It Pasteur, utaymovnik anthrax and cholera, has developed more than a hundred years ago, a miraculous vaccine, after which the number of vampires in the Old and New Worlds began to decline sharply. Famous heroes of legends were suddenly reduced to the normal patients and found themselves in a dull turn to Dr. Pasteur and his disciples. After it became clear that the roots of ideas about vampires vervolfav, vahtarov student dormitories and other werewolves do not grow from somewhere, but from a disease called rabies, or hydrophobia, which scares mankind from the time at which it can remember.

So dear and close to us all the vampire …

Indeed, such a dear and close to us all the vampire was very similar to the clinical picture of rabies. Here are just a few simple similarity. Bitten by a vampire himself becomes a bloodsucker — that is, the transmission of the virus in both cases through the bite, saliva. One of the principal means of struggle against the vampires is the holy water, which they are unable to come to terms — how can you not remember gidrafobiyu characteristic of rabies, hydrophobia. Vampire escapes from the smell of garlic — rabid generally can not stand strong stimuli: smells, sounds, lights. A vampire is not reflected in the mirror — according to numerous testimonies, in the second stage of rabies person begins to hate reflected his fear and panic. Aggression, anxiety, fear — all in a bloodsucker and a patient on rabies in common, and poses that love to take Hollywood vampires are very similar to the manifestations of paralysis of the limbs inherent in the third stage of the disease.

Age of the patient with rabies is short and swift — like life insekty that left a thorn in someone's skin. As the fame of the next season, "a horror movie" and invited him to participate in the "stars".

So, it is possible that Count Dracula was a kid very good boy who does not hurt a fly. But one day, gathering in the meadow flowers for his younger sister, he saw in the arm and took the animal in his pudgy hands. A mouse is a small graph with their sharp teeth — am! .. Rodents ancient times were the main carriers of viruses.

Henry Gray (1825-1861). Anatomy of the Human Body. 1918

Thus, Pasteur's discovery put an end to the era of belief in vampires. We all more or less large cities paadchynyalisya pasteravskiya station that followed the epidemiological situation and vaccinate — but only in areas inhabited by relatively wealthy citizens. In the provincial city of Minsk is a station was opened in 1911, in October of that year, "Minsk vrachebnyya izvstiya" they write, for example: "Dog bshenstvo bolzn rdkaya and watch her arrival, glavnym obrazom, sluzhaschim hospital."

It actually — a death sentence …

Of course, infuriating — and now the disease is not very common, but also to recover from it is almost impossible, if not urgently seek medical attention, she actually — a death sentence. By 2009 there were we only know about the nine cases of successful treatment of those who have not passed the timely vaccination. One American woman cured too clever way — to bring her into an artificial coma, rightly judging that the rabies virus causes only temporary, though, and irreversible damage to the central nervous system. Talk about yoga, which is bitten by a sacred cow, only one force unushennya forced himself not to get sick with rabies — so confident he ruled his body, so his condition was stable nervous system. But after a few years and then one day something very upset yoga — who knows what: possible loss of the national team for the Asia Cup, and maybe the death of Marilyn Monroe — and he allowed himself to relax. Due to stress the nervous system has failed, and the rabies virus, which was dozing in an ambush, broke free — a few days yogi died.

It is interesting that the incidence of rabies is not registered on the continent such as Australia and Antarctica. But not far from Belarus (at a distance of about one brotherly love), the country Venezuela pasteravskiya idea to still not found a fairly wide use. There's a small jungle lives Cooking Indian people to believe in their descent from the Big Sky Hunters, who once shot a hole in the sky, and went through it to the ground. Cooking suffering from an epidemic of rabies, which they contracted from bats. Large terrestrial hunter Hugo Chavez said in no hurry to help Vara. If this continues, the Varia nothing left as the polls go back to where you came from the founder of their race, and seal tightly for a hole in the sky.

Vladislav Padkavinski. Madness shock. 1894

With one hand, we stroked the cat, and the other massacred thousands of homeless animals, only fault is that they exist side by side with us. I think rabies has always been a certain sign from above, reminders to people who subdued the "little brothers" of the animal nature of man, of our common ancestry with animals. Man sick with rabies bite animals — like the kiss of a slave who at the last moment before death like this reminds his tyrant host of equality and responsibility, trying to arouse his humanity and compassion. As long as one does not stop killing animals for fun and prestige, will this silent kiss of death bite. He exposes the brutal nature of man, he is like an explosion in the subway — the last, last resort, a desperate response to the terror of the winners.

Sixty painful injections into the stomach to the person bitten by a stray animal — like sixty silver bullets, fired at Vampires: so we fired off from nature.

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