Putin: information war with Belarus NO

"I do not see any signs of any war, any war, and not by chance wondering whether the victim" — curled, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, answering questions from reporters after a meeting with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in his residence in the Crimea.

"The press often reacts to certain things, and that's about me, acting President of Russia, our other politicians we often see very sharp materials, and it is that war? — Cites Putin Information Agency "Novosti". — Unfortunately, our colleagues often believe that if there are such materials that they are somehow initiated. But this is not the case. "

According to Putin, "the best response to such materials in case someone thinks they are unfair — to respond well in the information space. They can give arguments authors materials that they consider unfair, and I do not even know what speech "

"Everyone wants to get something for free from Russia"

According to the agency "Novosti" Putin joked in response to the question, how easy is it to negotiate with the Belarusian leadership. "It's easy, so easy!"

"When it is about money, the amount of energy supplies, everyone wants to get something for free from Russia, and if not, there is irritation. "

"At the same time, we must take into account the legitimate interests of our partners — said the Russian prime minister. — I think we're doing: we're agreed with Belarusian colleagues, signed in 2007, and we are not asking for anything extra on the outside this contract, we ask only execute the agreement signed by us, nothing more is needed. "

"But when we say: let us in This year, will buy less, and the next year — twice as much, and we agree, and next year we say let's do it, as in the past, even in this case we try to find a compromise —
Putin went on. — We are trying to mitigate the occurrence of market conditions. "

"Everyone wants to buy cheap and sell more expensive, this is the usual case, there is nothing to escalate. But if the contract is signed, it is necessary to implement it," — said premer Minister of Russia.

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