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"There is an ancient secret doctrine, the same age as the human race, it is passed on by word of mouth, and to this day, but few people know it."

"Svarog -" forever spouting spring "every Rod. He is the beginning, the source, the cause of all things. Rod of God — all the inhabitants of heaven. All born, things — the essence of Nature. Everything is born parent. And Svarog — the essence of the source, start-started, the cause is the cause of everything.

Above Svarog — God, the Creator of all the worlds, and each world begetteth Svarog.
Svarog — the essence of the creative image of God, full of its manifestation in our universe. "

"Rusich saw the light."

Svarog - "forever spouting spring" every Rod

According to the Vedic tradition, the Orthodox, there are three levels of understanding of the world: world of effects, we are all familiar and understandable to all of us in him, a world of reasons — is more complex, but it is available, and the world began — which think only a few that have taken the path leading to the knowledge.

All men by nature are still the Gods, though, and have no memory of his past, divine incarnations. Achieving human-level masters of the universe was caused by our ancient religion — Vedic orthodoxy … pushed into oblivion, like all former power of our ancestors. Legends of the South and North American Indian peoples

Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, saying that their ancestors were giants and wizards, this is also narrate Vedic sources.
According to Russian legend about Svyatogor (titanium-asuras), he was the founder of the Russian people.
Religion and faith — it is not the same, they are different concepts. The word 'religion' (Latin religio) — a relationship.
Relationship with someone? With the gods, with the cosmic forces. The concept of belief in the concept of religion itself is not included. Not all religions require faith. There are religions (or rather pseudo-religion), based on faith and religion is based on knowledge. Faith — a tool for obmanyvaniya fools. Religion — it is a means of communication with the gods. Better to know that you do not know what to believe. Veda — is not faith. Veda — this knowledge, know — know.
In the real world there is good and evil, it is obvious to everyone. It is equally obvious that the evil (or otherwise Satan, devil) uses lies as one of the most effective tools for obmanyvaniya people. It is said that the devil — a liar and the father of lies. Devil easier and more efficient just to play their favorite game 'to the contrary': call himself a god, as the wolf put on sheep's clothing, and to convince people firmly believe in God, and in the one and only that there was no alternative. Hence the conclusion — the one who believes in
God, rather than to be aware of the Gods, to reason, to understand, to feel the gods and have contact with them, can easily get caught on the hook for the devil.

Judaism Christian servants are told that if a person truly believed in something truly wrong, he is in the world to be forgiven, even if he did not believe in it. This is false. No error (sincere or insincere) is not forgiven. The gods gave you mind, soul and free will and gave the opportunity to enjoy them. But if you instead use your mind and your soul, instead of thinking, 'sincerely' believed in some absurd, and not make the effort to understand life, it means that nothing the gods have given you reason. You do not use this gift. In the next life will not be a reasonable person. Law Karna (Karma in Indian interpretation) fair: what goes around, comes around.
The highest values of our ancestors were three main procedural purposes, the essence and the meaning of their existence (depicted as a trinity) immortality, and Vsepostigaemost Vsedostigaemost.
We have already touched on themes of ancient Devanagari language, but sound language arose later telepathic. The need for a sound language arose, first, to identify the names of the gods and the sacred words that cause resonance phenomena in nature. Second, due to the fact that people, as the reforms of the Pantheon, in the end lost the immortality of the body and began to grow old. Unity of the people was due to the fact that people communicate telepathically, as up to now the children can talk to
four years. During the existence of telepathic language writing could only pictorial. Indeed, what else could be written on the inaudible language? And how can you convey the image, unable to speak? Of course, just draw it. Therefore ancestors could communicate with their descendants, drawing their thoughts. This is indicated found in different parts of the world (especially in Europe, Russia and the U.S.), the most ancient monuments of writing — pictogram.
Pictographic writing system developed during the asuras, and possibly earlier, and was widely distributed across the planet.

Original proto-language was just the Old Russian language Devanagari, which had a syllabic script, and striking characteristic of almost never ending formation of new concepts and images (the relatively recent discovery of ancient books and chronicles were able to open up this page of our great stories), and only after the withdrawal of the other ancient languages.
Many ancient languages were surprisingly scarce, compared to Devanagari example Semitic scripts had no vowels, ie only consonants were written without spaces, and even experienced people the same text could not read the same way, be sure to get a new version of the text. Apparently here come the roots of what in Judaism there are many different currents does not matter.

From physics we know about the effects of sound on diverse subjects. With it, you can transfer the properties of some objects on the other, it improves the quality of metals and can destroy objects, or, conversely, to prevent breakage. According to the "Zohar" (Kabbalah textbook) with sound "I" Elohim created the worlds. Mysteries of the current practice (correctly — the master, of the word "master"), that sound can alter consciousness, thought, and properties of the body, to disclose the wonderful possibilities of man, evolution and change the laws of nature. Certain sounds cause the animals sense
bliss, and they're going to sound the magic pipes. Others, conversely, cause terror, and the animals scattered in panic from their old haunts. Sound can hypnotize animals and causes a rapid growth of crystals and plants. Sounds otshibayut memory in humans (White
noise), and may, on the contrary, animate it (pink noise). Sound can be decomposed into components substance, change the properties of objects, and even synthesize new elements. Even more powerful word, that is, a set of sounds. Through text wrapping properties of healthy
organism to the patient, resulting in a person recovers or, conversely, with the patient on a healthy body, and then the person gets sick.
Many people know and enjoy Russian folk plots against toothache, although even the grandmother successfully use spells, do not represent the action of the physics of the process, they just enjoy the remnants of ancient Orthodox Knowledge magifiziki — true physics
our level. Most people's plots are built on the principle of the transfer of the properties of one object to another. Curiously, the plots are for all persons, regardless of whether he believes in them or not, he knows that there was a conspiracy, or does not know.
Ancient language, according to the teachings of the Vedas, was sacred, and not everyone had the right to own
them. No wonder he was called Devanagari (literally — "the language of the Gods", and now this word Hindus call their writing, but first, this word is the language of the Gods, where mortals were forbidden to speak, as in Old English (pervoyazyke) laid the combination frequency sounds leading to the realization of the latent possibilities of man).
Preservation of the Russian language by our ancestors today allows us to recreate the ancient culture of humanity, because it is hidden in the Russian language the whole history of humanity and the power of our ancestors. Our souls go on and on Devanagari, which we know as the Old Russian language. This language was based on the divine law, so to speak it was the creators, through it may come to ainstvam and stunning features deep memory.
Living systems are a collection of various frequencies that are constantly changing. Magic same system (ie divine) are able to synchronize and tune to the same frequency, causing the frequency gets power and is able to influence the surrounding objects and change their properties. Our ancestors achieved synchronization of the body and through repetition of certain syllables, "with the word" could manage events and physical objects. Exactly
so was the syllabic Devanagari script and language.
Orthodoxy recently united all of Europe, was not yet divided into numerous states and countries. It is no accident, Alexander the Great, conquered most of the known world at that time, I was surprised that people of different ethnic groups in remote areas can freely visit the temples seem to others, unlike countries and talk to their gods.
Russian land has an integrated, multi-level, fully sustainable system bogomirovozzreniya gradually revealed to the Orthodox researcher at the first level of understanding, as the life-giving energy, then God, managing their lower energies, and finally opening the complete understanding of the world and their own values in Unity with a universal power creative
Energies. The main task of an Orthodox person was following the law
Svarog Circle, stepwise opening more and more complex levels of knowledge.
Vedic of old Russian Orthodoxy in principle from the belief system of the proposed dealers 'market economy', and the difference is a globally: a man — it is the germ of God, which is given to the mind and free will, if the germ of their work, be able to achieve some progress, pass on the "ladder" self-improvement, to reach a certain height, it will be able to get up to the level of God, to become the Creator, and offer a way to knowledge, mastered you can move up the "ladder", and the various steps to overcome not happen, not having appropriate moral qualities. The main goal is that "the soul because of its development, can become one with the universal force of creative energy, or God."
Each person has psihopole he lives in the process creates and develops, yet it is called thin shells that by improving a person can turn into a slim body and then he can have miraculous powers. But there is
collective psihopole. Opportunities for individual psihopolya limited opportunities as a collective psihopolya — egregor — limitless.

The gods who are Russian and who are the Russian people?

Christian God 'made' man-slave himself: a man of the dust of the earth Genesis 2:7), a woman from a man's rib (Genesis 2:22). Unlike Christianity, the Russian people are neither the 'products' of their gods, nor even the slaves of the gods, nor great sinners before the Gods.
When the Vedas say that God Svarog married goddess Lada, and she give birth to his children, it actually means that there is a different, more complex process. But this other process, in principle, similar to what happens between a man and a woman. And imagery
analogy allows the essence of the process is easy to understand.

Slavs — The descendants of the gods. Russian Gods — our ancestors. Therefore, the nature of ancient Russian relations and their Gods was fundamentally different than Christianity. Unlike Christianity Russian did not humiliated in front of their Gods. Never stand in front of them on their knees, never to slavishly not bend your back, never kissed the hands of the wise men. They all understand the superiority of their gods, at the same time feel a natural affinity with them.

The main feeling in relation to the gods of Christians — the fear, the ancient Romans — respect, Slavs — love. Slavs did not whine and beg the gods for forgiveness for the sins of the existing or non-existing, charity or rescue. If Slavs felt guilty, they are not bathed her prayers and concrete action. Slavs lived in his will, but also sought to align our will with the will of the gods.
During prayer Slavs retained pride and manhood. Prayers Slavs — is mostly praise and thanksgiving to the gods, usually having the character of the hymn.
Slavs praised their gods, hence the concept is 'Slavs'.

According to the Vedas, a person must pass successively four age period.

To 24 people students was a monk who learned all
worldly wisdom: the basics of agricultural art needed
life-craft knowledge of rituals, festivals, ways of doing
management, skills necessary for family life and bringing up children. In
this time the man was trained to play a musical instrument,
dance, he learned the secrets of medicinal herbs, natural laws, and volhovaniya
military art.

From 24 to 48 people could be a spouse and
raising a family and farming. The girl in this age and youth,
turned into a man, took possession of creative energy. In this
period, young people prolonging their family, raise and educate children and
practices implemented prior learning.

With 48 to 72 years
man could devote himself to public service, to become a craftsman or
warrior. The man was no longer the main breadwinner of the family, and the loss of it
military campaign had no effect on the social reproduction of people. Man
could continue to be a farmer, start a business or become
any religious, but he achieved the best results when
became a craftsman or a warrior.

After 72 years, man,
respecting the canons of orthodoxy and moving stairs improvement
automatically become an elder, sage, and this time he
lasted up to 96 years. In Russia, people that age are usually
became wanderers who went from village to village and share their
life experience and accumulated wisdom. Pilgrimage as a mass
phenomenon existed in Russia until 1917, and was destroyed
the laws of the new government, while in the 50's of the XX century, in remote villages
Russia, no, no, and yes there are these carriers of ancient knowledge.

Ancient Slavs (guided by the ancient knowledge of the laws of nature, "Reality" (the material world), "Nav" (peace prototype), "right" (the world of forms) and "Glory" (the creative world) — (four-level structure of the world system) — praised "the right "living in truth and called —
Sacred actions that create and maintain egregore were called "mysteries." If we consider the word secret spell ("t" + "ay" + "n") and apply their value, "theory" + ad = da = I + "start", it literally turns out: "I was to have my God." According to the number and types of surviving ordinances can be argued that in the past there were four types of sacred actions:

Create (Are) egregore for which it was responsible Goddess Reality;

CONTROL them that carried Gods rules;

Plug in rights to it, for what the gods were responsible Navi, this is confirmed by the words, again, again, new, new;

Perfection (Slavs) egregore that was carried out with the help of the Gods Glory.

Vedic action — glory, knowledge-based management of energy flows, using smyslozadayuschih words and phrases in the sacred language of the Slavs, are used in all areas of life. Management of natural manifestations (wind, rain, storm) to household
activity. There are still bits of ancient knowledge. We know that if good about things, its term of service increases, and if it is praise that is saturate psychic and spiritual emanation, a thing or a technical device is perfect and is able to understand the emotional message. With the help of Vedic knowledge can manage even the global climate, is not accidental to Christian baptism Europe and Russia to Greenland blooming vineyards and it was called (literally Green Country). Magi ruled by natural processes, which is why the climate was warm and
plants, which had the opportunity to eat thin emanations grew luxuriantly and
bloom throughout the world, up to the Arctic, these conditions simply could not be deserts. So far in the great deserts of preserved ancient river of such magnitude that exceeds the size of the largest rivers of our time. Great natural elemental.

Land worked with Vedic Orthodox Egregor Creation and could give rise to life and give high yields. Religion disappeared, collapsed Egregor Creation, Earth was dying, there was a cold snap and dramatically reduced species diversity of the biosphere.
Ancient developed 7 nr (yogi) — 7 ways, each of which operates and develops one of the seven
shells man. Headed all the way — right.
In the XIX century the works of French researchers De Roche and D'Urville has been proven that a person has seven thin bodies with Lightbringer nature. Ksperimentam according to these scholars, who introduced human hypnosis was deeper dive, the more subtle bodies could be isolated from humans. These bodies could merge with each other and come back to the man.
Therefore, our ancestors did not develop by chance just seven ways (m) for each body the way.
As shown by the Soviet writer and researcher of ancient cults AS Ivanchenko, words Yoga and YAGA not only related, but mean the same thing. In Sanskrit and Old compound word: "I" — creativity and style-n-indicating movement (compare, foot, carts, roads), ie on the path of creativity and excellence. In India, where there are still
Vedic tradition, the top five classic yogi: Hatha Yoga, zhnani Yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga. Recognized two yoga: Yantra Yoga, which is closed to outsiders because of their relation to the management of events and Tantra Yoga, which was banned for
"Depravity" in the past. European researchers committed to the basics of yoga system only in the last century, offered their classification yogi, but they did not correspond to the ancient. Vedic tradition distinguishes humans seven shells (bodies):
physical, etheric, astral, mental, casual, soul and spirit.

It is this classification was developed in ancient times and in scattered form has survived to the present time in various yoga schools (usually distinguish only five basic systems). In ancient times were respectively seven Gods, each responsible for a specific
yagichesky path of human development. The names of these gods are preserved in Russian
language. Their names are known verbs, which shed light on the relationship of these gods with one or another yagicheskim way.
Lelia Yaga — Is the original name of hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is responsible for the development of the physical body, which is formed from food. India has preserved the name of laya yoga, is still closed to outsiders. "Laya" in Sanskrit means the point of equilibrium, which, along with hatha yoga
uses astrological knowledge, why it is also called the yoga space. Sanskrit "Laya" comes from the name of the Goddess Borean Lely. In the Russian language preserved the word "cherish", which expresses the fundamental principle of the way. The significance of the Goddess in the Old Pantheon say the remaining songs and tunes, which are present as
chorus, "Lola", "Lala" used, by the way, not only Russian, but also in the songs of other Slavic peoples.
ZHELYA Yaga worked with the second body, more subtle than the physical, which is also called firn. It is formed by impressions received from the senses. For shell feelings answered God — Zhel on whose behalf is Russian verb "wish". In fact responsible for Zhel yagichesky principle of knowledge: "wish to know." Apparently, during the scramble by the wise men of the knowledge they protect their knowledge from the uninitiated, so the gods, whose names are disclosed principles were called neutral names.
So, apparently, there was a word ZHNANI meaning in Sanskrit "knowledge."

TANYA Yaga was responsible for the third shell, which is formed by the emotions. This Yaga undoubtedly corresponded extant Tantra Yoga (Sanskrit TANTRA — literally "the law").

The word "tantra" is derived from the ancient name of the Goddess Tanya (hence the verb "pull").
Cult Tanya was insulted in Russia and preserved to this day in the form of burning effigies Thani Kupala night (sometimes confused with burnt an effigy or Kostrobunkoy Kostroma). However, the worship of the Goddess is widespread on the Eurasian continent. At its core, the tradition of the cult had Tanya principle — much to others what they want for themselves. The tradition has survived to this day in the toast-wishes and there is practically all peoples. On behalf of the Russian words are: dance or older, but not now
Tanok-used (round dance), Tanaka (master, dock, expert), Tanakan (singing to himself). These words with the root TAN indicate
the importance of the cult of the Goddess.
Radegast Yaga. The fourth body is constructed from a person's thoughts, the produced or received by him from outside. From this witch is Raja Yoga, it is designed to teach people to manage
his thoughts. Raja — distorted name of the Russian God Ra-degasta — God joyful news, thoughts and discoveries. Radegast Yaga kept secrets on how to get the thoughts and conduct of the gods and to give his thoughts divine power ("Raja" in Sanskrit means master, so
also known as Raja Yoga — royal yoga).
Troy-Yaga. This ancient Russian name consistent with Vedic Yantra Yoga. Yantra —
the same as the Trojan, only transposed syllables Jan and TPO.
Permutation often occurs in the evolution of sacred words, it suffices to recall the words bear and Vedmed. Trojan Yaga worked with casual human body, which is organized by the desire of man to perfection.
In practice, this body is found as a manifestation of intuition. Intuitive thinking — this is a person's ability to operate conglomerates thoughts when in the brain raises a lot of connections, which allows owners of this thinking to make accurate predictions of future events. Causal body defines all the events of life. According to Vedic concepts, after the death of the body, like the soul, indestructible.
Trojan was responsible for the events and consisted of three Gods: Dobreboga, Zleboga and Beregin. This corresponds to the ancient notions of equivalence
good and evil. For example, punishing the child if he, not being able to swim, climb the depth, we thus do evil, but at the same time to save her child. If good and evil — it is the actions that people are constantly taking place, saving (Bereginya) — this is the outcome that we have as a result of these actions is constantly receiving.

KOSTROMA Yaga. Today in India it is called karma yoga. It works with the soul of man. On behalf of Kostroma the word 'karma', literally — fate. Today, it means punishment for mistakes in his past life, but the original meaning of it was very different. Kostroma Yaga worked with the body of the soul. This body is built of energy generated in compliance with ethical and moral (zapovedalnyh) the foundations of faith.
Kostroma has three ancient roots: Kosh — high destiny, Stry — country, and MA — mother, ie "Mother country with a high destiny."
Indeed, karma (destiny) is not an individual but a collective character. People always assume someone's problems and he makes it, then what is required to answer. Therefore ruled Kostroma collective karma of the whole country. Turning it into an individual goddess
Karma, ie avenging his mother, was a major simplification of the ancient notion of collective destiny.
Semargl Yaga. Corresponds to the Sanskrit bhakti-yoga, ie Divine Yoga, which is working on the perfection of the spirit of man. The seventh body is built up of energy will control the actions of the person arises in an effort to divine its goals (values) (values driven and govern human behavior, they form the character of the man and his destiny, which suggests that they, like the spirit, are at the heart of human nature.) Akin to Old Russian word Bhakti BAGIT word — God. But bagit Yaga had yet another name — Semargl Yaga.
Semargl responsible for all seven yagicheskih ways, which is reflected in its name: the number "7", apb — suffix meaning the union of something, and the third part of the GL words — "chapter". Semargl thus protected the seven ways to improve the rights, each responsible for their shell of a man. Today, to emphasize the futility of people say that a person scampish or bezPUTNY, but in ancient times it meant that he did not follow the path of a witch. Or the word "zany", which can be understood as that man was (stamped) by the way, but never arrived.
From the name "Yogi" the name "goy" who disparaged the Jews all the Aryan peoples, as Jews do not read people, left to right, and vice versa — from right to left.
Each person goes through the appropriate worship a pantheon of gods for some time,
which was called "con". During this period, one gets the appropriate natural, divine and cosmic rhythms, which were set sequence of holidays, introduces man into resonance with the relevant powers. Before each of the Pantheon (Kohn) was a specific goal.
Pantheon at the first main goal was to gain immortality, to get out of the canons of Karna (from reincarnation) and become Rick (rock — a concept that is associated with the time
rather with the subordination of the time).
Then man is perfected, which was connected with the expansion of the range of perception of the world, ie with the omnipresence, then people achieve power, gain the ability to
create, to reach work, learn the art of metamorphosis and comprehend Good.
Official Gazette vestiysky Pantheon Earth was so made that turn people into gods.

Thank the gods and the ancestors of ours!

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