Psychotronic weapons. Electronic signs of human exposure

Concealed light or a strong impact on the experiment aimed at PSI and electronic attack, or exposure to cause any disease in any given period of time (time may be 5 — 10 years and over)

— You have constant fatigue or slight discomfort or occasionally it often occurs for no apparent reason
— Wake hardly more than fifteen minutes, waking up feeling refreshed

— Waking usually at night for a while, or do not want to sleep at night and during the day you can easily go to sleep

— It may sometimes be slight heaviness in the body, you want to lie down to sit with this feeling you're uncomfortable, but if you start to walk it almost disappears

— Often not in the mood, or you've forgotten when it was in the last one — but your brain is awake

— Also it is a strange feeling of heaviness in the head without the headaches

— Sometimes the state that you feel the presence of what is easy rassoylivosti Inside Your whole head, or hemisphere, although this condition may not prevent what you just kind of catch that feeling sometimes not paying much attention to him — you slowly moved into this state without noticing This once people found that they begin to understand where in a year or later that they do not so

— If the above symptoms or all of them together you have made full or partial survey, you do not identified or found or what the initial stages so that can not affect your body — 99% of which you are a victim of electronic effects on your body.

— For a more dramatic effect all of the above symptoms are exacerbated by ten times, fatigue, heaviness, as head boiled, drowsiness during the day but it did not seem to want to sleep, headaches, stomach bloating no problems with the chair, the tension of the muscles in the body, cervical stiffness, poor sweating of the body was not the same as you until you feel uzhudzheniya health, odor perception is lost by at least 50% under electron irradiation of the body — so you do not feel the flavor of tea as before or chustvuete his only language receptors, and almost no nose or not giving did not even notice it.

So you need to know that there are facilities to affect the individual organs, all of the above symptoms of the disease without any cords or the body by 50% 60% you can once again be plunged electronic effects

If you have just the disease of any organ without such symptoms, what would there need to determine even microwave instruments testers, ELV, etc. …

And the most common effects:

a) Tyazhes in the body, constant fatigue, or alternate, muscle stiffness in the head, neck, back. Or light constant fatigue syndrome.

b) Headaches (you never had a concussion or dropped, in order of blood vessels — and the pain is often

c) Do not breathe the nose you always go with naphazoline or other means (people under the influence of this can be extended over the years), not having an allergy nose still is not breathing

d) Abdomen — heaviness, bloating.

So you can see that moving to an apartment in the same room, it's easier, in other worse in the hallway better staying at home, it's easier on what it is all about the streets, on what is the same thing, almost all of the victims is the same exposure as and homes in the metro — the equipment is installed in the streets in hospitals and so on … Most people easier percent 80% 90% of the country.

And the surest sign that you pursue the electron — is chronic fatigue syndrome — a concept in medicine appeared recently, correctly even if you have a sick body or a body which still must be alert to their measure, and fatigue and heaviness in the body can not be associated with it.

Fixing microwave emissions inexpensive testers yourself and your home:

If you want to see if it is for your apartment hidden otaku microwave radiation and the direction of the electron waves, here's an inexpensive tester that captures data exposure nazyvetsya MS-47NS-3 remains in 350r

This non-contact probe has two lights — green and red, the effect is usually fixed in tsenre head and spine, in an apartment if the equipment and fixtures in your ceiling tiles and walls used as an antenna or radiation sensors mounted just in the walls and floor — this the device will record it. Here's one way to test yourself and your apartment.

For fixation of the shorter range is suitable dosimeter "Bella." They say that "Master 1" better, they are already in 3000r

Methods of self-defense. And Unlock AT VET

At the organization of self-defense should be noted that the basis of considered and applied intelligence services of Russia and some CIS method psychotronic treatment population is раскачка_злектромагнитными resonant waves (radio waves) groups of neurons certain areas (zones) of the brain. In this case, the electromagnetic field is small and comparable to the strength of the fields produced by conventional broadcast stations. That's why law enforcement agencies in cases accessed victims PTI redirect complaints sanepidemstantsii, knowing in advance about the negative conclusion of the plaintiff.
The problem of self-defense is considered at the level of the brain encode technical rf megahertz frequency range, which, as it turned out, the person is predisposed by nature. At the same time, because of the complex phenomena of electro in brain structure and due to possible interference of high harmonics of the resonant, the symptoms of sensory interaction observed some recipients subjected to enhanced VET. For these reasons, the technical methods to lift the radio frequency coding at the same time reduces the susceptibility to a higher targeted intrusive information leptonovom level.
Fully shielded from radio waves of medium and short wavelengths household means impossible. Self-protection of VET based on different principles. Reduce the tendency of man to the resonance perception directed radio waves may be due to changes in electrical parameters of the body and the brain, or, in terms of bio-energy sector by strengthening the body's biofield. Many examples of favors to the fact that VET does not reach the goal before the natural human biofield is destroyed so that it can withstand external electromagnetic (radio) fields. Therefore, any action, which amount to normalize body bioenergy yield positive results in the protection of VET.

Restocking BIO-ENERGY.

The book Acad. T. Dichev "Dezombirovanie and
human self-improvement ", (ed." Palais ", Moscow, 1993, p. 172) shows a wide range of recipes restocking psihobioznergetiki by taking plant food or contact with trees and plants, with a large reserve of bioenergy. Highlights strong bioenergetic properties of quince, grapes, cranberries, blueberries, fiery red pepper: a donor of the trees stand oak, acacia, maple.
Besides bioznergeticheski active fruits and plants to the category of substances, significantly change electrical parameters of the body and thus the resonance characteristics of the input, include mummies. Recommended infusion at a concentration of 1 g. mummy to 0.5 liters of water (boiling water). Dessert spoon of the infusion should be poured into a cup of coffee or tea with lemon, plus 20-50 cc of wine or
grape juice, 1-3 times a day, especially after activation mode PTO when there are burns and pain in the body. To reduce muscle tension caused by exposure of the activation stage, it is recommended to take the night 0.25 gr. Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid based).

Application of iodine and bromide drug.

To enhance the sensitivity of the human body to the PTO are different activating agents, called psychotropic. Administration of psychotropic substances in drinking water sufficiently tested method. Maria Devi Christ at zombiing members "White Brotherhood" watered their so-called Jordanian water, under which increases the ability of cells to form free radicals, which destroy the protective aura. (Gaz. "Working Tribune», N 199 (861) on 2/11/93 was). The most simple method of reducing the activity of psychotropic substances in the water — it's her iodization (or fluoridation) before boiling: 1 drop of iodine in 1 liter of water significantly reduce your susceptibility to MAP. Improve the taste of the water after the treatment will allow one teaspoon of sugar (3-l), thrown into boiling water. In the same vein decontamination psychotropic substances introduced into the body, will help medications containing bromine, for example, thiamine bromide table 1-2. a day.
More difficult is the case with the semiconductor crystalline solid — silicon carbide sic (silicon carbide). In fact, with the arrival of ztogo matter in teeth fillings of two Americans and the cause of their effect radiosound and begins a new phase of intensive research in the field of psychotronic treatment. Since 1980, the Soviet Union more and more cases of complaints of individual citizens to auditory hallucinations radiosound type of affect, and, as a rule, this symptom preceded filling one of the molars. Usually held in a sealing preferential spetspoliklinikah. In this case, for deep drilling of the pulp of the tooth root, supposedly to bookmark medication that provides a deep and systematic tab sic feeding ztim substance jawbone and getting into the blood stream. Usually, such a "sweet" work 5-7 years and get rid of it only when you remove the tooth. In conducting such activities should keep an extracted tooth and attempt to recover the date, place and Last Name dentist who performed the sealing. Fine powder sic, having a color from silver to dark brown, it is easy to substitute sugar, coffee, etc., but mastering it in this case is very small due to its high chemical resistance.

Physiotherapy techniques reduce the effect of VET.

Many subjected PTO mark facilitating effect of permanent ferrite magnets. Naturally, this method also provides a methodology based on the time change electrical parameters of the body. To him is wearing a magnetic bracelet, with ztom recommended: often change position of the hand wearing a bracelet or only during the encoding or, on the contrary, only during playback psychotronic clips. A similar effect (but opposite) make bracelets diamagnetic-copper, brass, lead, and aluminum. (In the case of lead is not allowed direct contact with skin, hands). A significant change in electrical properties at the same time produces a complex ratio of 4 closed bangles (2 on the wrists, 2 — at the ankles feet). Are closed (bolted) bracket-bracelets can be easily made out of aluminum or steel strip width of 20 mm and a thickness of 0.2-0.3 mm. If this "headset", add the wearing of the belt-solenoid "Walter", see section 5.9.1., You can lock the resonant perception of VET.
Some of the affected magnets applied to painful places, more properly carry out the procedure in which the magnet is moved along a line across the center of the pain, making about one forward and backward movement for 2 seconds. With regard to the source of pain ztom only one pole — 5 … 8 passes, the same is repeated the other pole of the magnet. After a pause of 10 …. 15 seconds and repeat the whole cycle of 10-15 times. A similar procedure can be done to relieve the thermoelastic Center (TTC — Broca's area) — center responsible, in particular, the origin of the effect radiosound. In this case, the magnet must be moved to an imaginary arc that connects the left eye socket of the left auricle and right eye socket to the right. Brake abolishing TTC have chilled in the refrigerator and the copper or aluminum washers size dia. 40 … 50 and a thickness of 8 … 10 mm. They can be applied in the same manner cycles above. When severe headaches in the TTC recommended circular movements of copper and aluminum washers, is the same as a case of magnets.
Speaking about the methods of contact Physiotherapy should be reiterated special properties of the organism to respond to external radiation and destabilize their own bio, shown at a time when the action is outside in the localization of the chakras and acupuncture points. Currently being tested drive "Universal", made of biologically active components. On the application disc "Universal" and as a protective and reducing agent after the PTO, please contact: Moscow, tel. , …, In With the … on … on.
During the rest occupy a definite position with respect to the magnetic field of the Earth. Try to lie down with arms outstretched, the left hand should be directed to the north, and the right to the south (feet on the east). Attach itself to an indoor antenna, the direction of which can be changed periodically. Keep your flat metal structures and objects (plates, basins, corners, etc.). All this provides only a temporary change in the resonance settings by changing the capacitance of the room.
Should not be grounded radio, phone, etc. not shielded cable as a simple conductor connecting the suspect line with the conventional physical ground, such as a radiator, he becomes a radiating antenna.


Hard work to disorient operators encode radiosound recommend you to stage a false impression about your condition. You have to pretend that you have already coded and has a "radio talks." Recommended home from time to time to say out loud phrases like: — "Oh, my God, that LRA woman was …" — "Excuse me, but where does the Yeltsin …". "This is a brazen of you …" "Yeah, right, she then went to Vinnitsa …", "In England it was never …!"
As often as possible visit the district hospital with complaints of pain in the heart, predinsultnoe condition, internal bleeding, acute ulcer, dermatitis, rashes, burns, etc. Your abusers will be pleased with the results and weaken the irradiation conditions.

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