Russia need to discuss violations of rules at the UN climate talks

Russia will raise the issue of violations of rules at the UN climate talks in the June session, said Thursday in Warsaw Presidential Advisor, Special Envoy on Climate Alexander Bedritsky.

Previous session of the UN negotiations on climate change was held in late 2012 in the Qatari capital Doha. Final decisions, including an amendment to the Kyoto Protocol, officially launches the second period of the agreement, then were taken despite the objections of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Bedritsky said that rules were broken in a similar way and during the negotiations in Copenhagen in 2009 and Cancun in 2010.

"We see our task is to have a discussion of this. Want to implement the agenda of the Subsidiary Body, within which to discuss the situation, to try to generate recommendations — how to avoid similar violations," — said Bedritsky reporters after consultation with colleagues from Poland , Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

"We want to bring the issue up for discussion at the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (special body UN Framework Convention on Climate Change). It will meet in June," — added special.

Consultations were held in Warsaw in preparation for the fall of 2013 substantive session of talks on climate change in the UN. Participants in the talks in the Polish capital will continue to work on a new global agreement that is expected to replace the Kyoto Protocol. The document will be prepared in 2015.

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