Rat — a terrible and mysterious




Is there really a secret, invisible link between the human world and the animal world, such as between a man and a rat, according to esoteric? And what explains the paradox: In Europe, the rat hate, and in the East, on the contrary, honor?

According to scientists, in the case of a third world war, which of course would be fusion, the first candidate of survival would have been just a rat. And that's saying a lot … For what disliked rat Europeans for five centuries in a life-and-death-fighting "vile creatures"? The answer is simple: first penetrated into Europe from exotic countries with the help of Portuguese navigators, rats brought a devastating plague and killed tens of millions of people. Thus the rat was in the eyes of Europeans criminal, being outside the law.

At the same time, mythology favors rats, telling of a time when the rat enjoyed respect … One day the Buddha called a council of animals and decided that the twelve who arrived first to receive special rights. God was the first to rat her cow, rabbit … then a reward for promptness and obedience Buddha commanded every twelve years each of the chosen animal will rule over time, and the people giving the beings of his character traits. So rat, among others, received a year, named in her honor.

Invincible and Legendary
RENOWNED expert on maritime affairs and writer Vladimir Shigin seascape sketch of a rat named as eloquently — "The great battle over the ocean," referring to the desperate struggle of sailors with rats, and came to a disappointing conclusion: the man of "great battle" loses. What people do not just come up with to get rid of ship rats, beaten, drowned, poisoned, smoked gas, electric shocks, cultured rat-eating cousins, frightened magnetic recording screaming dying rats, creatures created around electromagnetic fields and even the air dilution, checking on tightness of the submarine … All to no avail! At best, the rats had capitulated to ten years, after which there is a new, more stable population for testing. Rat "grow stronger" and did whatever on people than ever. No wonder the Navy once the custom to pour a sailor to catch the rat, glass of vodka. Rat-farming occupied even modern nuclear submarines and pose a serious threat to the submarine fleet, since Gnawing cables and wires, learned to eat with plastic and other "chemistry." The viability of rat incredible! The adult rat is able to float 10 hours sailing with up to 5 kilometers.

In rats, as in humans, there is a kind of hierarchy: each individual occupies a certain position in "society", and above all this way of life is a rat-chief, which squeak — the law for everyone else. Here is one example of the unique rat crazy. When people began to poison rats, mixing it in rat poison delicacy, creature quickly figured out what was happening, and began to send food to a suspected suicide bomber rat to remove the sample.

The rat does not like crowded bustle, it respects the space and freedom, so most willingly settles on large ships with a small crew. It is believed that the rat is quite aggressive and not afraid of anything, besides omnivorous and hungry, not "shrink" even human flesh. It is believed that in the rat lives elements of fire, and the fire of Aries, the pioneer and adventurer. This sets an unexpected link between the elements of Eastern and Western astrology … Rat incredible stamina easily tolerate fluctuations in climate, the pressure drops, lives around the world — both in the tropics and in the Arctic, can withstand the temperature drop to minus 20.S.

The modern legend, more resembles the truth, depicts the image of a giant mutant rat the size and color of strange, evil and dangerous, besides surprisingly cleverly deviates from any kind of trouble.

They say that modern witches on forces to cope with the rats because they are able to control the rat energy. Well, maybe. And if it is, then, the rat does have some unusual energy charge.

One World
In order to verify the reality of the existence of a secret affair animals and humans, we describe the human psycho-rats, as it is described by the Eastern astrologers. Born in the Year of the Rat are attractive, thrifty, purposeful, cheerful, restless, sometimes up to nervousness, practical, petty, pedantic, stingy, if necessary, can take the risk. Money set aside for a rainy day, and as a rule, their old age is provided. They know how to keep a secret and show a rare instinct for self-preservation. In the rat-men happy childhood and adolescence, but the second half of life is full of trials and contradictions, as they often are deceived, are susceptible to all sorts of tinsel and gloss, but at the same time may well cheat others, however, often without malice. They like to take care of those in need, they are willing to stand up for the weak and the wronged, can not tolerate long loneliness.

When life gets a telling blow, Rat-men hammered into the hole and wait out the hard times, accumulating strength for new achievements, showing good intuition and anticipating future disasters, and deftly avoid them, however skillfully using beneficial wind of fortune. Also know how to appreciate the happy moments of life. So as not to envy the rats to people?

Finally publish table-born rats of people:

January 14, 1936 — February 10, 1937;
February 10, 1948 — January 28, 1949;
January 28, 1960 — February 14, 1961;
February 19, 1972 — February 2, 1973;
February 3, 1984 — January 23, 1985

Alexander Kherson Udachina


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