Psychotronic weapons for use on the masses

December 5, 2012 0:50

Psychotronic experiments on unsuspecting people held in secret for some time.

Today people play in an undeclared war of consciousness, which for lack of information, many are unaware.

Some countries have already been very successful in the development of ways to influence the mind and nervous system of humans by technical means — unfortunately, only to manipulate them for their own purposes.

 Among the technologies used for this — short and ultra-short waves, which are made of television and radio broadcasting and mobile communications, as well as infrasonic waves and new development, partly based on the experiences and insights researcher Nikolai Tesla, for example HAARP — a project in Alaska, which will be discussed.

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programm) translates to generating high-frequency program for the study of Aurora. By Aurora understood phenomena such as the aurora.

The core of the installation of the so-called ionospheric reflector, which uses radio waves emitted by the ionosphere, huge bundles of energy. Without going into technical details, we mention that the military hopes to use this setting for espionage. After excitation of the ionosphere, the energy radiated back — in the form of sound waves infrasound. The frequency of these waves range from 0.001 Hz to 40 kHz.
Technically and scientifically, it looks completely neutral, the possible impact of these frequencies on the human consciousness are trying to keep secret. Official interest in the resulting infrasonic waves because they can be shine through the earth's surface to search for mineral deposits, saving on expensive equipment and laying tunnels.
In addition, they will determine the location of submarines. However, it is silent about, as indicated by the opponents of the project HAARP: infrasound waves affect the vibrations emitted by the human brain, and can destroy the human mind out of balance. Frequency waves emitted by the human brain, in the range from 0 to 30 Hz, ie in the range of infrasound waves.

Who knows how to modulate the infrasonic waves to reach a pre-determined and calculated impact on the human psyche. For example, by acting at a distance, at any given point in the world to make people fear, depression, euphoria, or impaired memory and an inability to concentrate.
As for the project HAARP, it is likely that this is not just unwanted side effects, and quite deliberate use of the plant as a means to control the population of the Earth, and in particular Russia!
The suspicions of the world community over the fact that the infrasonic waves have been used for decades to influence large numbers of people across entire continents, becoming more reasonable. Obviously, by setting HAARP such effects may be even more focused and effective.
Here it was possible to find on the subject of mass brainwashing, it was even more frightening than told in passing by ORT "theory of improbability."

So you think that the thought had just lit up with you, you?

As already mentioned, psychotronic experiments on unsuspecting people held in secret for some time.
Psychotronic weapons can be electric, and ultrasound, which are used for the destruction of memory and can also have a lethal effect. Exposure to low-intensity infrasound (with frequencies below 16 Hz, usually imperceptible to the ear) is causing subjects nausea, ringing in the ears, blurred vision and irrational panic. Sound average intensity upsets the digestive organs and the brain, creating paralysis, weakness, and sometimes blindness. Resilient powerful infrasound can damage or even completely stop the heart.
Psychotronic weapons can be such a simple installation (home-made), such as a microwave oven, with directed energy set by the side of the wall space, where the victim of the experiment.

The victim microwave terror appear symptoms such as asthma, headaches, memory loss, Alzheimer's disease, insomnia, depression, fatigue, loss of concentration, loss of appetite, heart and blood pressure and cancer.

Psychotronic influence can be audio or video suggestion. When on some pleasant object melody superimposed repeatedly progovariemy text slowdown in ten to fifteen times. Consciousness does not accept the text because it is the imposition becomes completely invisible. A subconscious picks up and transmits the information to the brain as its own. Also with the video. This method can be used not only in movie theaters and on TV, but, say, in stadiums, markets, underground, word everywhere, where a large crowd of people, making the subconscious level to love or hate a particular candidate or a particular idea .
And finally, the most advanced psychotronic weapons-torsion, used for remote exposure. It can not only affect human health, but also to change his mind, character, disposition, convince him that he should do and what should not, what is good and what is bad, and even "re-create" a person acting on the information system of its DNA . And while people will not be able to critically reflect on the situation and will think that it is his own decision and their own thoughts.
In the 70 years abroad reported discovery of the so-called effect radioslyshimosti microwave low power. "He is, in fact, that the people who were in a strong field of broadcasting stations, began to hear" inner voice ", music or other sounds.

These symptoms usually disappear after the departure of a person from the radiation zone. However, if the subject was under tight surveillance, control of it was carried everywhere: at home, at work and in transport, and in the country.
Microwave introducing information directly into the brain. As to the source of the radiation from the generator can be used communication networks of residential buildings: light fittings, telephone and radio, water pipes, radio, TV, PC "In Russia, the peak of clandestine experiments on" Translation in the head ", apparently, was in the 1990 — s …

— I heard the orders, had uttered a strange voice — told the subject. — He came from somewhere inside, as if I was talking to myself. He repeated to me: "Raise your left hand! Right! "Execute commands do not like, but some force literally forced me to do these exercises. And I suddenly started waving his arms, laughing, to say something. I did not control myself and internally as became someone else. It was only after it went off the computer, except the terrible fear …
Major General Reserve of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation Boris Warriors:

— Indeed, today the United States has a microwave generator (documents can be seen here in PDF) directed modulated radiation, which can cause "radiosound" in the human head. The effect itself is sometimes called "the voice of God." On similar studies Americans annually spend about $ 150 million. According to my information, this kind of research has recently renewed and we have. "

In the ABC News 8.07.2008 article David Hambling — Microwave Ray Gun Controls Crowds with Noise reported work on the device MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) — to disperse the strikers by microwave audio effect, rather "loud" to cause discomfort or even disabling. So much so the sound does not enter through the eardrums, a person can not block it. The device can send verbal commands directly into the brain.

Unlike MEDUSA from other devices in that it is reconfigurable antenna and can send rays as a single object or a group of objects simultaneously. Sierra Nevada said that a copy will be ready for demonstration in a year and 18 months after the device is ready for use.

Such a device has been tried to break up a demonstration in Tbilissi November 7, 2007. NTV journalists interested in seeing the video unknown device as diamond plate on the car, which disperses a crowd of demonstrators in different directions.

Thanks to journalists learned military psychological device developed in the Soviet Union and registered in the USSR State Committee for Inventions like device "Radiogipnoz." This microwave generator and emitter of electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency and waveform could fall asleep at a distance of a few tens of kilometers of the whole city.

At the initiative of the United States in the framework of NATO established a special working group to coordinate development carried out in this field in the UK, France, Germany and Denmark. Generators by Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (Germany), are designed to handle large crowds during the riots.

According to military experts, the U.S. Army with the UAV is capable of using the microwave — the generator stops a few hundred meters from the enemy amphibious assault ships. Estimated the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SEPR1), in the next two years, U.S. spending on development and procurement of non-lethal weapons will exceed one billion dollars. Mind Control

"Reserve Colonel, a senior officer had once existed in the first division of the KGB fifth Management Committee for Foreign Economic Relations, Vladimir Nikiforov:

— Earlier ray radioobluchatelya from Ostankino TV tower width to ten centimeters "sews" all for hundreds of miles, scrolling, as the cord. And it could affect the brains of thousands of people who are struck by it, did not understand what was happening to them. Now poke thousands of such equipment. For example, close to many suburban highways are metal poles with flashing light on the tops of the plates, or "pancakes." Everyone thinks their settings provider. But in fact it is psihogeneratory that can instantly relax or even paralyze irradiated at a distance. It is true that the mass of experiments have not been performed: the technology is not fully debugged. "

This is — (ELF towers) tower with a frequency of 30 Hz 3do. This frequency is used for communication with submarines submerged in the depths, where electromagnetic waves at other frequencies do not reach, research seabed and subsoil of the land. They — not for the provider.

Similar to the principle of action — based on the signal of some form, is an American research station in Alaska HAARP (HAARP-High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program spite of the known information about the high-frequency range of HAARP, they are actively involved in research into low-frequency radiation). Amplitude modulation of the carrier signal low-frequency signals of these stations, coinciding with the alpha-theta rhythms of the human brain can affect the health and emotional state of the population of the whole country.
Officially complex ionospheric research (HAARP) is built to study the nature of the ionosphere and the development of systems and missile defense. HAARP is supposed to use to detect submarines and underground imaging the planet's interior.
However, HAARP can be used so that the selected area has been completely disrupted sea and air navigation, radio and radar locked, out of action onboard electronics of spacecraft, missiles, aircraft, and ground systems. In arbitrarily delineated area may be terminated by the use of all kinds of weapons and technology can .. cause a massive accident in any of the electrical networks, oil and gas pipelines.

HAARP radiation energy can be used to manipulate the weather on a global scale, ie, program floods, typhoons and tornadoes, even earthquakes in any region of the planet Earth. And also can be used as psychotronic weapons, ie went to sleep whole communities or lead people into a state of such excitement that they will resort to violence against each other. Direct beam broadcasting directly into the brains of people, so that they think they can hear the voice of God, or anyone who will have the leading of this radio.

Impact of these weapons are:

1. Mass psychophysical disorders including "lethal" outcome.
2. Creating obedient "mass" person by forcible manipulation concealed his mind and behavior.
3. Ecological catastrophe of the planet due to irreversible genetic mutations and disorders at the genetic level.

My head is someone curses

And HAARP and towers — part of a larger project of NASA — Project Blue Beam (Blue Ray). The project involves the development, based on the currently existing technology of three-dimensional color space holographic projection holographic World show on the phenomenon of the prophets with the light in the sky, three-dimensional projection on a gigantic scale with a demonstration by the main religious predisposition public appearance of Christ, Mohammed and etc
The goal is to create a mass illusion that God speaks to people. Further, by the impact on the minds of all wave radiation is supplied to the idea of one God, as the total savior. Impact than visual impact must be accompanied by low-frequency ranges.

According to the prophecies of the Bible, we are fast approaching the New World Order — the rule of Antichrist. The Bible says that His coming "with all power and signs and lying wonders" (2Fes.2: 9)

Therefore, Jesus warned, "And you say, 'Look, here is [Christ]," or "out there" — do not go, and do not drive "(Luke 17:23). "For false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, to seduce, if vozvozhnost, even the elect. So I told you before. So, if they say to you, 'Behold, he is in the desert, "do not go out," Behold, he is in the inner rooms, "- do not believe it For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so will the Son of Man "(Mat.24 :24-27).

Do not walk and do not look at the Anti-Christ will be very reasonable, since hardly anyone can keep his "I" after the meeting.

For protection against psychotronic influence can make a simple adjustment. I remember my very amused that frame from the movie "Signs"

but it turns out there is in a camouflage sense.

Better seen here. Just foil formed in layers (shiny side up and the inner layer of the head must also be shiny side of the head), then the rectangle is a cone, and all the foil carefully pressed against the head, to avoid any gaps. Then everything is fixed with adhesive tape. This hood can be a hat, scarf or wig.

How to calculate the number of layers of foil

Questionnaire (in English.) For those who believe that the subject psychotronic radiation

Russia warrior helmet

no comment …

PS for sensible:

Collegiate Dictionary scorner:

Psychotronic weapons — Weapons of mass destruction. Bioenergetic
of low-energy generator, with which the creature carried zombie
Rovani part of the population. For this purpose any
electric heating, TV, computer, radio, telephone,
electric lighting. There are devices that can impact
per person at any distance, even with satellites. Next-
consequence of such an action may be to impose a certain world-
attitudes and political orientation, loss of health and life.

Psychotropic substances — Weapons of mass destruction. To him, from
rush: harmful drugs, unbalanced and refined-
en food, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drug
tics, etc.

About HAARP (as climate weapon) before it:
In the "Skanda Purana" contains many descriptions of the most incredible weapons capable of causing tremendous atmospheric and geological hazards: "Then Vishnu … Raudra drew weapons, under the influence of which it becomes invisible"; "Dzhambha [the leader of the army of the Daityas] has very terrible weapon, called Maushala. Of the whole universe was filled with terrible grind. All of the Gandharvas were defeated by them … Army gods burned along with elephants and chariots … When his weapon was recognized, the great Daito … let Varuna weapon, which could suppress the flames. Following this, the sky was filled with clouds, sparkling zigzag lightning and the earth was covered with hailstones … The universe was filled with streams of rain … seeing that weapons Agne crushed and repelled, Indra started matchless weapons Vayavya. After that the clouds were dispersed. Once the clusters of clouds were dispersed by force Vayavya, the sky was devoid of darkness, and it was like the petals of a blue lotus. "

About psychotronic weapons in the Mahabharata (the death of a flying city Hiranyapura)
Matali brought Arjun in the heavenly chariot to Hiranyapure. On seeing him, began Danavas fly from there to his heavenly chariot (is not it — the story remarkably similar episodes in the Star Wars movies!). Then Arjuna "powerful weapon … avalanche blocked this awesome thread. He puts them trembling, furrowing chariot battle field, and … Danavas steel strike each other. "

The Indian Vedas mention such weapons as
Moha — weapons, resulting in loss of consciousness;
Tvaschar — means engenders chaos in the ranks of the enemy;
Murchchhadhana — one of five arrows Kandarpa, leading to the shutdown of perception;
Mayyadhara — grand illusion
Mali — a weapon that holds or binds.
Mahamaya — the great illusion or magic weapon lies.
Fashion — intoxicating weapon.
Vidyadhara — weapons, leading to the delight belongs Vidyadhara
Vilapana — weapon causing remorse
Vinidra — weapon causing drowsiness
Dharmapasha — weapons that can bind the enemy
Kandarpa — weapons, stimulating sexual desire, so named after the god of love, Kandarpa
Nandan — the weapon, causing a feeling of joy, which is used vidyadhara.
Nirashya — weapons, depriving courage.
Prashvapana — weapons, suggestive dream.
Rakshasa — demon weapon that destroys luck, courage, or the life of an enemy
Saumanasa — weapons that affects the mind.
Svapana — weapons, put to sleep

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