Rosacea: red nose disease


Despite its beautiful name, "rosacea" nothing to do with roses does not have. Just in patients with this disease nose and cheeks become saturated red or even purple, like Santa Claus. But we should not confuse a healthy glow with a disease in which blood vessels are disrupted!

Physicians interested in rosacea relatively recently, only two centuries ago. In the memorable 1812, when the army of Napoleon Bonaparte marched on Russia, the English physician Thomas Bateman published in the scientific press sensational article. It spoke of a mysterious skin disease that made people turn red, and then covered with pimples noses and cheeks. Why it occurs and how to treat it — is unknown.

Until Bateman rosacea nobody takes seriously. It was believed that painful blush — just a bad cosmetic defect — the result of binge drinking. Straightforward French call it "wine spots", a diplomatic residents of Albion preferred term — "the curse of the Celts."

In those days there were only two remedies for rosacea: cold lotions and bloodletting. Unhappy patients sat for hours with ice compresses on the face, was applied to the nose of hungry leeches and allow themselves to be cut, but to no avail. Their faces remained acne and red.

Only at the end of the XIX century dermatologists dealt with the symptoms of rosacea and gave up the idea that alcohol is to blame. But by the end of XX century, they finally figured out the mechanisms of the disease and have figured out how to improve the appearance of patients.

Unfortunately, the causes of rosacea scientists do not know yet. The only thing they were able to prove that a predisposition to the disease may be inherited.

In winter and summer one color

Rosacea — a disease of those who are over thirty, especially the fair-skinned and blue-eyed. According to statistics, women get sick more often than men.

The disease creeps up on its victims quickly. First vessels of the skin begin to react excessively to a seemingly minor impacts. It is necessary to drink hot tea, eat sharp little, take a sauna or nervous, like the nose and cheeks are immediately crimson. And the more comes rosacea, the redness lasts longer. At this stage, can only smell a rat experienced dermatologist, patients themselves are often considered the problems encountered with the face of an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Time is running out and rosacea progresses. Normal skin color is not restored, the affected areas are covered by pink and bluish streaks of acne — shine dilated vessels. Bring the person in order not help any proprietary remedies for acne or whitening mask. We have to cover up the defects of the skin every day foundation. It is at this stage of rosacea patients begin to seriously worry about their health and go to cosmetologists and dermatologists.

If still left untreated, a person with the following occur: the skin on the nose and cheeks become rough, it is uneven, pores dilate, many are beginning to become inflamed pimples and even fester. Fortunately, these complications are very rare, doctors have time to stop the disease in its early stages.

The diagnosis of "rosacea" put simply. If, in reddened cheeks and nose, the man did not care, most likely, this is it. The main thing — do not be confused with acne vulgaris, which appear at an earlier age, and perioral dermatitis, skin reaction to cosmetics. The more severe the disease, its symptoms resembling rosacea: systemic lupus erythematosus, and carcinoid syndrome. Such patients should immediately consult a rheumatologist and an oncologist.

Why goes hot?

As you know, the skin turns red when the superficial blood vessels dilate. If rosacea is the same, with one exception — the ones that are on the face, can not just narrow. Because the nose and cheeks man meets the same nerve (trigeminal), the researchers came to the conclusion that it is not work and causes disease. Those without control vessels begin to behave poorly. But why "playing tricks nerve"? This question remains unanswered. But precisely known, so-called predisposing factors that may eventually lead to rosacea or if it is available, to accelerate the development of the disease. They are:

  • regular consumption of coffee, tea and other drinks with a high caffeine content (eg Coca-Cola)
  • very hot, spicy, smoked and spicy food (Georgia fans, Indian and Chinese cuisine, beware!)
  • constant UV exposure (sun or sun deck);
  • stress (rosacea, as a result of divorce or dismissal);
  • alcohol abuse (alcohol still to no good arguments);
  • hormonal contraceptives;
  • long stay in the "hot (or cold) spots" — stuffy and hot locations or in the cold.

In addition, physicians have found that rosacea is usually preceded by: nervous system disorders (neuroses, depression), impaired immunity, and vascular (capillary defects), gastro-intestinal (gastritis with low acidity) or endocrine (diabetes, thyroid disease or adrenals) problems in the body. However, a clear link with the disease did not, as there is no connection, and with a bacterial or viral infection.

Beauty requires sacrifice

The target rosacea — a person. No other parts of the body do not suffer from it, but the patient that does not help. Folk wisdom "from a person not to drink the water" can comfort a very old man, all the other problematic skin is often the cause of depression and serious complexes. So do not bring the disease to the bone, with the appearance of her first symptoms immediately run to the doctor.

Before you deal with rosacea, do not forget to check with their endocrinologist, gastroenterologist and a neurologist. Because comorbidities are able to slow down and complicate the treatment process. If everything is OK, you can start …

First, Review your diet. If rosacea is contraindicated all that dilates blood vessels, forget about the hot, smoked and spicy. For a while, will have to stay sober and give up caffeinated beverages.

Secondly, damaged skin need special care. No makeup, which is composed of alcohol, oil, acetone and hormonal supplements. Honey and fresh-water sponge also to nothing but vegetables and fruit with egg white mask for oily skin and egg yolk for dry very useful. Water for washing should be slightly warm, cleansing foam be marked "for sensitive skin." Rub the face with a towel to steam and do not want facial massage. Men are advised to get rid of the bristles with electric razors. Before going out in the sun is important to use agents with SPF of 15 or higher, before going into the cold — a cream that protects against the cold.

Third, Take a Tour of vitamin therapy. Will help improve the appearance of K, PP, B2, In6 Ascorutinum and — a combination of R and S. By rosacea and excessive greasiness of the skin helps vitamin A derivatives, for example, isotretinoin.

Fourth, need special treatment of damaged skin. In the initial stages of rosacea useful to wipe the face of 1-2% solution of boric acid, 1-2% solution of resorcinol and a decoction of herbs (succession, sage, chamomile). If you have already appeared acne without creams and azelaic acid can not do. Ointment with sulfur and tar to help cope with the demodex mite. To completely restore the skin useful physiotherapy:

  • cryomassage — deep exfoliation of the skin with the help of liquid nitrogen is passed through the day, the course of treatment — 15-20 procedures;
  • Dermabrasion — Skin Resurfacing special cutters, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia;
  • electrocoagulation — cauterizing the blood vessels current to completely get rid of telangiectasias on average it takes about 20 sessions;
  • laser coagulation of blood vessels — like electrocoagulation, but instead used the long electrodes (577 and 585 nm) laser.

the last — receiving antibiotics. As practice shows, the effect they still give. When rosacea recommended antibiotics tetracycline and metronidazole. The medicine will have to take a long time — 5-8 weeks.

Natalia Klim, the magazine "Be healthy"

According to the magazine "Natural Health"

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