Restored face of Egyptian mummies




A group of Italian researchers led by Federico Cesarini (Frederico Cesarani) of the complex X-ray diagnostics in Asti (Struttura Operativa Complessa di Radiodiagnostica in Asti) first received a three-dimensional image of the face mummy without having to disclose it to a multi-layer "wrapper". His face "acquired" a mummy housed in the Egyptian Museum in Turin (Museo Egizio).

For this purpose we used multidetector computed tomography, which allowed to clearly define the boundary between the strips and the skin of an ancient Egyptian.

It has been 355 images. On the basis of these data, nylon and clay artist, a specialist in forensic examination, made the sculpture of the head of the man.

We know that this — artisan Harv (Harwa), who lived about 2800-2900 years ago. He died at the age of 45.

The resulting image is very detailed, even a visible mole on his left temple.

In addition, the CT scan showed that the brain is a craftsman deleted (as usual, and there were the Egyptians in preparation for embalming the dead), and more — he had copper teeth.

This reconstruction of the scientists decided not to add the hair, as this would be totally free interpretation.


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