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Lyubomir call me, I am one of the founders of Ingliizma in our city. In the city of Norilsk. At the moment, we have that sort of community in the city, more associations in our city a very large number of interested in our ancient faith, as well as I do, there are people who have been in Asgard naming of Erie. We do not yet have a website and specifically our resources, themes are available on the local forums, as well as a section "Ingliizm" at the most visited online forum Tai Myra on "Norilsk Media Forum" there is a section about a year, many of his reading and many He came through our faith.

At present there is a planned destruction of this section, in this forum operates a group of people is trying every possible way to counteract our section and our actions. Now got to the point that it is now simply want to remove ….. 'd like to keep this section. But brazen servants of darkness are trying to do the opposite, they sense that comes to us more and more people and continue massive attacks …. Now they're up sdelt is in line with the "CC", "RF"

On behalf of the community "Childbirth Tai Myra" on behalf of all Staroverov Tai Myra ask for help …. and information support.

Here's a link to the forum and SECTION

I request to all resources conservatives.

with the hope of understanding of Tai Myrskoy Ves …

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