Qatar won the German tank «Leopard 2» AND SAU PZH2000

Qatar won the German tank

Qatar and the German defense company signed a contract price of 20.5 billion dollars for the modernization of the armored brigade, report media. This transaction is part of the armed forces modernization programs from Qatar, which holds the country in the near future. The proposal for modernization came from the U.S., France, China, Germany, Turkey and South Korea. In recent years, the Army catarrh consisting of 8,500 troops have been reported harsh modern technology, despite the wealth of the country from the oil trade. Hitherto adopted Qatar stand french main battle tanks AMX-30b2, towed howitzer of South Africa g5 and self-propelled guns F3, which bought the country in 1980. Among the new weapons have only air defense system — 12 batteries patriot PAC-3.

Under the terms of the agreement concluded Qatar won two battalions of tanks Leopard-2, which will change the AMX-30 tanks. In agreement comes just supply 24 self-propelled pzh 2000 to spoof g5. Now germanium offers the latest version Leopard 2A7 tank with heavy armor protection, modern digital fire control system for the best adaptation of the tank to conduct combat operations. Rumors of the deal appeared in Germany in 2012, then claimed that Qatar wanted to buy up to two hundred Leopard 2 tanks.

Qatar won the German tank
SAUpzh 2000

In the current time in armored brigade Qatar comes only one tank battalion, consisting of an artillery regiment and the 1st Mechanized Battalion. Purchased to upgrade leopard twice the amount of replacement tanks in the team (62 vs. 30). French military recommend that in the tank brigade should go one tank regiment, two regiments of infantry and artillery regiment. This will help to ensure the mobility and the possibility of separating teams into several groups. Due to such reorganization Qatar fail useful modern BMP. Preparing for this transaction took about 2 years. Middle East germany means to conclude an agreement with other countries, especially with Saudi Arabia, which is going to get about 800 Leopard 2 tanks, armored cars as «Boxer», but selling Leopard 2 tanks caused severe protests in Germany.

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