Raw Food Diet — the ecological food in the world

We have repeatedly written on our website about how raw food is reasonable, appropriate and beneficial to human health. Today we'll talk about how living edaono good for the health of our planet. Rawfoodist army in the world is growing. Many personal experience convinced of the real benefits of this diet. Many did not have any doubt that the raw food diet — this is the only type of food for humans (not including pranic). Unless, of course, that person is committed to a healthy, happy, fulfilling, conscious life.

What is sustainability in raw food diet? Let us think together about povoobrazhaem and so interesting, I would say — fashionable today as the raw food diet eco Gizmo!

You have no idea how relieved sigh our Mother — Earth if humanity will return to the raw food diet — its natural, natural, primordial type of food, the only correct and truly useful. (See and read Paul S.)

Let's order.

1. Raw-foodists do not need cafes, canteens, restaurants, bars and other places to eat. Because, first of all, this rawfoodist experienced high resistance to starvation ("Jordan" — is temporary and transient in the initial stage). Day or two without food for rawfoodist — as though he had forgotten to have breakfast.

Second, eat an apple, carrots, sunflower seeds, peanuts can be anywhere, even on the go. Given what and how much rawfoodist eating, food supply for a few days it is easy to carry, though he could eat something every day.

Once, when my husband was about to leave for a weeklong seminar in another city, I put him in the way a bag of food: apples, cabbage, a few stuff carrots, radishes, turnips, beets, sunflower seeds, nuts and a kilo of green buckwheat. This bag with "uncomplicated with food," he had not so much to the whole workshop and on the way back — it also brought him home not empty.

Third, for a fabulous free rawfoodist restaurant every piece of clean, wildlife. For him, edible almost everything that grows on Mother Earth. syroedenieOn can chew sticks trees, young leaves and flowers of trees, eat any weed — nettle, plantain, goutweed, even such heavy weeds as quinoa, wheat grass and wood lice (the latter is especially rich in silicon). For raw-foodists are many edible flowers and petals. He's like a little bee can eat nectar dandelions, clovers, roses, Lungwort, primroses. There are some raw-foodists — foodies who eat only what they had prepared for Mother Earth and directly from her generous hands. (Pictured real rawfoodist. Suppose experience small, but the moment of conception!)

To satisfy hunger rawfoodist not need complex, energy-intensive construction and piling on the Planet, a service that requires a human slave labor, a huge amount of energy and leaving a lot of debris, and not always for the food and the organic. He did not have time to run for several hours at a diner to amuse your taste buds on the tongue and get another dose of "food" drug. Rawfoodist eat only when truly hungry. In the restaurants and snack bars, as we know, do not go on hunger. 99% of people go to restaurants to Pontian, and snacks — for the delight of its unspoilt appetite.

Now imagine, if the whole territory on the planet who currently occupy the restaurants and other such places to release as unnecessary and weed? Turned into a "living, green restaurants" in the open air, to plant their berries, fruit trees, nut-tree, edible herbs and mushrooms. Decorate klumbochkami, walkways, gazebos, benches. Some of the former restaurants can leave and convert for free home work, clubs, hobby groups.


2. If everyone on the planet raw-foodists — no production


Household waste


all kinds of stoves, ovens, microwave ovens, range hoods, refrigerators, dishwashers (raw-foodists are virtually no utensils), blender, toaster, coffee grinder, food processor, grinder and other rubbish. Imagine how much less trash will make our "caring TNK" (transnational corporations).

You feel a sharp "Incredible lightness of life" if osvoboidite your kitchen from all the sophisticated equipment.

3. If everyone on the planet raw-foodists
— Manufacture of tableware is reduced by several times, plates, vases, bowls need much less when eating a live, plant food as a whole, fresh and natural look, I'm not talking about all kinds of spoons, forks, knives for cutting different kinds of food. And these types of dishes, as pots, pans, steamers, pressure cookers, sokovarki and does not need them! «Zepter», «Berghoff», «Gipfel» can think about what could be produced for the Planet is really useful. A «Tefal» could do to relax — he's always thinking about us … bad. The best thing that could have made these industrial monsters for the planet — it samodemontazh. Imagine how much less clutter to scrap our Planet.

4. If everyone on the planet raw-foodists — Significantly reduced the production of household products, as raw-foodists are rare dishes, and even after the feast syroedcheskogo it easily rinsed with cold water. Poisonous service "Doce", "Fairy" is not needed! It turns out that raw-foodists even water on our planet does even for a drop, but clean!

5. * If everyone on the planet raw-foodists — Significantly reduced the production of packaging — all sorts of bottles, plastic molds, boxes, bags — anything that DO NOT! These raw-foodists do not need it, because the real, living, natural food is growing without plastic. Earth will not have thousands of years to digest the indigestible plastic. A Rothschild Jr. nothing to be traveling across the Pacific Ocean. Remember, he went to putshestvie the catamaran "plastics", built from discarded plastic bottles, thus attracting attention to environmental issues. It would be better planted trees — the good to increase.

6. If everyone on the planet raw-foodists — do not need the production of alcoholic beverages and packaging for them accordingly — no glass, no plastic, no tetrapakovoy. These raw-foodists do not drink alcohol in any forms, or in what quantities, or for what reasons? Even New Year's and your own birthday they celebrate the living spring some water, berry fruit drinks and herbal infusions. Imagine how much more space would release on the Planet, if all the manufacturing plants of vodka, wine, beer and other samodemontirovalis with shops selling their products? How many places on the planet would be even greener? How much space would be freed up for the art establishment and sports schools?

7. If everyone on the planet raw-foodists — that the food industry is a terrible sight, in such kakkto syroedyom it exists today is not needed — with all of its E-E-E-Skum, GMO, MSG, aspartame and other poisons. DO NOT need slaughterhouses and meat processing plants, do not need any farm. No need to manufacture any chips, sugars and sweeteners. No need confectionery, pasta factory, bakery plants. Imagine how much more you can place on the planet greener and make a fragrant oasis, instead of stinking factories. Do not forget that any production, even in the face of profit, which accompany the toxic emissions in Nature.

8. * If everyone on the planet raw-foodists
— you do not need as many grocery stores, delis and supermarkets. First, raw-foodists still they have nothing to buy, and secondly, a veteran raw-foodists eat ridiculously small, almost like Thumbelina, and every year less and less. The greater the length of the raw food diet, especially in less food need. Reduced the number by itself. Without an effort of will and plants — just is not desirable. The body is clean, just enough. Reduction and improvement stores and supermarkets — this is again the release of the living space, the removal of one more "civilized scab" with the body of our planet.

9. If everyone on the planet raw-foodists
— You do not need to produce as agricultural machinery, chemical fertilizers and modified seeds! You just imagine: monster «Monsanto» will not destiny! «Monsanto» will not be able to go about their unscrupulous deeds: bullying people (additives, fertilizers, GMO seeds), the genocide of humanity, because of human food in a man wakes up man, and he will no longer pay for the anti-human services «Monsanto», in fact paying its slow suicide, licking his lips and saying: "Thank you, it was very good."

10. If everyone on the planet raw-foodists — You do not need a modern intensive agriculture, which severely destroys the fertility of our soil, the natural recovery that may require more than one century. Why rawfoodist not need modern agriculture? First, rawfoodist does not need this amount of food, even the plant in which it was produced today. After all, 80-90% of the grain produced is fed to livestock.

Second, the way to eat wild plants rawfoodist

Third, the real raw-foodists-grown gourmet food for themselves according to the principles of organic farming and permaculture. They have their own living, a unique restaurant called

"FAVORITE Gardening."


This restaurant is always lively food cooked by the most environmentally friendly way especially for the Boss.

Organic farming is not only LIVING FOOD does, it also "Earth does"That is, increases the fertility of the soil, and does not destroy them, as intensive agriculture. Almost any rawfoodist Since coming to understand the need to grow the most food for themselves. Because that is what they sell it in stores and markets under the "appearance" of fruits and vegetables — food difficult to call. If on price tags next to the price of tomato wrote his "chemical formula" and "genetic code", then we would not even have dared to his tomato-then called — because some frost-resistant gene-modified tomato introduced deep-sea fish. With who becomes a man-eating vegetables such mutants? Question on filling …

11. Now try to imagine, given the above, how much less energy to produce modern humanity, if it suddenly becomes a miracle rawfoodist? Electricity production delivers a lot of trouble to our nature. Civilized people do not even think of the suffering of our planet, providing electricity to our antiprirodnuyu civilization. It used to live carelessly and unconsciously benefit from the gifts of nature and unreasonable and mismanagement, not responsible for the consequences of their actions.

Try doing this "meditation" — every time you use electricity in your life — no matter in what form, even if the gulls are going to boil, imagine that somewhere in this coal is burned, and the black smoke fly to heaven — and you are part of this process. Rawfoodist house consumes a small amount of power, because "syroedcheskomu home" does not need to "feed" the refrigerators, stoves, microwave ovens and other household kitchen appliances senseless.

12. And the last. Which is also a consequence of all of the above — just imagine how many people on the Planet freed from slavery, useless labor, if all people suddenly become raw-foodists. All the people who used to spend his precious life to service all of these institutions are directly or indirectly related to the production of food — All these people will be able to do in nastyaschemu good, useful thing — you love! Live food for live planeteA not producing food, which destroys planet and people. Millions, maybe billions of people would be able to think about their purpose and begin to execute it right now, and not to go to the hated slave work for the money, spreading doom with his hands — "what can we do?" Can. Let's start with a raw food diet. It is, incidentally, not only eliminates all parasites, it also clears the brain and the mind clears. When you eat live food, and think it is alive, and thoughts are born alive.

Let's just dream a little! All the people on the planet became rawfoodist — what happened? In my opinion, good result? And to you as it seems?

If you maintain health and youth — not a serious motivation to go to a raw food diet, then go to it for the sake of saving the planet. Serious reasons you can imagine.

"Home" will leave children or eat him alive? Even the sign in space will have nowhere to put the inscription: "Here, there once existed a beautiful green planet, which is" eaten up "one of the most foolish of civilizations in the universe."



Go back to his mother, the prodigal children of civilization! ALL-ALL-ALL that you have in life gives you the nature! Chasing cut paper, you risk being left in the trash.

"When the river there will be no fish, and in the forest there will be no tree — only humanity finally realizes that money can not eat, breathe them too can not." You and I still have a small chance to figure it out a little earlier …

And in conclusion, I would like on behalf of Mother Earth to thank all the creatures on the planet rawfoodist: "Thank you, my detushki! I became a little easier to breathe. Enough I Silushka patient, wait a little longer, while others wake up and detushki back to conscious life. "



And happily breathe our Earth!
Wake the sleeping and smile to the world!
GARDENS ALL cover the earth —
We revived the GREAT RUSSIAN!

AuthorJulia Salnikova


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