Resettlement and autonomous life

Given the trends in ever-increasing pressure of cities and threatened with the events of 2012, many have decided to move to some of the most secure areas of Siberia, and some have already gone beyond the Urals.
In general, the reasons for that would move out to the countryside abound. After all, urban lifestyle — a way of life imposed by a Russian man, the spirit which seeks to nature, to its roots.
We'll try to briefly give some advice that will help wishing to equip and prepare everything for the move, and the doubters may help to decide on such an important step.

1. First and most important, no doubt about housing. Nothing new to invent is not necessary, it was all of our ancestors, so you can just use their experience. So what needs to be home? A timber warms during the day and releases the heat at night. In the afternoon, during the warmer it should be left open for ventilation and drying, as well as for faster warming. It should be built so that the day to create natural shade, the input must be from the north. Windows is better to go to the west and south. For protection from the wind structure fenced high board fence, except for the east side. If everything is correct, then in the spring and autumn and can be avoided protopki ovens since morning in the yard will be warmer than home.

2. Grow more wild plants or verified. For the first time, do not start experimenting. Why? The answer is simple, no one for sure will not say what the last decade has not ponapridumyvali breeders. Just do not neglect the gifts of Mother Nature. Forest in the summer — just an endless supply.

3. So we should not forget that it is vital to have a source of water near future place of residence. It can be a natural source — a spring or dug well. But it is easier to choose a place where there is a spring nearby, as well as the correct digging — a science. But there are no insurmountable problems, so should he decide to move.

4. Excellent practice may eventually become "solntseyadenie" — the completion of the energy body through the adoption of the morning sun. To start and gradual transition try to sunbathe instead of breakfast. Only need to take into account that supported "Solntseedy" should be before the sun.

5. The burning question for all potential, not yet dared to immigrants — the disease and, therefore, medicines. But here are a bit easier than some think. Why? Because almost all illnesses and diseases — a direct product of the past life. Reunion with mother nature means the recovery of energy, because the roots of all ailments, as many know, are initially energetic character.

Of course, do not make rash decisions is, and to start to weigh and discuss with friends and family. No one has anything for free, we will not sell, therefore, need to relocate some initial budget. For a thinking man money — not that complex, including Money from the Internet, that can be a good help, if at all major revenue stream for future migrants. The options are many, so it all depends on the person and his personal choice.

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