Prophetic dreams

Many scientists believe that when a person is asleep, his mind processes the information received during the day. But there is another view that the soul during sleep travels to other worlds and can get into the future or the past.

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During sleep, she meets other souls, not only sleeping people, but also the dead. In a dream, a person can get some very important information. For example, the upcoming disasters, events in the lives of family or friends.

All dreams have a signature, but in most cases it is not clear. This can be explained by the fact that the human soul in a dream world of their own models. But it lining up clues that can, if desired, can be deciphered. In any dream, even incomprehensible, it makes sense. Dreams of people, most often forgets. But our subconscious mind still keeps them, and at some crucial point they help to make an important decision. We call it intuition.

When people wake up, remember your dream, it is called prophetic. The most important thing here — the right to understand the meaning of prophetic dream. In a dream, a person can get information about the upcoming misfortune, but it is not clear how it can be prevented. Such dreams are scary, and people prefer to forget about them, rather than to understand. And remember the nightmare only when misfortune has happened.

Sometimes the clues are clear, but people still do not understand them or simply do not want to understand. Such an incident occurred with the U.S. president Abraham Lincoln. Shortly before his death he had a dream, he allegedly came to the White House, and saw a coffin covered with a white blanket. The President went to the guard and asked who it is. The soldier replied that it was the president who was killed in the theater. Lincoln, despite this obvious clue yet a few days later went to the theater, where he was killed.

Any sleep has a profound influence on the destiny of man. But no need to search for the meaning of dreams in any dream books. They are primitive and not always correctly decode them. After all, every person — a person with his actions and thoughts. And no one will explain to sleep better person who saw it.

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