Pythoness Yankovskaya in the future is trying not to look.




But claims that the time-of-material thing, and we are in this sense the waves that come from the future.

In an interview, "The newspaper in Kiev" woman-magnet Lidia Jankowska agreed willingly. But for official reasons the meeting had to be postponed for a month. When I dialed her number, a pleasant voice said that I will have to wait for tomorrow. In this case, had not even submitted, Lidia Jankowska long known that our meeting with her inevitable: "My mother and I remembered you saying, what the journalist of" Gazeta in Kiev "has not called, and the time has come. And in an hour you called. "

Sibyl from childhood.

About Lydia Jankowski newspapers reported more than once. To it came from NTV, it took off almost all the domestic TV channels. More recently, "Curiosities" clearly demonstrated her magical powers: Yankovskaya front of the camera attracted all sorts of objects, metal, plastic, glass, demonstrating regulation of the force of attraction on the bottle lipstick, rolling it on the palm of your hand, even found the water that she feels the ground.
Name a simple teacher of Russian literature is listed in the Guinness Book of Records of Ukraine: Yankovskaya raises his hand upright metal plate weighing 10 kg 1., Glass weighing 10 kg, plastic and wood stove (both on 7kg.) And not only.
All those who wrote about it and talked to the screen, claiming that the gift of magnetism appeared Lydia Viktorovny after her grandmother died. Granddaughter allegedly suffered heavy death of a dear person, and stress has led to a development of the anomaly.
Indeed, the abnormal ability to attract objects appeared at Lydia after the death of her grandmother. But she says that this was not due to stress, but because of the fact that the very grandmother had supernatural powers and leave the gift "inherited" his granddaughter.
But Veshchunov Yankovskaya was a child, although this phenomenon it is almost nobody mentions.
-Often came to me and asked a girlfriend to tell fortunes, and I have long predicted the girl children, their husbands, who will be in life. Today, adult friend call, remember those childish "prank" and said that all come true — says Lydia V..

From Kiev, the phenomenon will determine what is and where to sleep.

Jankowska argues that such a strong power given to her by God, and the power increases with time constant replenishment from above. Also, if before Lydia was difficult to cope with their abilities, for example, it is making significant efforts to "unstick" detail at the hands of the store, but now it nauchitas weighed their power and control it.
-How do I attract things? Imagine that you have to lift a heavy suitcase. Exactly the effort I put to attract things. The heavier the object, the harder it is to keep.
Jankowska said that before his death foretold her grandmother that she would be a psychic.
Today this concept is somewhat outdated, and she calls herself bioenergetics. Lydia V. longer teaches literature at the College of railway, where she worked before, but with my former students found so far.
-Students often come to me for advice. Actually, thanks to them I discovered my ability to attract objects: one day in class I looked at the weight of the magazine from the table and immediately rumors of "strange" teacher reverberated in the college …
Now Lydia V. can determine what you can eat and drink and what not, where to sleep and where it is not desirable.
Jankowska said that she sometimes dreams of "global" prophetic dreams, for example, before the Chernobyl tragedy she saw this:
-Dreamed icon of the Virgin in heaven and sit at the bottom of the workers and drink vodka. You know that vodka helps against radiation. But then, that this would happen I could not say, because in the Union and I hid all no one would have believed it.

Each has its own aura.

"Naked" eye Yankovskaya see the human aura (energy around the physical body). Lydia V. argues that in healthy people and optimistic aura of pure colors (gold, white, blue), in patients with dark-brown (brown, black). Particularly clear dark colors appear above the centers of disease.
For the detection of "dents" in the human aura Lydia V. uses a special frame. In this frame determines not only the diseases that you have now, but also those that have been long ago. The frame I also tried to imagine. All that told me bioenergetics, confirmed.
-Do you have problems with the back-note something with the eyes, but the frame is moving away from you, then, the disease in the past …
That's right: three days in a row I was aching back, and as a child I had an operation on his eyes.

Where to build a house and dig a well?

-I have long been engaged in the study of geopathic zones of the earth (underground lake, crossing the water flows, ore deposits, the accumulation of positive and negative energy), so that I can advise you where to dig a well and how rasstsvlyat bed in the house. In general, my gift interests me from a scientific point of view, although medical scientists explain my abilities still can not.

"In the future I do not look"

Time Lydia V. regards as a material with which to work in order to direct life back on track.
-Time is a material thing, and we are already in this sense the waves that come from the future. I can not tell the future, but I can not change the karma (what is destined), but I warn you, as a person then makes the choice himself. One day a friend of mine was going on vacation, and I told her about the impending danger. It turned out that we saved a bus: the driver fell asleep at the wheel at night and the bus nearly crashed into the abyss, but my friend was on the alert, so the tragedy could izbezhet-time she woke up the driver.
On the question of whether she looks into the future, I received this reply:
-In their own future I try not to look, razve that sometimes, to get ready for something good is to come and live in anticipation of joy.
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Inna Bakhina. cor. "Newspaper in Kiev."

Sent: 09.10.2004

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