Rogozin ASKED SIGALA lobbied Russian firearms

Rogozin ASKED SIGALA lobbied Russian firearms
Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin appealed to the South American actor Steven Seagal with a request to assist in the work of the abolition of the Russian-American agreement that restricts the supply of modern small Russian guns in the United States.
During the meeting, which was held today at the Government House, in particular, Rogozin said that the South American Small society Segal enjoys enormous prestige, that’s why he decided to use this «lever», and not just official talks at the highest level. «In all the movies that I beheld that beheld my citizens, you have always been on the side of good against evil, it was always a particular position for justice, for life, against terrorism, against crime,» — identified Rogozin.
In his view, Segal, unlike many actors who only play a strong people, and so is life, so it has a combat experience, their philosophy and civilian position. «Want to enlist your support in one fundamental question. I think that your credibility and connections in the South American establishment has posodeystvuyut solve this dilemma, — said Rogozin. — You understand that the creation of Russian weapons has always been very good and always competed with the best standards, including the South American. In America, the small company is one of the most important, is a fundamental force that will affect the society and the government «.
Deputy Prime Minister said that in the 90 years between the Governments of 2-states have signed an agreement that «prevents the real time deliveries to South American markets modern Russian small guns.» «In practice, we can only deliver junk that is produced conventionally, until 1998», — explained the Deputy Prime Minister.
He stressed that «everyone understands the absurdity of such restrictions, which, on the one hand, peel interests of the American people, who want to buy a Russian hunting, sporting small cannon, and on the other hand — for our producers.»
«I’m going to discuss this issue with representatives of the Obama administration and separately put this issue on the agenda of the Russian-American contacts» — concluded Rogozin, adding that he considers it necessary to make more dense interaction between different structures of the U.S. and Russia engaged in counterterrorism training groups.

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