year-old student from the Bavarian city of Nuremberg, who suffered from bullying by classmates, was unexpectedly taken under the protection of juvenile justice agencies. Except that for some reason have decided to protect him "from an authoritarian mother" — and accompanied by a police convoy was sent to the orphanage. Only a few months later his mother was able to secure the return of his son, to prove his innocence.

Pretty typical story in a country where, according to official figures for the year are removed from families of about 30,000 children and adolescents.

It is not a case where you want to live "as in Europe."

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