Russia and the United States prepare agreement in the field of cyber security

Russia and the United States prepare agreement in the field of cyber security
Our homeland and the U.S. have extended their cooperation to ensure security and prevent incidents in cyberspace and preparing to sign a bilateral agreement on this dilemma.
«In the coming few months, this will be quite declared,» — said Tuesday a special assistant to the U.S. president and coordinator of the White House on cybersecurity Michael Daniel.

Speaking in Washington at a conference on cyber-security, he noted that the «opportunity for dialogue» on the subject with Russia, China and «gradually improving.» «One of our main objectives in this area is to enhance international co-operation» — Daniel highlighted.

He said that these questions open a discussion with Russian officials during nedavneshney trip to Moscow together with the staff of the Department of State Christopher Painter. Touched on this subject in the process of its own visit to the Russian capital in the midst of April and assistant president of the United States National Security Thomas Donilon.

Daniel did not say when the agreement may be signed between the Russian Federation and the United States to ensure security and prevent incidents in cyberspace, on which work has already lasted more than one year. But, as explained in an interview with Itar-Tass spetsy familiar with the history of the issue, the current time is a question of preparation of this document to the meeting favorites 2-States.

In late April, Russian and American presidents — Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama — have agreed in a telephone conversation schedule personal meetings in today’s year. They agreed at first encounter during the summit «eight» in Northern Ireland, which will be held June 17-18, and then — in Russia in September, when in St. Petersburg will be a meeting of the «twenty.»


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