Procession of gays did not work

About 20 people were detained this evening near the building of the Presidential Administration of Belarus in Minsk. They are participants of the action dedicated to the fight against homophobia. Among the detainees — human rights activists of the "GeyBelarus" and their leader Sergei Androsenko, representatives of some youth organizations.

Participants of the action were going to start a rally and distribute information pamphlets in which it was mentioned that May 17 is the International Day Against Homophobia and transafobii. Once they were gone in the direction of Independence Avenue, blocked their way police in civilian clothes. Thereafter Riot police appeared. Protesters was taken to the Leninsky district police department.

According to recent reports, there are 15 people detained. Police began to draw up protocols on administrative violations.

Up to 21 hours, and all were released without being drawn up.


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