Rats are dead, and the young people continued to have fun

Rats are dead, and the young people continued to have funTo the 20th century music was mostly positive and provided the people a positive therapeutic effect. That all changed in the 20th century, when the development of civilization began to appear destructive styles of music. In the mid-20th century humanity, a new disease — the craze for rock and pop music. Scientists have found that this music is more harmful than helpful. It reduces intelligence zombiruet person is kind of addiction. And the music scientists called "music-killer" (or "music addiction").

The reason is that it uses sverhgromkie sound, which, according to studies, have a devastating effect on any living organism. Western scientists have original experience: the cage with the rats placed in a disco — in 2 hours the rats are dead, and the young people continued to celebrate.
In concert, rock and pop music, the volume reaches 110-120 decibels while the permissible limit of 85 decibels. Regular and prolonged exposure to noise above 85-90 decibels with permanent ear infections. And rebuild the damaged ear nerve surgically impossible. Science has proven that people who every day for 15 minutes, subjected to stun the sound of 110 decibels will damage your hearing aid in a few years. In the 21st century, we have yet another fad hobby — young men and women are walking around with headphones from the player or cell phone. Scientists have found that while listening to player, you can get sick. So, if suddenly your student or the student and their sleep, he becomes lethargic, he even appears vomiting — Select in the headphones and take to Laura.

Contemporary music in rock, hip-hop, metal, and pop and rap based on the sounds low — unnatural — frequency. Studies show that such sounds have a negative impact on a person. Ultrasounds are also dangerous that emit rock tools in the long run. In addition, American neurosurgeons several years studying the so-called "rhythm toxemia" — a disease that affects the white teenagers, avid rock and pop music, as they are very harmful affects rhythmic foundation of the music in the 120, 150 and 300 beats per minute. African Americans do not care — hard ecstatic rhythm in their blood.

With a combination of high sound intensity, low frequency and hard accelerated rhythm in the body irreversible process: 1) lack of energy, depression, heart rate, upset the nervous system and the endocrine glands. 2) In the brain, the biochemical reactions are similar to those taking morphine. 3) The body releases stressgormony that destroy the information the brain, resulting in the degradation of the individual. Russian scientists have recorded the following: after 10? Minutes listening hard rock seventh-graders for a while forget the multiplication table. 4) You could damage internal organs and tissue, hemorrhage, edema, arthritis.

At rock concerts are frequent concussion sound, sound burns, hearing loss, memory. There are cases when, during Paul McCartney's concert in Venice volume of the music has reached a destructive force that has failed one of the wooden bridges. A concert of "Pink Floyd" in the open air once led to the fact that in the nearby lake emerged stunned fish. And, of course, the facts of suicide after rock concerts, fights and robberies have been no surprises. Devastating effect also has a permanent hobby club disco music, rap, techno music, it leads to spiritual degradation and damages the body. On the contrary, the music, which is based on the sounds high (natural) frequency — classic, traditional, spiritual, and other influences people positively, increasing energy levels, causing joy and good humor. High-frequency sounds stimulate brain activity, improve memory, stimulate thought processes, relieve muscle tension and make the balance of the internal organs.
Improvement of music

General music emerged as a reflection of cosmic harmony. Man, as a part of the universe, tuning by beautiful melodies on the harmonic sound of the Cosmos, finds spiritual strength and physical health. So say the ancient treatises. The same understanding of music comes and modern science. It is now called music therapy. The basis of the principle of recovery of the music of the resonance. Every organ, tissue, cell has a "healthy" resonance frequency. If the frequency is changed, the body begins to break out of the general harmony, comes his illness. And the disease can be reduced by giving the organ sound wave frequency, that is, through music therapy.

Improving music therapy used since the ancient times. In ancient times it was known that the positive sound vibrations are able to provide effective therapeutic effect on the human body and psyche. "The first music therapist" called Pythagoras. He created a method of therapy and successfully applied. Aristotle considered music a means of "treating the body and cleanse the soul." Avicenna used the music to heal neurotic. In ancient China, the method of treatment of disease is the impact on the acupressure points with needle-pricking, moxibustion and music. And in the Parthian kingdom (3rd century BC. Gh.) Was even built musical Medical Center, where with the help of specially selected tunes treated for depression, nervous disorders and heart pains.

In Europe, the mention of the use of music to treat neurotic refers to the beginning of the 19th century, when French psychiatrist Eskirol began to introduce music therapy in psychiatric institutions. Then the scientist J.? Dogiel found that exposure to music at the person changing blood pressure, pulse rate of the heart muscle, the rhythm and depth of breathing. Investigated the mechanism of the effect of music I.? Tarkhanov, student of the outstanding Russian physiologist IP? Sechenov. In 1893, he published an article in the St. Petersburg "On the influence of music on the human body," in which he pointed out that the harmonious classical music has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems. Famous Russian surgeon — Academician Boris? Petrovsky — used classical music during the operation: he observes, under the influence of music body begins to work better. Eminent neuropsychiatrist — Academician Bekhterev — believed that music has a positive effect on respiration, blood circulation, relieves fatigue and lullabies contribute to the prevention of neurosis in children. Bekhterev found that even a simple beating rhythm affects the frequency of pulsations of blood.
In the 20th century, music therapy has been widely practiced in the world. Since 1969 Sweden has a music therapy company. Through his research, it became known to the world that the bell sounds, containing the resonant ultrasound radiation can affect the immediate killing of typhoid bacilli, pathogens jaundice and flu viruses. Studies German doctor Frank Morelli (70 º s), extended group of Russian scientist Yuri? Gotovsky confirmed the possibility of using sound waves for therapeutic purposes. Moscow rehabilitation center for children with bronchopulmonary pathology for several years successfully applied music for beneficial effects on intrauterine development of the child. And since 1993, music therapy has become one of the most popular therapies in the United States.? American Dr. Gordon Shaw explains the influence of music on the health effects of vibration sounds: "We absorb the energy of the music, and it normalizes the rhythm of our breathing, pulse, blood pressure, temperature, relieves muscle voltage. Therefore, properly chosen melody has a beneficial effect on patients, and accelerates their recovery. " Music heals, acting on the human psyche. But interestingly, the music resonates living objects that do not have the higher nervous activity — plants. It is known as a foreign company to grow pineapples became the same quality product competitor. We bought the same brand, conducted the study, but in vain. So they decided to use the same workers as a competitor. And productivity increased by 120%! It turned out, new people accompanied his work with folk songs.

Great classic treats the body and soul

Great composers have always felt a connection between music and moral, and spiritual health. No wonder they use the immortal works of all modern-muzykotera pevty. Bach, Handel, Vivaldi — has beneficial effects on the psyche, and improves memory. Music of Beethoven, Brahms — tones. Chopin — uplifting. Melodies of Tchaikovsky, Chopin mazurkas, Liszt rhapsody — help subdue the pain, to find peace of resistance. Creator of music pharmacology American scientist Robbert Shofler prescribe for medical reasons to listen to all the symphonies of Tchaikovsky and Mozart. Of Mozart experts generally consider the phenomenon of the effects of music on living organisms. Based on research, the French otolaryngologist Alfred Tomatis found that Mozart's music to the greatest extent contains high-frequency sounds, recharge and activate the brain and enhance intelligence.

University professor Cheffildskogo Katie Overy formulated aspects of positive influence of classical music on intelligence: 1) improving speech and reading skills, 2) improving the literary and mathematical skills, and 3) improving memory, concentration, and 4) improved motor coordination.

Therapeutically useful not only to classical music — serious and popular, symphony and opera, music, comedy and musical, but also folk music and so-called "classic pop genre" — the masterpieces of film music in the style of Tariverdiev, Dunaevsky, Eugen Doga, Sviridov, Michel Legrand, Ennio Morricone, world hits dance-pop music, the best pop songs of the talented composers like Alexander Pahmutova, Babajanyan, etc.? etc.

Another example of the music has a powerful harmonizing effect and great healing power? — Is a spiritual music (ancient mantras, temple and church songs of various nations). Exploring the positive effects of classical and sacred music on the human brain, scientists have found that music improves brain function, improving the processes of thinking, stimulate learning processes, facilitates an adequate perception of the world. Funds, which have a beneficial effect on the human soul, its development, and a children's music (including lullabies).

In the works of? Malyarenko and M.? Khvatova (1993-1996) proved that regular perception of children specially selected music improves memory and increases intelligence. A children's early musical experience — singing, listening to music, movement to music, playing music — access to the work of the higher functions of the brain. Very useful so-called music of nature. The sounds of the sea, the rain, the voice of dolphins calm, soothing, sounds of the forest help to reduce blood pressure and normalization of heart, the singing bird evokes positive emotions.

Especially useful vokaloterapiya. It leads to the positive dynamics of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, to enhance the immune system, increase lung capacity, normalization of brain activity has a positive effect on human psycho-emotional sphere. There is information on the benefits of singing with Alzheimer's (an incurable degenerative disease of the central nervous system — the gradual loss of memory, speech and logical thinking). The method developed Sergei Shushardzhan — the leader of the Russian school of music therapy. From 1990 he began to study treatment with the vocals and the music created a department of rehabilitation at Academy. Gnesin (Moscow).

Ability to restore the psycho-physical well-being and has the sound of musical instruments. Violin — heals the soul, a beneficial effect on the melancholic. Body — brings the mind in order, harmonises energy flow spine is — a conductor between the cosmos and the earth. Piano — a beneficial effect on the kidneys, bladder, thyroid, cleanses. Drums — reduced heart rate, stimulate the circulatory system. Flute — affects the broncho-pulmonary system, "cures" unrequited love, soothes. Accordion, accordion — affect improvement of the abdominal cavity. Harp — harmonizes the heart, removes the hysteria effect on improving blood pressure. Saxophone — activates the reproductive system. Double bass, cello, guitar affect the heart and small intestine, are useful in the treatment of kidney disease. Cymbala — has beneficial effects on the liver. Balalaika — the digestive organs. Pipe — useful in the treatment of sciatica.

Sound Gymnastics

Many centuries ago, the monks of Tibetan temples have developed a unique method of normalization of all systems of the body so-called "sound gymnastics", which is of great curative value. This is — singing of individual speech sounds in sequence. This practice is found in all Buddhist temples. We offer you a practical exercise — "Sound gymnastics", similar to Tibetan, for self-healing.

"Sound gymnastics" done in the morning and evening. Morning to "wake up" (increase) our bodies adjust to a healthy work all organs. Should influence the sound of his own voice vibration to certain organs PROPEVI sounds (see figure diagram). The number of repetitions of each sound must be odd (1, 3, 5 …).

You should begin with "a" sound, aimed at the heart. This vibration will reinforce a sense of joy. This sound affects the small intestine, as it is the body of a pair of heart.

Then sing the sound of "I". He awakens spleen, increasing flexibility, quality and sustainability. Health effect of this vibration extends to the stomach, increasing the quality of tolerance and acceptance of others.

The sound of "O" fills the lungs, making light of thought, free from old emotions. Easily related to the large intestine.

"U" sound effects on the kidneys, activating processes rejuvenating the body, helps get rid of emotions of sadness and fear. Healthy function of the kidneys and the bladder can return sensitivity and tenderness.

The sound of the "E" is directed at the liver, activates the processing of anger, hatred, and intolerance. The sound of the "E" and normalizes the gall bladder. Very useful "gall" (angry) people.

Completing the circle, be sure to repeat the "a" sound. Can be sung a few laps, keeping odd repetitions. The same exercise can be used to release your body from accumulated per day extra emotions.

Evening scheme — the same, but the number of singing of each sound — even (2, 4, 6 …).

Sound gymnastics can be applied effectively in the day. Only need to perform the following: In order to invigorate the body, to give him the strength to observe the repetition of sounds and odd circles. If you want to increase the body's resistance and configure it to work continuously observe parity reps. In order to enhance the action of multiple audio, do the following:

Before singing of, put your hands in the area of the body (such as heart), inhale through the nose, imagine the body is filled with bright sunlight, then exhale through the mouth and sings "a" sound, representing the sunlight is distributed throughout the body (in the night version — the body to be filled with silver, cool moonlight, with the exception of the heart, where there is always a fire.) The next organ — spleen, the sound of "I". Follow him and all the other sounds of the same thing as with the sound of "A". GOOD LUCK!

Sincerely, Olga Bursina

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