REASONS close military ties between Saudi Arabia and PAKISTAN

REASONS close military ties between Saudi Arabia and PAKISTAN
Hereditary Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz (Salman bin Abdulaziz, pictured left), who is also deputy prime minister and defense minister of Saudi Arabia, who had just graduated from own visit to Pakistan, reports February 19.

Some experts believe that the increased military cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan goes to a new dimension — to counter Iran, which could make a nuclear weapon. Riyadh fears that a weakening of economic sanctions against Iran could allow Tehran to move faster in their own nuclear ambitions.

«Iran is trying to become a nuclear power, and Saudi Arabia, which is a regional power, can not ignore this threat,» said the last salting CA in Pakistan Ali Sherazi (Ali Sherazi). Pakistan as the owner of one of the largest armies in the world and the only Muslim country with a nuclear weapon, has a «unique opportunity» to assist Saudi Arabia in the military field. Head of the Research Institute of the region in Peshawar Shafrazi Khan (Sarfraz Khan) said that Iran and Saudi Arabia have conflicting interests in the Persian Gulf, and Pakistan can strengthen the Saudis. «To resist the influence of Iran, Saudi Arabia are increasingly looking towards Pakistan,» he said.

Last year, the Air Force Agency (Bi-bi-si) said that Saudi Arabia has invested in nuclear weapons development program from Pakistan, but both countries have denied this information. But there is no hesitation, that military cooperation between Islamabad and Riyadh Al becoming more active. This cooperation is manifested in almost all forms, including training Saudi pilots in the Air Force of Pakistan and the deployment of Pakistani troops on the ground in Saudi Arabia to ensure its safety. Military analyst, past Commodore PAF Nauman Wazir (Nauman Wazir) states that at the moment Pakistan can put Saudi warplanes JF-17 Thunder and trainer aircraft. «In Saudi Arabia there is no best as a training aircraft and combat than JF-17. He has the ability to support ground troops, «said the analyst. But in a joint statement 2-states not mention intrigued CA purchase these aircraft.

But Iran is not the only prerequisite for the Rapprochement of Pakistan and CA. Believe that Pakistan can assist oil-rich kingdom to fight «al-Qaeda» and perfectly reflect the armed terrorist raids adjacent Yemen. Pakistan also has border disputes with Iran, which in the main are on the border of Pakistan’s Baluchistan province. Not so long ago 5 Iranian border guards were captured by militants and taken across the border deep into Pakistan’s Baluchistan, prompting Tehran to speak with a warning that can bring their troops to rescue them. Pakistan expressed «grave concern» about the danger. This incident will make closer to Islamabad and Riyadh Al.

In addition, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (Nawaz Sharif, pictured right) uses only too tight ties with senior members of the royal family of Saudi Arabia. When in 1999 as a result of a bloodless military coup, he was deposed from his post, Sharif with his own family fled to Saudi Arabia. «During the reign of Zardari (Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan on September 9. 2008 to Sep 8. 2013 — ca.» VP «) deal with Saudi Arabia were not warm, but as we know, the Prime Minister Sharif has a good relationship with the ruling Saudi royal family, which further strengthens bilateral relations, «says Brigadier General last, a senior Pakistani intelligence Mahmood Shah (Mehmood Shah).

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