Putin sang with spies

Vladimir Putin met with the 10 Russian spies who were recently traded for 4 persons who have been convicted in Russia on charges of collaboration with U.S. intelligence. Putin told reporters that he sang with the scouts returned to Russia, the Soviet songs.

In June, the U.S. security services arrested 10 Russian spies, illegal immigrants. Their task was to integrate into American life, make useful connections and wait for the signal to begin intelligence work. Some of them have been abandoned to the United States for more than 10 years ago. Particular attention is drawn to U.S. media reports, the Russian spy beauty Anna Chapman.

This weekend, the Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin took part in the rally bikers in Crimea. While talking to reporters, he reported on his meeting with the scouts who were exchanged for 4 persons serving a prison sentence in Russia as American agents.

The website provides a transcript of Russian Prime Minister talks to reporters:

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you may be asked to comment on the expulsion of Russian spies from the U.S.. You are not going to meet them?

I met with them.

Question: You've been nothing more you say?

Putin: You have nothing else ask.

What are you talking about?

Putin: About life.

They say you were singing karaoke with them?

Putin: They sang, but not karaoke, and live music.

Question: And what they sang, do not tell?

Putin: "Where the Motherland Begins". I'm not kidding, seriously. And the other songs of the same about content.

Question: Anna Kushchenko was in a meeting? Chapman?

Putin: She was. You know, there is nothing to comment on. Dmitry Anatolyevich already said that this is the result of treason and traitors always end up badly. They end up, as a rule, or drinking, or drugs — under the fence. Just recently one like this, and ended its existence somewhere abroad, and it is unclear even for that.

Question: That is, you know the names of traitors?

Putin: Of course!

Question: And it is not going to punish them in some way?

Putin: I believe that this is an incorrect question. It can not be solved in the course of the press conference. But intelligence agencies live by their own laws. And these laws are well known to all employees of special services. For these people, I can tell you that this is a very difficult life — each of them!

Can you imagine. First, you need to learn the language at the level of the mother. Think on it, speak it, to do what is prescribed in the interests of job their country for many, many years, not counting on diplomatic cover, exposing the daily danger to themselves and their loved ones, who do not even know what they do, for example and their parents.

Question: And then what will they do in Russia?

Putin: They will work, I'm sure that will work for a decent place. I have no doubt that they will have interesting, bright lives.

Question: How high do you assess their work?

Putin: It's not my problem. This should do the specialists, their leaders, the end user of such information, and the Supreme Commander — The President of the Russian Federation.

It is not known who was referring to Putin when he spoke of the traitor, who recently finished his sad existence. Perhaps he was referring to Sergei Tretyakov, a Russian intelligence officer who worked under the cover of the press attache of the UN mission. He joined the U.S. side in 2000, last month, he died of a heart attack. Also, it is possible that the Russian prime minister was referring to another member of the Russian spy ring — Christopher Metsos. He was released on bail and mysteriously disappeared.

Do I need to consider the deportation of U.S. intelligence officers as heroes or as losers?

Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the issue was not discussed during the meeting with the Prime Minister scouts.



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