Report of Milton Cooper — Secret Government and UFOs

January 29, 2012 10:33

(1947) just finished the most devastating and costly war in the history of mankind. The United States has made and applied (Hiroshima and Nagasaki), the atomic bomb, was the only of the States with a weapon capable of killing not only the enemy, but virtually the entire globe. The U.S. economy flourished in the country — the world's highest living standards. One can only imagine the confusion for themselves and concern more informed members of the government of Harry Truman, when they found out in the desert, located on the territory of New Mexico crashed extraterrestrial gallaktichesky ship.

From January 1947 to December 1952, the last 16 as the extraterrestrial ships crashed or been obliged to land. The result: 65 dead and one living alien into the hands of the Yankees. Another ship exploded in the air.

February 13, 1948 extraterrestrial craft was found on a small plateau high near Aztec (New Mexico). Other — 25 March of the same year in Nart Canyon (in the same state). Of 2-ships were recovered 17 dead bodies of aliens. Both ships were found body parts of a huge number of people. This is terrific. The demon seemed raised its ugly head, and the nightmare enveloped everyone who was "in the know".

All documents of the incident were marked "very secret." Security cover was more dense than the Manhattan Project (the atomic bomb). In the following years, these actions have become more top secret in the world.

Back in December 1947, was created by a group of leading American scientists, received the name of "Project Sain." A year later, she joined the "Project Gradzh." A special sample was composed of misinformation "Gradzhem" and released under the title "Blue book". All in all, were 16 volumes of "Gradzha" including very strange and controversial "Gradzh 13", which created the report and some M.Kuper Bill Ingish beheld, read and presented to the tribunal of the public. Organized the "Blue Team" for the collection of the crashed disks, dead aliens, as survivors living representatives. Later the "Blue Team" joined with "Alpha team" under the "Pounce".

U.S. Secretary of Defense James Forrestal objected to the secrecy. He was a great idealist, a very religious man and believed that folk should be informed. When he began to read about these issues with the opposition party favorites and favorites of Congress, Truman asked him to resign. Persons who did not know the facts, explained his condition as paranoia. This later his condition was described as a failure of nerve activity. Minister placed in the naval hospital. In reality, the fear that he will again be read … and that's how utvrezhdaet M.Kuper, earliest day of May 22, 1949 CIA tied his neck with a piece sheets, the other end of a piece of reinforcement in his room and threw him out the window. Sheet broke, prisoner flew down and died. Forrestal became one of the first victims nestled komplota.

Live alien who survived the fall in Roswell, was named EBE. Name suggested by Dr. Vanniver Bush, and it stood for a Bio Alien Creature. Most of the time spent lying SVD and answered only those questions where the answers suited those who asked. If the question was pulling for a useless answer, SVD did not answer him. Here and there in the middle of the second year of his stay in captivity VBS started to unfold, and the information acquired by him, was, to say the least, amazing. These formed the basis of his testimony that later received the title of "yellowish books." EBE photographed many times — the creator of the report beheld these images into "Gradzh 13."

In late 1951 EBE was sick. Medical staff was powerless to make a diagnosis. The body was based on SVD chlorophyll, he turned to the energy consumption of food like plants. Botanist Dr. Guillermo Mendoza tried to assist the victim ozdorovet. He worked with EBE until mid-1952, when he died. Dr. Mendoza became an expert on alien biology.

November 4, 1952 hidden order of President Truman had created a top-secret State Security (UHB). His main task was to decipher the alien talks and try to establish a dialogue with them. This is an urgent task was a continuation of a earliest attempts and got the code title "Sigma". Second objective was to conduct interception UHB the negotiations around the world as among people, and between the aliens and the right to keep secret the last stay on Earth.

President Truman informed the allies, including the Soviet Union, the development of difficulties since the aliens entering their vehicle re-entry and landing at Roswell. This was done in order to prevent the probable from the alien threat to the existence of the world's population. Plans were made for the protection of the Earth in case of invasion. Also decided that it is necessary to make an independent group to coordinate and control international efforts in order to preserve hiddenness of the press, which studies the actions of governments. It was finally cooperated secret society under the title Bilderbergs with headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland). This society has evolved and reincarnated, says creator, in a secret world government, which currently controls all things and is in control of everything.

In a white house in 1953, he settled a new president. He was a man accustomed to serious organizational structure of personnel in military fashion, to mandate the execution of commands. His method was to delegate authority. He himself took the decision only when his advisors were unable to reach a consensus. Usually he read or slushival several alternatives and then approve one of them.

Only for the first year of Dwight Eisenhower in power (1953) in the last 10 discs least another break, they were found in 26 dead and 4 live alien. Of these 10 discs 4 found in Arizona, 2 — in Texas, 1 — in New Mexico, 1 — Louisiana 1 — in Montana and one in South Africa already.

Eisenhower realized that he had to decide delemu aliens. He also realized that it is not able to do it by revealing the secret to Congress. First, in 1953 the president appealed to the ownership of the other officers and the Council on international relations Helsonu Rockefeller. Together they began to plan for the hidden structure observing aliens. Thus was born the idea of organization of the majority-12 (B-12). Turning to Rockefeller, Eisenhower made a big mistake, said the future of the U.S. and it is entirely possible the entire population of the earth.

In 1953, the astrologers found large gallakticheskie object moving toward the Earth. At first they were mistaken for asteroids. The following observations and analysis have shown that this gallakticheskie ships. The "Sigma" intercepted radio transmissions aliens. Heskolko machines flew to Earth and reached the very highest orbit around the equator. Their intentions were not solved.

Meanwhile, we read in the report M.Kupera, a group of familiar Yankees humanoid aliens came into contact with the U.S. government. This group warned of unsafe intentions of new invaders, flying around the equator, and suggested that the people of Earth to assist in spiritual development. They claimed, that was destroyed by a nuclear weapon. In this case, refused to share certain technology, referring to the fact that people are not spiritually prepared to use even the technology, which has already had at the time. These aliens argued that humans are on the path of self-destruction that is necessary to complete pollution of land and plunder its mineral resources, learn to live in harmonious accord. These conditions have been met with deep suspicion, especially in the part that was their main condition — nuclear disarmament, and were rejected.

And in 1954 a group of long-haired aliens landed at Holloman Air Force Base, USA. The basic agreement was quickly reached. They argued that came with the planet, orbiting a reddish star in the constellation of Orion which we call Betelgeuse. Intruders pronounced: their planetka dies and in the indefinite future will be applicable to life. The result of these negotiations was the second touchdown — now on the Edwards Air Force Base. This historical event had been planned in advance. Eisenhower was in Palm Springs on vacation. On the appointed day the President was taken to the base, and the press was told he Tipo attended a reception at the dentist.

The President met with the aliens and a formal contract between the aliens and the U.S. government was signed. To us came first salting from space — its all-powerful majesty KRLLL (pronounced Krill). In the classic South American contempt of his royal title became vsekrete be called "Unique Krill hostage." It should be said that the flag aliens known under the title "Three-character differences." He is depicted on their ships, the same insignia they wear on their own uniforms. Both of these trips and the second meeting were recorded on film. Film exists today.

The contract says the aliens would not interfere in our affairs, and the U.S. would not interfere in their affairs. stay intruders should be kept secret. They will tell the Yankees subtleties own advanced technology and assist in its development in the world. The aliens will not enter into agreements with other countries on our planet. They can temporarily "steal" a limited number of people (for their medical examination and development control), provided that these people will not be harmed, would be returned to the place from where they were abducted, forget what happened to them. Provided further that the aliens and the U.S. government will exchange 16 persons each to explore each other.

Another decision — on building underground bases for extraterrestrials and a 2-for sharing aliens and the U.S. government. On the bases of sharing technology transfer should take place. Facilities for aliens will built under reservation Redskins 4-point states: Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and one in Nevada, in the area known as C-4, located approximately seven miles south of the western boundary of Area 51, known entitled Dreamland. All areas of aliens living under full control and supervision of the Navy Department and the payment is made from the working personnel funds Navy. Construction of bases began immediately, but proceeded slowly until the time has not yet been allocated large allocations in 1957. Lasted and work on the "yellowish book."

A draft Redlayt and in harmony with it severe test flights began on extraterrestrial ships. Hidden object built in Groom Lake (Nevada) in the center of the polygon for testing tools. He was, as already mentioned, the code name of Dreamland. Only the Department of the Navy may issue a right of access to the object with the following endorsement of the law by the President. The drama of fate, the president had no right of access.

Tasked to do a top-secret military service in order to ensure the security of extraterrestrial objects. This is how the National Intelligence Organization, based in Fort Carson (Colorado). Special teams, trained in providing security facilities were named Delta.

Second project, code hidden title Snowbird formed to provide false explanations flight project Redlayt. Namely, interpret them as experiences BBC. Ships were made with the use of common technologies, their flights were shown to the press.

Much money has been spent from the special fund for the construction of 75 of the deepest underground shelters. The president, who showed interest in this building, which explains that the shelter built for President in case of war. In fact for this purpose built only a few shelters. Others — it is a hidden base for the aliens, as GPVB — deep underground military bases in the United States. In practice, this hole in the ground, deep enough to withstand a nuclear explosion, equipped with high-end communications. Vpribavok to objects Atomic Energy Commission has built an additional 22 underground sites.

Seat of the underground sites and all other information on their numbers in the extreme hidden. The funds were and are under the control of military control white houses. They pass through a circuitous network, while the most indoctrinated spy or accountant can not follow this process. Only a few people at the beginning and end of the network know why these funds are provided.

B-12, established in 1954, continues to exist in our days.

By 1955, it became natural that aliens fool Eisenhower and terminated the contract. Disfigured and mutilated people and animals have been discovered on the whole area of the United States. There was a suspicion that the contact lists of aliens to the people were not represented B-12, as well as the fact that not all abductees had been returned. It turned out that the aliens have manipulated and continue to manipulate the masses of people, using a hidden society chernoknizhnichenstvo, magic, occultism, and religion. After several Air Force fights with alien craft became very clear that our gun did not go to any comparison with their guns.

Another important finding was that soon the aliens use humans and animals as a source of glandular secretions and hormones, enzymes, conduct genetic experiments on them. The aliens explain to them that these actions are necessary to maintain its own existence: that the genetic structure of a rapidly deepening and they've lost the ability to multiply. If all goes well, and further, their race will be over soon exist. We, the report said M.Kupera, reacted to their explanations with the last suspect. But since our gun was completely useless against the aliens, the B-12 have decided to continue with friendly diplomatic affairs as long as when you get to make the technology, so you can win the probability of military conflict. Also decided to refer to the Russian Union and a number of other states to join forces necessary for the salvation of mankind.

As a result, research projects have been developed by Joshua and Excalibur. Joshua was based on the weapons seized from the Germans, which is able to penetrate armor plate width of 4 inches (inches — 2.5 cm) at 2-miles using low frequency sound waves. It was believed that this tool will be effective against the alien craft and beam weapons. Excalibur — a tool that is delivered to the site of introduction of the rocket. It Suitable airborne lasers to destroy ground targets. Deviation from the target of less than 50 meters. Able to penetrate compacted tufa, which is found in New Mexico, at a depth of 1,000 meters. By establishing a nuclear warhead capacity of 1 megaton, and is designed to defeat the aliens in their underground bases. The implement of the project "Joshua" has already been created. At the moment, made unprecedented efforts to create and to create tools for the project "Excalibur."

Were painstakingly analyzed the action in Fatima, first occurred this century. Maybe it is a manipulation of the same aliens? U.S. asked for help to the Vatican and soon got out of their study, which included and prediction. In predicting claims that if a person does not depart from evil and do not prostrate at the feet of Christ, planetoid expects self-destruction, and the actions that are described in Revelation (Apocalypse) really necessarily occur. It is predicted that the child would be born, which will link voedinyzhdy people and establish peace on Earth, and that lime religion appear in 1992. By 1995, people usvoyut that this child is the embodiment of evil, the Antichrist. Also in '95 in the Middle East flare third global war, the United Arab civilization invaded Israel. Initially will apply ordinary weapons, and in 1999, a general loss of life will occur in the fire of nuclear war.

Between 1999 and 2003, the majority of life on Earth is over, will become extinct. The second coming of Christ will occur in 2011.

When aliens are familiar with this information, they have confirmed their authenticity. Discussion is made of people by hybridization. They themselves are able to travel back in time and therefore know that all the predicted action really happen. The imminent introduction of alien technology by the United States and the Russian Union, including travel time, as well, on the views of Cooper, confirmed the correctness of the prediction. The aliens showed a hologram — the crucifixion of Christ. The U.S. government took it on film. Believe it or not? Whether they used the original religion of the world or as a matter of fact were the creators of our religions with which we have always manipulated?

No one knows the answers to these questions. According to the last measure, when in 1957 a symposium in which participated the best minds ever since they came to the conclusion that by 2000 or soon thereafter planetka undergo self-destruction due to population growth and exploitation of man's environment — without any help from the God or aliens.

In the first stage of space exploration Yankees each start and landing on the moon accompanied aircraft aliens. Almost all have seen and shot on film parties flight Apollo program there. Domes and arches, peaked roofs, the highest round of the structure, similar to the shaped as letters "T", the mining machines that are similar to stitches leave marks on the surface of the moon, big or small is very gallakticheskie alien ships — everything is clearly seen in the pictures. Cooper says, is a joint South American, a Russian base and base aliens. Gallakticheskaya programm U.S. is a farce and is associated with unprecedented to waste large sums of money. Most of the participants in programs from Apollo were deeply shocked by this his discovery. Life and the following statements astronauts demonstrate the depth of their testimony, and act on their orders to remain silent. They were ordered not to open his mouth to Tipo judgments "necessary."

How to start a relationship with the aliens, the U.S. became the owners of such technology, which previously did not dream. In the area there are 51 gallaktichesky ship "Aurora". He makes regular flights into space. This single-stage ship, received the title of ZAC (trans-atmospheric gallaktichesky ship). He shoots from the ground after takeoff at 7 miles, rising high into orbit and land on the same runway. Pilots already been to the moon, Mars and other planets aboard these ships.

In 1969, there was a confrontation between the scientists and the aliens at the underground laboratory dulcitol. Were called Delta Force, but their gun was useless against the alien weapons. 66 people were killed during the operation. As a result, the U.S. eliminated from all joint projects for the last two years at least. But gradually it reconciliation. Now the cooperation lasts.

When the Watergate scandal broke, President Nixon had intended to overcome the storm, confident that he is not threatened impeachment. But, the majority-12 had a different view. The intelligence community is completely fair to conclude that the process of impeachment will open the folder and disgusted the public, will reveal terrible secrets. Nixon ordered to resign. He refused, and the U.S. has been brewing the first in the history of a military coup. Joint Chiefs of Staff of the armed forces of the United States sent a secret message does the commander and the commanders of the U.S. military around the world. It says: "On receipt of this message, you should not do either one of the first orders coming from the white houses. Acknowledge receipt. "This message was sent 5 days before Nixon conceded and publicly announced that he was resigning. The creator of the report says: I myself beheld this message. I asked the head of his own, like he did — because the message clearly unconstitutional. He replied: "I would have waited and looked it even go any orders of white houses, and there would have decided to do."

B-12 developed a conditional plan to bring down the trail at least some who are closer to the truth. This plan is known under the title "The stately twelve".

Other contingent plan at this point is valid, we all now live on it. The purpose of the plan — to make folk likely confrontation with the aliens. People practically bombed movies, advertising and transfers, representing virtually all of the nuances of character alien presence. This has its good and not a good side. Wrap around and natuzhte attention. The aliens plan to advertise their presence, and the government is preparing us to the fact that there was no panic.

According to the views of Cooper, for many years the aliens to import and sell drugs to people in the main national minorities and the poor. Under the influence of social security programs from intruders had set aside to do in our society dependent idle element. Differently — to develop a large criminal class, which was not in the fifties and sixties. They encouraged the creation and import of small guns, that they took the criminal element. This was done in order to develop a sense of insecurity in the Yankees and force them to voluntarily disarm themselves and passing laws against firearms. To expedite this process, were provoked incidents. Using drugs and hypnosis in a process called Orion, the CIA inspired crazy people need to open fire on school yards and thus inflame makarom antioruzheynoe lobby. This plan is well enforced.

Since the crime wave enveloped the country indirectly aliens will try to convince the South American people, that the main town in a state of anarchy. When public opinion will be won, in other words, when it will be inspired by this idea, they intend to declare that the country was leaked a group of terrorists with a nuclear weapon to undermine him by one of the cities. Then the government will stop the action of the Constitution and impose martial law in the country. Hidden alien army, consisting in the main of people who inculcated the appropriate ideas, will be contained in the concentration camps, now available across the country. Incidentally, a similar operation, code-REX-84 title already rehearsed in 1984, the government and the military, and she went off without a hitch.

Cooper continues: Phil Klass — CIA agent, that supporting documentation, which I beheld between 1970 and 1973. One of his works as an aviation special regime was to debunk all of the information related to UFOs. All military commanders were instructed to call it for disk imaging as discrediting information about the contacts with UFOs.

Stanton Friedman said that a couple of years back he "helped develop a nuclear reactor for aircraft. The reactor was the size of a basketball, release hydrogen and worked, as in the parable, "… the only fuel that can run any engine and release hydrogen as a by-product — water. The only place where at that time it was possible to get such technology — the aliens. By the way, Friedman was a member of the research team, except where it included Moore and Shandera, and specifically, they have developed and brought to life a conditional plan "majestic Twelve."

Now B-12 exists and operates as usual. Council for international relations and its offshoot the Trilateral Commission not only control, and have all of our state. Like their counterparts zabugornye, they report to Bilderbergsom. Even the most cursory research indicates that members of the Council and the Commission shall control over important funds, as well as on the more influential media info and publishing organizations naikrupneyshimi banks, all the major corporations, the higher echelons of government and the many other important and influential institutions and organizations .

Bilderbergs, Council on international relations and the Trilateral Commission are lurking and the government, which controls the state through the B-12, as the research group known as the "Society of Jason" or "Jason Scholars". Eisenhower was the last president who knew and well versed in the dilemma of aliens. All subsequent presidents have used only the information that they voluntarily supplied B-12 and the intelligence community.

What are the conclusions? The report Milton Cooper says:

1. "Brain" of the latent structure believes that, in our ignorance and by God's will in the near future, our Earth expects self-destruction. These people believe that do the right, making the sample to save the world's population, what took for himself as an ally of extraterrestrial people, even though he himself is a desperate struggle for survival. Such acts, of course, is an error that must be corrected. Our majestic civilization by its very existence to the principles of Freedom and Democracy. So the United States of America is not in a proper company will not achieve success, if they ignore these majestic principles. Folk should receive full information, and we should start to rescue the world's population all together.

2. We manipulated independent power structure humans and aliens, resulting in partial enslavement of mankind. We must use all means at our disposal, so similar from happening.

3. Is still something that remains outside of our awareness. We absolutely have to disclose all the facts, to get to the truth and to act only on the truth. Then no matter what happens, we will be certain to blame. Situation in which we find ourselves explaining our actions or inaction in the past 44 years. This is our own fault, and only we will be able to rectify the situation. Because of our ignorance or wrong, we trust, in other words, people, renounced the role of "watchdog" of the government. As a result, a handful of people for us to decide our fate. Neuzh we are earnest and reincarnated into a civilization of sheep? But after all the sheep in his time still taken to the slaughter! We must stand as our ancestors, and walk as men.

I am informed, says Cooper, the truth in the form in which I know her. I do not care what people I puzzled me. I have filled their own debt, and whatever fate awaited me either in front, I meet with the Creator nezapyatannoy conscience.

May 23, 1989.

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Death of Milton Cooper

The New World Order

Late at night November 5, 2001 in Yeager (Arizona) was shot by William Milton Cooper (William Milton Cooper), favorite destinations, known in ufology entitled "Theory komplota." Cooper did not once said that not surrender alive into the hands of the authorities. The official police report with no detail has been said that he "threatened the instrument to local residents, scaring them." Cooper's ranch was surrounded, despite warning, that "crossed the border it will be shot on the spot."

Cooper twice shot one of the policemen in the head with his own gun, and here was shot by another police officer. Robert Martinez — a policeman, were seriously injured in the head — miraculously alive and was taken by helicopter to a clinic in Phoenix campus

William (William) Milton Cooper (William Milton Cooper) was born May 6, 1943 in a military family, and choosing "family" career, managed to war in Vietnam. For the first time in okoloufologicheskih circles Cooper appeared in the summer of 1988 but fame came to him after the spring of 1989, he sent 500 copies of "Petition Charges" South American members of the Senate and House of Representatives. When I first read the paper, I did not go out of my mind that Chris Carter was shooting his "hidden materials" almost everything on its database. A striking mix of thoughts mussiruemyh okoloufologicheskih in circles and obvious misinformation type of content prediction in Fatima. In general you will be able to read the report by Cooper, for example here.

But give the floor to himself Cooper. Excerpts from his speech in Los Angeles November 17, 1989 (taken on the website of UFO-Navigator (translated by M. and E. Gerstein Rudnova)):

"If anyone does not know who I am, to report that I grew up in a military family. My family, my ancestors, from the time that have moved to this country, were municipal employees. We all do military service, we were patriots, fighting in all wars, fueled a love of country and believed in the U.S. Constitution. Many do not even know exactly what the Constitution is our country, America. That's why we were always ready to do everything to protect and defend it.

After leaving the house, I went to the Air Force, he served in the Strategic Air Command. Even as a child, I heard from my father, who was also a pilot, and his colleagues of «foo-fighters» (mysterious fiery balls that look for the plane. — MG), UFOs, unknown alien ships, made not on ground. I heard about it vaguely and did not believe, laughed, went to play and forget about everything. But when I was in the Air Force, then met with the people who took part in the capture of crashed extraterrestrial ships gallakticheskih. At the moment, I was very interested. Stories about such things usually happen after a few beers, and from time to time on the subsequent morning I could not remember what he said one or the other young man.

When I transferred from the Air Force for the Navy, everything is exactly what happened. I lived on the principle "from service to service," but he did some of the things that very few people could do to me. I was mindlessly brave, very enthusiastic young man, and I think it was a very exciting life.

I served on submarines, and that is, the submarine USS «Tyroot» (in other sources, for example, reported, written «Tiru». — MG) during the transition from the area of Portland, Seattle and our home port of Pearl Harbor (Hawaii). As a sentinel on the port side, I saw a cup-shaped object, which is the size of an aircraft carrier was a lot more like "Midway." For those of you who do not know how it is enormous, let's just say that it was great. He rose up out of the water, at a distance of about 2.5 nautical miles from the nose, about 45 degrees to port the submarine. The ship slowly spinning around its own axis and escaped by climbing into the clouds. He seemed to be slowly moving towards me from a distance of 2.5 nautical miles, but in fact he had to move very quickly as it rose above the water, made a few turns and all — disappeared!

I turned to the deck officers, but did not read it that beheld — did not want to look fool, if it appears that no one, except me, and has not seen. I just asked him to assist me to see this particular part of the site over the horizon, and he did what he should do all the officers and patrol — to help each other when one of them is worth the watch. After a few seconds, we have seen how the same or vtochnosti a ship out of the clouds and began to go down, took a few turns around its own axis, and went under water. Second Lieutenant Ball, our deck officer, was, to say the least, shocked. Dedzheralimo, the man who was an observer on the right side, too, everything is beheld.

Ball called the captain on the bridge, after it appeared the sergeant with a 35-mm. movie camera in hand. We watched for 7-10 minutes the same object or another ship, vtochnosti same that flew into the water and took off out of it. It was an unusual sight. I do not know whether they knew of our presence, and whether it bothered them at all. The ships did not shine, they were metal, without any doubt, it was a mechanical apparatus, and apparently someone appropriate managed. They were cyclopean. If the Air Force and the Navy have done something similar, I would certainly know about it, as I know now, that these vehicles were not made on our planet. Since there is nothing man-made, that can fly through the air with such speed, spin around its own axis, seep into the water and swim there.

What he saw changed my life, as all the stories I've heard in my whole life, were true. I began to look at the world through different eyes.

All this was a long time before I was directed naval authority in the intelligence service of the Navy. I was sent to Vietnam, Da Nang port, and was appointed captain of the patrol vessel. Now I commanded the crew and the ship millions prices. My task was to gather intelligence infy from people living near the port and fishermen who followed through Danang, to ensure the safety of shipping and the port itself. After about 5 months any work I was oriented to the north of the demilitarized zone, in the borough of Cua Vef (Qua Vieaf) River Takano. Our base camp was at the mouth of the river. We are located just 3 miles south of the border of North Vietnam, and our job was to patrol the Tacana from his mouth to Dang Ho, and then up through the channel to the town of Quang Quang Free Free — again the same in order to gather intelligence information from local residents and the safety of navigation on the river.

That's when I found that in Vietnam, flew a lot of UFOs, and intruders were very active. These objects always have been reported in official reports as' enemy helicopters. " At this point, those of you who knows anything about the war in Vietnam, you know that the North Vietnamese had no helicopters, especially after our first couple of raids on North Vietnam. Even if they were helicopters, those obviously were not as fool to send these machines to fly over the demilitarized zone to certain destruction. From time to time, our troops shot these so referred to as "enemy helicopters," from time to time — the enemy forces, and sometimes people can disappear completely. In one case, for the authenticity of which I bet very few people from the whole village disappeared overnight because of the intruders.

The reason that used the definition of "enemy helicopters" in written communications and official reports, was the fact that in Vietnam, we did not use any mechanical devices for encoding and decoding messages. We have used only the hidden code tables and used them 24 hours a day, which was really quite good. Specifically because of this had to invent code words inside of the messages themselves.

After leaving Vietnam, I was in time assigned to headquarters staff Commander U.S. Pacific Fleet. Beautiful white headquarters building was built in the town Makalappa in Hawaii, it was on a small hill, which was perfectly visible to Pearl Harbor. I was assigned to reconnaissance, component razvedsvodki for Commander U.S. Pacific Fleet. During my service in the position, by virtue of the service commitments, my hands were so amazing, indescribable documents that enabled me to make

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